Teksi County, Xinjiang farmers use solar insects-killing light (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: June 24, Teksi County agricultural technology promotion Center at no cost to the County of Xinjiang multiplication issue solar insects-killing light 8 units, each control area is 20-25 acres, by technicians on-site guidance and trial, to achieve a good insecticidal effect, generally welcomed by farmers.

Multiplication is the main Apple production Teksi County base, produces a lot of apples in each year to meet the County at the same time, cities are exported to the Mainland. With the Green owing to pollution-free agricultural products, increasing demand for the quality of apples, in order to improve the County’s Apple quality even further reduce the impact of pests on apples. Solar insects-killing light based on phototaxis of insects specially designed physical killing device, the light emitted by the light source has a strong insect characteristics, by trapping and killing insect pests in this way, many kinds of trapping and killing insect pests, is big enough, can greatly reduce insect pest eggs of fall even lower cardinality and density, the effect is significant. While protection of natural enemies of pests, continuing occurrence of pest resistance, harmless to humans and animals. Moreover, solar insects-killing light using low cost, was arbitrary, easy to move, can be placed in any desired place.

Through the use of solar insects-killing light, reduced use of pesticides even reduce agricultural pollution, helps maintain ecological balance.

Original title: Teksi County, Xinjiang farmers use solar light

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