Yulin built 3 “private power stations” their power to sell to the national

Polaris solar PV net news: solar power station built in their roof, electricity self-sufficiency, surplus electricity can be sold to the State, Yulin, these new things are a reality. Reporters learned from the Yulin power supply Bureau in Guangxi electric power grid company, there are now 3 people in Yulin distributed solar power stations were built at their roof, this 3 “private power plants” electricity issued by all merged into China Southern power grid company.

Miracles: personal power, but also grid’s first “private power stations” located in yuzhou district

On July 9, the reporters came to West Street Community horse Ridge Road, new mission, yuzhou district, residents on the roof of Wu Ting 階, a 70-square-metre solar power stations. Chunks of dark-blue solar panels supported by steel frame up the incline, is below PV combiner box, inverter, power meter, isolated components such as circuits, switches and cables, and displayed on the inverter with the changing numbers.

Wu Ting 階 told reporters that one by chance, he learned that private can also build solar power stations, and surplus electricity can also be merged into China Southern power grid, and support policies of the State subsidies. He then to the municipal development and Reform Commission, Yulin power supply Bureau in Guangxi electric power grid companies and other departments for a detailed consultation. In strong support of the Yulin power supply Bureau, on April 26, he used his own private solar-power station was successfully completed the construction of the roof and allowed to grid-connected power generation, Yulin’s first “private power stations”.

It is understood that Wu Ting 階 solar power station built by investment of 100,000 yuan, installed capacity of 10-kilowatt, 250-watt solar panel installation of 40 blocks, conservatively estimated annual energy output of up to 12,000. This “private power stations” helped him realize his “personal power, to sell to the national” dream. Yulin power supply Bureau Manager of urban power supply Bureau Ou Jun told reporters that distributed grid-connected solar power stations have “full use”, “all access” and “spontaneously occupied, more than power” three models, owners can choose from Wu Ting 階 using a “full Internet” mode, which means his “private power stations” are two lines of income and expenditure. Home solar power stations generate electricity all round the South China power grid, but their own using public grid electricity, the electricity consumption total sales price settlement.

“For each unit of electricity sold to the State for 0.4552, 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt-hour State subsidies so that electricity revenue at 0.8752 dollars, starting from power and now has power generation 2598, earnings to 2273.77 dollars. “Wu Ting 階 said that according to preliminary estimates, his” private power stations “to cost recovery, probably about six or seven years. Solar power equipment company for equipment maintenance in general security in 25, that is to say PV equipment can be kept for 25 years, 18 years ~19 years after the return is pure profit.

Effect: “private power station” has become a new fashion city built 3 distributed solar power station

Distributed PV on-grid for private investment, this new thing attracted the attention of many ordinary citizens in Yulin. After Wu Ting 階, this city has built 2 ordinary members of the public to use their roof “private power stations”.

Famous roof of 11 groups of resident Jiang Dongming road, Shi Tang community, more than 40 pieces lined up 250-watt solar panel, gleaming in the sunlight.

“In the past it was bought from the State, can now make their own power, unused balance can also be sold to the State to make money, feel particularly fresh. “Jiang Dongming told reporters his home built solar power station on June 29, grid, now running well, has power to 250 degrees.

Ou Jun told reporter, Jiang Dongming home of solar power station scale and Wu Ting 階 of as, capacity for 10-kilowatt, and Wu Ting 階 different of is, Jiang Dongming home of power grid business used of is “spontaneous use, over electric Internet” of mode, daily solar power first directly for home using, solution daily electricity needs, extra part is Internet sold national, gets must of sale electric proceeds, in one fell swoop number have.

In addition, Yu Cheng Jie DAO Ming Lin Chunxu among community residents in their roof built distributed solar power station with an installed capacity of 5-kilowatt, about 50,000 yuan. The power station uses a “spontaneous use, more than power” mode, completed on May 28, grid, electricity is has accumulated 700 degrees.

Ou Jun told reporters that distributed solar power station refers to the use of PV modules, distributed generation systems convert solar energy directly into electricity. Solar power is energy-saving, environment-friendly, renewable, so PV cost advantage compared to conventional energy sources have changed the roof using a single function and achieve the breakthrough architecture and photovoltaic applications.

“Although the self-built private power plants ‘ inputs are not cheap, cost recovery time is too long, but in government subsidies, the electric power sector to provide technical support for the background, private power stations ‘ still has a great future, is expected to continue to spread. “Ou Jun said.

Original title: Yulin built 3 “private power stations” their power to sell to the national

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