Tesla patents publicly why Chinese companies do not buy it?

Polaris solar PV net news: musk says “Super charging stations can be independent of the power grid”, but this statement was interpreted by the media quickly Tesla will bypass the State grid, self charging service.

Tesla dispute back once again to attract the public’s attention. On June 12, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon ˙ musk, announced at the news conference, public patent information held by it for use by other businesses and individuals, including automotive batteries and Chargers-related patents.

Some experts believe that “Tesla’s Super charging standard is not only different from China ‘s, and the United States, European standards are not the same. This is the development of its biggest challenge. Musk’s open patent a forced move to open patents to snatch the industry standard. ”

Others believe, the business world there has a Lei? ” Tesla currently has just announced a vague concept, but is sure is that any one company will not selflessly contribute their core technology. ”

It was also felt that, Tesla open patent objective will accelerate the development of electric vehicles, reducing trade barriers, but will strengthen rather than weaken the leadership of Tesla.

Some people may think that, once the patent has been used by other car companies, the commercial interests of the non-patent part of the transfer of technology is enormous.

Tesla publicly behind the patented complex reactions around the country, why is China Enterprise do not buy it?

Tesla charging station or exploit them?

China’s electric car industry is beginning to take shape, multiple backbone enterprises have been listed, and product standards have become a fixed pattern, will on its own market quickly rolled out charging and thoughtful service, therefore will not be charged, and so on are controlled by others.

Right now, in terms of electric vehicle charging port has three standard, namely the United States, European IEC62196-1:2003 standards and SAEJ1772 standards of Japan JEVS DC charging standards. Mainland China implemented on March 1, 2012, the “electric vehicle charging port”, 3 GB, it was explained: part one “common technical standards,” according to the European standard. The second part “AC charging port” look from interface definition is similar to Europe, judging from the control pilot circuit and the United States are similar. The third part of “DC charging port” on the contact number and function interface with Japan similar to standard (currently United States and the European Union are also working on DC charging port standard).

Tesla’s standards, is an independent standard in China and United States standards, Tesla charging station can recharge the Tesla brand models, unusable for other brand electric vehicle charging, so domestic companies interested in such patent is not. Mr MASKEY has long recognized this problem, he declared that “Tesla charging system will not be completely closed.”

However, the United States media reported that Mr MASKEY reiterated: “Tesla would be happy to share Super charging network with other automakers, but the vehicle needs to meet the criteria for Super Chargers, requiring automakers to accept our business model does not charge charging fees. “That said, Tesla charging technology and” one size fits all “and change the electric-car technology itself, let alone who can receive free of charge mode.

But the formation of this situation, there are objective reasons. With the wave of electric cars, various countries have begun to develop standards for electric vehicles and charging standards, but usually later than the Tesla’s technology. In 2009, Tesla established a relatively complete system of product technology and charging system. Starting in 2012 in accordance with its own charging standards of mass building Super charging stations.

Technical standards and “GB” is inconsistent

Tesla in China after the project failed to get support from the national grid. Build their own charging stations and charging posts, can attach themselves to the social isolation and new energy market, China closed, future product sales of larger, farther from China’s new energy society, unable to fit in, high costs, difficulties in advance, will inevitably feel isolated. Technical standards and national “GB” are not the same, musk only to face two choices: one is to change their standards, giving up ten years of accumulated technology with the Chinese “GB”; the second is wooing other companies to form market standards, against the “GB”.

Currently, Tesla has opened 97 in North America “Super charging stations” to ensure that vehicle owners can be opened all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast, the station uses solar power. Actually using solar power is the most desirable models. If the power supply, electric cars would be difficult to achieve environmental results.

However, this way of quickly and effectively solve the problem of charging, but encountered various difficulties in China. Mr MASKEY said the “Super charging stations available independent of the grid”, but this statement was interpreted by the media quickly Tesla will bypass the State grid, self charging service, national grid, of course, very angry.

On May 19, the national grid launch “2014 Intercity fast highway network construction project”, these devices are not compatible with the Tesla charging station models. National grid’s move, also known insiders interpreted as a Tesla “snippy” powerful counterattack.

A few years ago, the monopoly of the State power grid would also like to achieve charging station franchise, becoming the biggest supplier of transportation energy, industry experts even predict future profit rate comparable to the printing presses of the charging station. So has channel advantage of Sinopec also added to the charging station-building camp.

But a few years down the charging station does not give expected benefits to operators, has become a hot potato. China Southern power grid had disclosed to the media in Shenzhen, said the Office in the field of electric vehicle charging annual losses of up to 13 million dollars. Due to electric-car sales stalled, led charging station a large number of vacant, the utilization rate is very low, charging market oversupply. On the premise of new-car sales are tiny, charging facilities for investment must be loss-making, loss-making business is certainly not willing to do business.

Battery technology is not open

However, not all businesses are impervious to the Tesla patents. It is understood that the charging station construction and operation costs, China remains high, if Tesla’s patented technology, effectively controlling charging station construction and operation costs, you can ensure that charging facilities enter a virtuous circle.

Tesla’s Super charging and battery technology is worth learning, not all companies are indifferent to these handy patented technology. With the localization of production of Tesla, charging facilities and businesses share, as well as open to all royalty free combination linkage, believe the company is hard to resist.

However, Tesla did not express to open the battery control technology. In my opinion, the Tesla has a unique personality, and created an entirely new business models, and internal reference. Tesla’s own charging systems and deserves study of domestic enterprises.

Tesla to provide vehicle owners with free wall charger and building “Super charging station” and start the “destination charge” project, the investment in Tesla charging equipment, property developer to provide car parking spaces, maintenance and electricity, are free of charge for owners of service.

Tesla Vice President Wu Bi瑄, “says destination charge” mode allows the charging and maintenance services more convenient for Tesla added in a charging mode. Recently the Tesla group and INtime and SOHO China announced a strategic partnership, silver Thai business in general merchandise stores and real estate projects construction, owned by over 40 Tesla dedicated charging spaces located in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities in more than 30. Wangjing SOHO has 9 charging, charge a Tesla in China will become the largest destination. Tesla owners be parked in special parking spaces, in addition to shopping and Office to easily complete the charging process, both to ensure the convenience of commuting in the city, also brought opportunities for merchants.

News extensions

Tesla was behind the cold

Cooperation with foreign car makers are busy

Tesla open patent fuss about the domestic public opinion overseas automobile manufacturers seized the opportunity. According to media reports, as Tesla’s main competitor, Nissan and BMW intends to negotiate with the Tesla, to build charging networks. Nissan and BMW you’ve always wanted in cooperation talks with Tesla charging network, and want to build electric-vehicle charging uniform global standards.

BMW has said that company managers meeting and Tesla executives, consultations on cooperation in promoting electric vehicles. Nissan, BMW and Tesla battery-electric car sales of the three companies accounted for 80% of the world, such shares can not be ignored. BMW is planning a big expansion of I-series electric by 2020 will be more than 100,000 cars a year. Nissan plans to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles. Tesla plans to sell 500,000 electric cars a year.

Tesla also cooperates with other auto makers, Toyota owns 2.4% shares of Tesla, Tesla 4.3% owned by Daimler, Tesla to provide batteries to Toyota and Daimler. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said, and hopes to deepen cooperation with Tesla.

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