World’s first graphite refrigerant 60.2 million euros by the European Union to support commercial solar-thermal power station (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: according to news reports, Eos of Cyprus proposed to build a 50MW solar-thermal power project recently won NER300 60.2 million euros from the support program for financial support of the European Union. This graphite refrigerant is the world’s first commercial solar thermal power plant.

Eos project will be built in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean island Alasa Limassol area, on NER300 plan supported by the European Union, which at the end of March this year gained approval from the Government of Cyprus. The project uses technology from Australia Solastor company, which is a form of graphite as heat and thermal storage Tower-type solar thermal power generation technology.

The project developer AlfaMediterraneanEnterprises plans to build 300 graphite Tower-type solar thermal power generation projects, thus the Eos project with a total installed capacity of 50MW. Projects will be built to achieve annual output of 172GWh, the total investment is expected to reach 175 million euros.

Announced on July 8 by the European Commission through NER300 19 applications for innovative renewable energy projects, and funding to support carbon capture and storage projects, including two solar-thermal power generation projects. Eos project is one, another is located in Italy Sicily Mazara of solar thermal power plants.

Original title: commercialization of world’s first graphite refrigerant 60.2 million euros by the European Union solar thermal power station support

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