Beijing Express first half earnings to grow by more than twice times the silicon chip business is much better

Polaris solar PV net news: Beijing Express semi-annual report issued Thursday night said the 2014 achieved operating income of 261 million dollars in the first half, an increase of 11.96%; 39.69 million yuan in net profit to achieve vested in shareholders of listed companies, an increase of 217.88%. Earnings growth thanks to silicon wafer business much better in the first half, and PV and denitrification business contributed profits.

Semi-annual report shows that Beijing Express silicon chip business achieved revenue of 122 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 86.55% power plate 91.67 million revenues, gross profit 70.05%; de-NOx catalysts revenues of 9.47 million Yuan, profit margin 30.45%.

First half of 2014, Beijing Express 130MW of new investment on-grid PV power station, including Ningxia shengyu 30MW hydropower station project in August 2014 to achieve power generation, far 50MW of Ningxia agricultural greenhouse project and the Yin-Yang of Ningxia 50MW end of agricultural greenhouse project will be launched in 2014 to achieve grid, currently has a grid-connected PV cumulative installed capacity of 160MW.

Meanwhile, with the Beijing Express subsidiary Shandong days ladies completed phase II line of environmental technology limited, new nontoxic DeNOx catalyst total capacity reached 50,000 cubic meters/year, become the largest new nontoxic DeNOx catalyst manufacturing base. Beijing Express will also increase investment in photovoltaic power plant and environmental sector in the second half.

Original title: Beijing Express first half earnings to grow by more than twice times the silicon chip business is much better

Li Hejun: humans like chlorophyll, direct use of solar energy

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 28, the EAS clean energy Forum held in Chengdu city, Sichuan province. This forum to “promote the development of clean energy and build a silk road on the sea” as its theme, through Quicken the pace of energy technology, China, East Asia and ASEAN regional cooperation on clean energy, promoting long-term sustained growth of national economies.

National Energy Council Deputy Secretary Liu Qi, ASEAN Energy Center Executive Director Christie drag Alex ˙ samola, Chengdu City Deputy Mayor Gou are ceremony, Federation of industry and Commerce Deputy President, and full Alliance new energy Chamber of Commerce President, and Han can holding Group President Li Hejun, led, Australia Trade Committee, and international hydropower Association, international institutions, and national grid, and China electric group, near 100 home enterprise and East area States clean energy expert scholars and the research institutions representative attended Forum.

New energy Chamber of Commerce Chairman, hanergy Holdings Group Chairman Li Hejun, President of EAS deliver a speech on the opening ceremony of the clean energy forums

Li Hejun represents new energy Chamber of Commerce Chairman congratulated the convening of the Forum, in which he noted that solar energy is the ultimate way of human energy use. Conventional fossil fuels are the indirect utilization of solar energy, generate significant emissions and pollution. Solar power is the direct use of solar energy, and produce energy without any pollution. Hina’s dream, is through film generation, people like chlorophyll, direct use of solar energy.

Said Li Hejun, solar technology advances quickly, than we can imagine, Chinese Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium thin film solar technology has the highest conversion rate reached 20.5%, gallium arsenide cells highest conversion rate is 30.5%, which is world record for the highest conversion rate of thin-film solar cell technology. At present, large-scale applications of solar energy on a global scale has begun; believe that by 2035, renewable energy will account for 50% of the total global primary energy use. New energy alternative to fossil energy sources, in particular solar energy new energy mass, represented as an alternative to traditional energy sources has come of age.

Li Hejun believes that clean energy cooperation will deepen comprehensive cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. The joint efforts of all countries, and China-ASEAN will be better in the future.

Hanergy holding group and Chairman of new energy Chamber of Commerce shortly before the launch of the global new energy report pointed out in 2014, from Europe as the core regions of the global PV market to Asia, China overtook Germany to become the world’s largest photovoltaic market.

At present, China has represented by solar energy, new energy rose as a national strategic industry, the future will be greater investment in new energy industries, to reduce economic dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, build a beautiful country.

This year’s East Asia clean energy Forum is to implement the October 2013 at the Summit Prime Minister Li keqiang at the 16th session of the China-ASEAN (10+1) leaders meeting on the promotion of clean energy cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries of spirit, sponsored by China’s State Energy Bureau, the ASEAN Centre for energy, Chairman of new energy Chamber of Commerce hosted, Chengdu municipal people’s Government. Will host the opening ceremony of the Forum, Forum, forum for Forum on nuclear power, photovoltaic, biomass energy Forum, the Forum of power, wisdom, energy, clean coal Forum and visit nine towns Forum event.

