Wuxi PV industry breakthrough “skills” to be

Polaris solar PV net news: the PV industry in Wuxi is gradually recovering, was hit again–following the 2012 decision to crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules in China imposed anti-dumping duty last month, United States Department of Commerce ruling again, from Wuxi Suntech solar module imports for 35.21% and its affiliates tariffs, on imports from other Chinese manufacturers of solar 26.89% tariff components.

In April this year, experienced the baptism of reforming Suntech said full year shipments reached 3.4G, created the company’s record high, United States the move, no doubt including Wuxi Suntech photovoltaic companies will be sold to the United States have a negative impact. According to people familiar with the matter said, domestic PV companies like Suntech, Trina solar, solar, United States market share of volume in its business than the average of around 30%-40%.

Statistics show that at present, there are various types of photovoltaic and related enterprises in Wuxi city about 200, including 45 enterprises above designated size, PV industry chain (polycrystalline ingot, monocrystalline pull rods, sliced, cells, modules) of more than 30 companies. Photovoltaic industry output value of the city of 9.921 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 11.6%, PV industry in the first half of this year is expected to achieve an output value of 24.5 billion, an increase of about 20%. However, PV double reverse at any time have struck a sensitive nerve of domestic PV manufacturers. A set of data shows that 1-in May, the PV exported US $ 832 million in the city of Wuxi, down to 5.4%, representing an 3.85% Rally last month, which in May the amount of United States exports only US $ 8.04 million, up steep 72.5%. Ruled in June that come out, May collapse in markets showing market sensitive sense of smell, PV manufacturers, reminds me again: you cannot put all your eggs in one basket, only to expand the market, opportunities to win in the competition in the future.

Wuxi Photovoltaic Association official expressed in twin zero profits under pressure from anti-, many enterprises have to give up the United States market, which will lead to the PV industry in a new round of reshuffle. More enterprises are waiting for possible large-scale PV market started in the second half of this year, expect looking for new opportunities for development. Committee through a letter, the person in charge, the current number of PV industry chain enterprises in our city’s business is expanding to downstream applications link, distributed PV power generation services has reached more than 20 companies. As of May this year, the city has entertained distributed solar power projects on 63, with a total installed capacity of 48.2MW.

The other hand, PV enterprises “going out” at pick up the pace. Far Wuxi hareon solar, Suntech Power, new energy, lend lease on new energy investment in foreign countries by a number of PV such as production cooperation, hareon successively in Italy, and Bulgaria and the United States, and Romania, and Japan and other countries investment project, by the end of 2013, foreign power projects total investment has exceeded 160MW, all projects are power generation and stable operation. Renesola and automatically adjust layout, in Viet Nam, and South Africa, and Poland and other countries to establish overseas production bases, in the form of overseas manufacturing, bypassing trade barriers, to avoid “double reverse” of market risk.

When reporters recently wired renesola official, he said that although the company’s current model for overseas factories reduced risk, badly affected in this double-reverse, but still active layout to open up new markets in Asia, Africa and other. “My city many PV companies, lack of core technology products, quality is not up to the advanced level, double reverse crunch was actually taught us a lesson, remind the industry to speed the transition, win by quality, rather than the competition. ”

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