United States second “double reverse” countermeasures have been levied on bonds China PV limited

Arctic star solar PV network news: with United States on China II times “double anti-” anti-subsidies early CD falls set, June began, United States Customs has on from China of battery and component products are levy anti-subsidies tax quite of margin, regardless of these component whether using China or other third country production of battery, and wafer and the other inverse variable device back board aluminum box, material, following battery zhihou, China component export United States full blocked.

According to the plan, after the release of preliminary results of countervailing, on July 28, the United States Department of Commerce antidumping preliminary results will be announced, and was released on December 11 final calculations of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy. On January 26, 2015, the United States International Trade Commission will ultimately determine whether levy.

In contrast, China and the United States, and Korea of polysilicon and the EU “double reverse” did not result in any material impact. Domestic one in polysilicon makers said, because of the existence of polysilicon processing trade, on imported polysilicon, “double reverse” effect is not obvious, second-tier domestic polysilicon companies are still facing severe pressure to survive.

“The hope that Government departments will take certain measures, making polysilicon two-handed backhand more effective, ensuring companies weather the current difficult times, but also through technological innovation of enterprises taking steps such as reducing the cost of polysilicon. “The source said.

1-May import figures reflected the poly silicon enterprises are facing the reality of the situation.

Chinese customs data released over the weekend showed in May 2014, 6949 tons imported polysilicon, 5868 tons through processing trade imports and accounts for as much as 84.4%. By Taiwan (by way of processing trade) re-exports to mainland China by 885 tons polysilicon, 12.7% per cent of total imports, is the highest percentage ever. Meanwhile, polysilicon May entrepot trade and processing trade imports also hit a record high.

1-May, poly-silicon imported 36,300 tons, an increase of 5.9%. Through processing trade imports of 26,400 tons, accounting for 72.6% of the total aggregate import. By Taiwan imports reached 4030 tonnes in our re-export trade, 11.1% per cent of total imports. Volume of imports which, according to this projection, in 2014, imports are expected to more than 85,000 tonnes of polysilicon, growth will be over 6.25%.

According to the Intelligence Agency statistics, early in July 2013, South Korea poly-SI anti-dumping after the release of the CD, in accordance with the processing trade imports United States polysilicon materials accounted for United States polysilicon imports increased sharply as a proportion of total from January 2013 to July 2013 average proportion 43% shot up to April-May 2014 88%.

It would appear that the United States and polysilicon manufacturers through the existing policy of processing trade exports to the domestic polysilicon, circumventing tariffs, conventional means of anti-dumping duties. Polycrystalline silicon into the list of prohibited classes of processing trade to make polycrystalline silicon “double reverse” has a material effect, ease the polysilicon business, especially nearly 10 second polysilicon domestic enterprises are facing difficulties, this crystal silicon has become the firm’s strong appeal.

Said one polysilicon companies, if the inclusion of solar grade polysilicon processing trade list of prohibited goods, can not only consolidate the trade rights, but also indirectly as a result counter effects.

Analysts predict the Silicon China non-ferrous metal industry association, polysilicon processing into trade ban with an estimated would reduce United States import about 20,000 tons of polysilicon. China Jiangsu zhongneng, Xinjiang tebian, encyclopedia of Xinjiang more than more than 10 polysilicon producers continued in production, and production capacity to meet domestic demand for polysilicon prices there will not be any major changes.

“But imports from customs records, if the polysilicon processing into trade ban, affected by domestic enterprises has had only two, but both firms 2013 import United States 2000 tons of polysilicon, only about 13% of its sources of raw materials, and less than 500 tonnes/year United States long term contract will meet ends. Not from the United States imported polysilicon had little impact on Chinese PV industry. “The China non-ferrous metal silicon industry analyst to the intelligence agency said.

It would appear that the polysilicon processing into trade ban will not only become United States “double reverse” counter-measures, and also to the domestic polysilicon companies, especially second-tier enterprises tide over providing relief.

Original title: United States second “double reverse” countermeasures have been levied on bonds China PV limited

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