Original title: Li Hejun: humans like chlorophyll, direct use of solar energy

Wealthy new energy vision–Buffett VS Bill Gates

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, celebrities from around the world have joined to sweep the world ice challenge, a charity event, even the world’s richest man Bill Gates is no exception. It is reported that the ice bucket challenge called “ALS ice bucket challenge” (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), participants were asked on the Web publish their own video content was iced water poured all over the body, the participant may then require the other person to participate in this activity. The activity aims to is to let more people know about rare disease known as ALS or “amyotrophy lateral sclerosis”, and also raise money to help the goal of treatment.

It is said that gates had planned to invite Warren to join the game, but considering Warren is 84 years old and thus turned to invited 43-year old founder of Tesla’s Elon-Thomas g. Although Buffett did not participate in the ice bucket challenge. But in some ways, for example on new energy investment, he goes far beyond the claim that “investment for the poor” Bill Gates.

Buffett: I invest in PV is an “entertainment”

Buffett has a habit of unfamiliar stocks do, carefully before making any investment in research, he did not understand before, would like to see no hasty decision. When the slump in global solar PV industry, Buffett is doing, one after another big injection of solar photovoltaic business:

On December 7, 2011, Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy acquisition in Southern California Topper which is worth more than $ 2 billion solar power plant, estimated up to 500 megawatts of installed capacity, 17th, from NRG Energy bought the company $ 1.8 billion worth of power plants in the Agua Caliente 49% shares on January 2, 2013, MidAmerican Energy announced that funding does not exceed 2.5 billion dollars from the California Sun 579 MW installed capacity for Power bought the company’s Antelope Valley solar project, which includes Kern, California and Los Angeles County’s two solar power plants on June 20, 2014, and Warren Buffett’s Rocky Mountain power company and United States First Texas Wind company signed a 20-year agreement, purchasing capacity of 320MW PV asset.

And Buffett in the United States said at the annual Edison Electric Institute, will continue to increase investment in the energy sector. The dynamic is Warren Buffett bullish on strong proof of the renewable energy industry. He said investing in public utilities, “not rich, but you can spend it wisely”, in the case of a weak economy, this kind of project profitability is very stable. Buffett is a staunch realist, nicknamed investment “Safari,” he had said: “for me, investment is not only a sport, is also a form of entertainment, to fear at a time when others are greedy and greedy when others are. ”

Obviously, his version of the PV industry “greedy” for his huge returns. In early June, Buffett made during the Las Vegas for the Edison Electric Institute’s annual symposium, Berkshire Hathaway, plans to move its investments in solar and wind power generation amount doubling from the current level of $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion. Contrary to Bill Gates, the situation is different.

Bill Gates: renewable energy does not possess more than fossil fuels cost competitiveness

In fact, Bill Gates has been keen to charities, uphold the “investment for the poor” concept. Earlier, Bill Gates was asked about how he wants to change the fate of mankind in the next 50 years, when he said he wanted to create “energy miracles”, that is, create cost only half coal and new energy does not produce carbon dioxide. But it turns out he does not spend too much money on developing new sources of energy.

Not long ago, Bill Gates talked about on the blog of “energy poverty”, he quoted political scientist Bjorn-Lomborg’s views: “before shifting to clean energy in poor countries, poor families need access to cheap electricity, so they don’t have to burn cow dung, cardboard or branches for heating and cooking. These dirty fuels of the health impacts of indoor air pollution is very scary (especially for kids). ”

Bill Gates on energy investment for the poor, enabling them to use a cheap and clean source of energy, but he made a stupid mistake. The error originates from a point of view, which is that renewable energy does not have more cost-competitive than fossil fuels, and that energy poverty is caused by the climate. In this case, his charity is misleading, there is nothing more dangerous than the misguided philanthropy.

In fact, the end of “energy poverty” has nothing to do with climate change, it needs the correct path: distributed energy. Knowledgeable entrepreneurs invest their limited time and dollars to the PV industry is a reasonable business decision, these decisions are focused on the most inexpensive way to provide energy. For proof of the power of distributed energy, keeping the real market growth rate – instead of Gates ‘ blog: the World Bank’s “Lighting Africa” project solar product sales with 95% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeds the grid in sub-Saharan Africa. In Bangladesh, the IDCOL solar projects have been very successful in installing 3 million solar energy systems, compound annual growth rate over the past decade as high as 60%. After much deliberation, even India cool tend to service the new Prime Minister on the issue of expansion of the electricity grid with distributed energy to meet his 2019 power goal for each family will live.

When it comes to energy poverty, Gates advocated obsolete and ineffective solution, which will provide continuing energy poverty. This is no doubt because of his lack of awareness of his unfamiliar new energy fields. While Buffett is macro-analysis of present situation and future prospects after sweeping into new energy markets, feast and enjoy PV. So, as the Sun Yat-sen University Professor shenhui said: talk about new energy sources does not mean that you really understand the new energy.

