Thin-film solar applications promote good varieties of rare metals

Arctic star solar PV network news: since July 2013 State on promoting PV industry health development of several views [country sent (2013) 24th,] and distributed power management provisional approach [sent modified energy (2013) 1381th,] of two copies file released yilai, film PV industry fast development, related of based material needs increased, especially indium, and SE, and gallium, and TE, rare small metal varieties benefit obviously.

Thin-film solar applications currently on the market a wide range of mainly Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar, cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar and thin film silicon solar into three categories. Photoelectric conversion efficiency, according to a combination of factors such as production costs, technological advances of space considerations, the first two are by far the most development potential and advantages.

Over a year, global thin film solar PV development in full swing. From North to South, from home and abroad, from the rural village to the world’s top investors, gaining more and more attention to development of thin film PV.

Hong Xiao Cun, yuanhua town, Haining city, Zhejiang Province, on June 18, on top of the village Committee office building, new 10-kilowatt solar photovoltaic power generation equipment are up and running, generating about 20 degrees a day on average, and can basically meet the lighting needs of the service centres and the surrounding roads for the convenience. Village Party Secretary shu Cheng Xiang said: “less than half a month, generating 284.7, back to power of 122 degrees. ”

Is located in northwest of Qinghai province, recently reported, total investment 2.6 billion yuan of Qinghai Han can 300 MW Copper Indium Gallium SE (CIGS) film solar line project, has cumulative completed investment 1.8 billion yuan, plans Yu this year end of for try production work; in China South of Jiangsu Zhenjiang, June 28, investment 2.5 billion yuan of Jiangsu Ding Sanyo Energy limited Copper Indium Gallium SE (CIGS) film solar project starts. Project covers an area of 168 hectares, is intended to introduce 4 Germany production lines, annual production capacity of 240 megawatts of solar cells is expected production with annual sales of around 1 billion yuan, with annual profits of more than 10 million Yuan.

A few days ago, Chinese solar energy Group Limited’s announcement, suggested that the company name from “Chinese solar energy Group Co Ltd” is changed to “Chinese films the generation group limited”. Hina solar daimingfang, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, said: “this proposed name change, aims to further transfer Group specializes in thin film solar power generation industry’s long-term vision, while fully reflect the company’s current and future business development. “As the largest thin-film solar companies in the country, Hina was renamed action has special significance for the development of the industry. Hina project has been out of the country, in the United Kingdom, Hina and the IKEA Group, it can save consumers half of electricity per year.

Action frequently since the solar energy business abroad this year, and on April 8 this year, world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech equipment Germany announced in Beijing the Manz group, line output to the solar PV market in China CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium) turnkey projects, including equipment and production technology for thin film solar cell production line. United States largest solar panel maker first solar announced in June, Chile million watt of output power is 141MW for the construction of photovoltaic power plant.

According to reports, the world’s top Investor Warren Buffett’s Rocky Mountain power company and United States Texas FirstWind recently signed a 20-year agreement, purchasing capacity of 320MW PV asset. June this is Buffett’s second acquisition of solar assets. In early June, Buffett made during the Las Vegas for the Edison Electric Institute’s annual symposium, Berkshire Hathaway, plans to move its investments in solar and wind power generation amount doubling from the current level of $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion.

From thin-film solar geographical breadth and depth of the participants, the development of industrial policy in the world, have prompted the PV industry into a fast lane. According to reports, in our country, by 2020, the architectural photovoltaic applications directly to the market size of more than 10 trillion yuan, annual electricity demand of about alternative 30%, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.3 billion tons. Indirectly fueling economic growth of up to 30 trillion yuan, a total of creating 4 trillion yuan fiscal, stability of employment created by conservative estimates there are 10 million ~2000 million. With the advancement of film technology, its market application areas will be much wider, becoming one of the engine of China’s sustainable development.

In the course of the development of thin-film solar, the importance of raw materials has become increasingly prominent. In the nation’s largest non-ferrous metal stock exchange–Pan-Asian non-ferrous Exchange, thin-film solar energy development based on raw materials of indium, gallium, selenium and tellurium have been traded. Under the influence of demand is expected to increase, most of the varieties in short supply are up. The future, with the development of industries, will get more attention from investors.

Original title: thin-film solar applications promote good varieties of rare metals

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