Wujiang 3 rooftop PV solar solar power plants put into operation

Polaris solar PV net news: June 25, after several days of intense preparations, Wujiang, the first batch of 10,000 volt photovoltaic power plant – atesipangjinguang Volt, atesishi solar power plant, solar power plant high-tech photovoltaic power plants put into operation was completed today.

Above 3 is solar PV power plant investment company in Wujiang EPZ factory roof, network supervision district, Suzhou textile coatings Ltd factory roof, Wujiang, Suzhou Suzhou high-tech textile Development Co Ltd factory roof construction of the photovoltaic demonstration project project 3.62 MW, respectively, 3.65 MW of installed capacity, 2.76 MW.

Power scheduling control points Center according to issued file Suzhou powered company on solar PV power plant related equipment named number, and scheduling relationship and the run management of notification for voted shipped Qian prepared, shipped party full-time on 119 Mountain Lake line, and 125 Wei Rainbow line, and 134 contend line 3 article line for related equipment named; Automation personnel in OPEN3000 on 3 a PV power plant picture for draws, to monitoring power plant signal; regulation Member carefully prepared, carefully scheduling, to ensure PV power plant of smooth voted shipped.

Original title: Wujiang power: the first batch of 10,000 volts of Wujiang PV plant operation

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