Original title: wealthy new energy vision–Buffett VS Bill Gates

Adjusting measures to local conditions to develop solar energy photovoltaic reinvented desert bloom (photos)

Polaris solar PV net news: may the Gobi desert, a barren, similar scenes will inevitably hypnotic. Suddenly, a large distance striking blue from horizon came into view, and all the way to extend from Jiayuguan, the western suburbs to the North of the qilian mountains. Drove up close, it is large areas of PV solar panels together to form marvels.

In this ragged desert without shelter stopped, only the Sun is the largest resource, also for this reason, photovoltaic power industry became the Jiayu pass in addition to iron and steel industry and a “sunshine.”

Got out of the car, a reporter walked into a power generation areas, an oncoming car, a white SUV, car guy, surnamed Liu, Shanghai spaceflight machine owners of 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations.

PV reinvented desert bloom

Liu told reporters that every day, he and his colleagues are driving in the Gobi desert photovoltaic Park, is responsible for the maintenance of equipment such as solar panels and transformers. Jiayuguan, Gansu province, Liu’s Shanghai spaceflight machine in photovoltaic Industrial Park base, has a total of 130 megawatts of generating capacity, about 6, around 70,000 people can supply electricity.

Scale PV projects such as Shanghai aerospace electromechanical, photovoltaic industrial park in Jiayuguan, Gansu province, there are many, and gradually form industrial scale.

Jiayuguan is the new economic zone an important stop on the Silk Road, but over the years, Jiayuguan steel economy mainly relies on wine, present in the international steel market continues to worsen, support to Jiuquan steel product generation at the same time, diversify industries are Jiayuguan has to face the issue.

Jiayuguan city, Gansu province, is one of the most abundant solar energy resources, solar resource distribution of the genus kind of area, long hours of sunshine and high transparency of the atmosphere and sunny. Hours of annual sunshine total of 3,316 hours, average solar radiation is 6129 MJ/m², abundant solar energy photovoltaic industry provides excellent conditions for Jiayuguan city development.

Boosters for power stations, photovoltaic power booster will be incorporated into the national power grid

Jiayuguan city, Gansu province, is one of the most abundant solar energy resources, solar resource distribution of the genus kind of area, long hours of sunshine and high transparency of the atmosphere and sunny. Hours of annual sunshine total of 3,316 hours, average solar radiation is 6129 MJ/m², abundant solar energy photovoltaic industry provides excellent conditions for Jiayuguan city development.

Jiayuguan Municipal Government to fully grasp this advantage, nurtured PV industry as a preferred industry. Region is a desert wasteland, open terrain, flat terrain, land-rich, has the basic strengths of the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation base. West, please hang the Jiayuguan pass city along the North Bank, planning with a total area of about 162 square kilometers and build photovoltaic industrial park in the West. Which can be developed in about 120 square kilometers. While taking a proactive, staring with the city higher correlation of large enterprises and groups, highlight the investment by business, campus, investment promotion, industrial chains, large investment projects. At present, represented by Li Tenghui, 12 companies have settled, early photoelectric projects completed, approved and under construction total over 1000 MW of installed capacity.

GF power capacitor

Jiayuguan City Board Deputy Secretary, and Mayor Liu Peng accept reporter interview Shi said, Jiayuguan city around build “metallurgical-cycle economic-equipment manufacturing” and “PV power-electrolytic aluminum-aluminum products processing” two article qianyiji industry chain, construction Ka East equipment manufacturing, and Ka North cycle economic, and Ka West PV industry, and wine steel district aluminum industry 4 a tens of billions of dollars Yuan Park, vigorously implementation advantage led industry extends, and strategy industries incremental, and industrial park expansion upgrade “three big action”, promoting industrial economic transformation across development.

Original title: according to local conditions to develop solar energy photovoltaic reinvented desert bloom

GCL 81.9 million oversubscribed Yokoyama crystalline solar 91% equity

Polaris solar PV net news: GCL announced new energy, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Suzhou Golden Concord energy, subscribed Yokoyama crystalline solar-powered 91% equity, total cost of 81.9 million Yuan. After the completion of the agreement, the Yellow River will have the Yokoyama crystalline solar PV remaining 9% shares.

Yokoyama Crystal solar to build photovoltaic projects, solar photovoltaic equipment sales.

Original title: GCL 81.9 million oversubscribed Yokoyama crystalline solar 91% equity

Shunfeng photovoltaic medium-term profitability Biao Sheng 6 times to 2.95 billion yuan in revenue

Polaris solar PV net news: shunfeng photovoltaic profit for medium-term success, Biao incomes rose 6 times to 2.95 billion yuan, gross profit surged 13.7 times to 750 million Yuan, recorded a net profit of 504 million Yuan, compared with net losses of 673 million yuan in the same period last year. Net profit per share for the period of 23.57 points.

Group said that revenue and gross profit increased mainly due to the acquisition of Wuxi Suntech solar product manufacturing and trading volume of freight traffic has increased substantially, the group completed in 2013 of grid-connected solar power stations, during most of the power stations completed tests and in operation, and generating revenue.

As of June 30, the Group has a solar power stations total generating capacity reached approximately 185,798 megawatt-hours, of which about 60% coming from the solar power station is located in the Xinjiang region, and continue to rise, July monthly output of about 64,825 MWh, 8.5% more than in June alone generating capacity.

As of June 30, the expected annual design capacity of 1,757 megawatts, of which 876 megawatts has started construction.

Original title: shunfeng photovoltaic medium-term turnaround Biao incomes rose 6 times from 2.95 billion dollars

Xue Liming: solar thermal power generation is a powerful investment

Polaris solar PV net news: Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group company limited in August 23 solar-thermal power investment and financing of China delivered an important speech at the Summit, he noted that solar thermal power generation in the next 3-5 or within a longer period of time, must be the core points in the field of investment, will also be a very explosive areas of investment.

Xue Liming pointed out that from 2011 to 2014, we can clearly see this year’s national thermal power generation of policies to promote greater light up, even larger than in the previous three years combined, 2014 has been positioned in the industry for the first year of development of solar-thermal power generation in China. This has caused concern in the capital markets. Major domestic companies such as CITIC Securities, Dong Xing, North-East and other recently released research report gives solar-thermal power generation “was stronger than the broader market,” recommendation on capital community have multiparty commented, solar-thermal power stations and solar thermal equipment and systems integrator, will be the next capital market investment destination.

Xue Liming believes that from now until the next 10-20 years, the relationship between solar and fossil energy sources is not who replaced who, more should be an integrated and complementary relationship, such as the use of solar thermal technology in heavy oil recovery is a very good case. Short term, solar power should be on conventional energy sources to support a complementary role, supporting actor roles.

Photo: speech Xue Liming

Reportedly, in the Haiyang since 2009 restructuring yilai, as 2013 late, cumulative achieved equity financing 408 million, which through unit turned system achieved equity financing 380 million; company value after nine years development, assets scale and the years business income are from 1 million Yuan rose for over 1 billion yuan, achieved near 1000 times times growth; with company big energy planning of gradually implementation, will in 9 years of based Shang can continued of sound fast upgrade.

Xue Liming in Hai Duong in the introduction of financial innovation, stressed that the Hai Duong market-making business was granted in August 20, 2014, eligibility, is the new ban, one of the first city, is also the biggest bank by assets, has the market organisation’s market-making business, was formally launched in August 25, 2014, market-making business. Xue Liming believed that “by making increased liquidity in the capital markets, this is a major innovation of the financial sector. ”

Haiyang, leveraging a new third Board market in rapid development is a classic case of solar thermal industry. According to the August 27, latest news, in market transactions since the introduction of new Haiyang is the ban one of the most popular companies, its activities at an alarming rate. Opening day, Haiyang to 7.3527 million yuan in turnover and 1.1652 million shares trading volume as the new Board’s most active stock, this show or even brushing up against some of the GEM stocks. 26th, 27th although it followed the overall market shrunk to 4.25 million in turnover and 3.023 million, but that money would still ensure that it dominates the “ban the first active unit, new” this spot.

Xue Liming in day of Summit Shang last calls for, Government, and owners party and industry related enterprise needs common efforts, in capital markets of vigorously support Xia, we can through 3-5 years of foster, regardless of is in technology development, and also is technology innovation, and light hot station of construction construction, in implementation commercialization process among accumulated rich of experience, put China of light hot power industry with to global leading of column.

Photovoltaic in IPO: return on equity decreased wages and other compensation expenses increased

Polaris solar PV net news: shares in the total number of shares publicly to 29.88 million shares, including IPO of 23.49 million shares, old stock transfer of 6.39 million shares, issuing price 16.42 Yuan per share. The company’s main business for film development, production and sales of solar cells, main products are medium PTFE surface energy solar module backsheet.

Jolywood photovoltaic new material company limited is a specialized solar cell film development, production and sale of the State-level high-tech enterprises. Founded in March 2008, is located in the scenic South of Yangtze shajiabang town, Changshu city, only 1 hour drive from the Shanghai HongQiao international airport, the transportation is convenient.

When investors evaluate shares in this offering, should seriously consider the following risk factors. Risk factors described below is based on the principle of importance or size of that sort may affect investment decisions, the risk that the company is as follows:

, Preferential tax policy changes of risk

According to on December 2, 2009 Jiangsu Province science and Technology Office, and Jiangsu Province Department of finance, and Jiangsu Province national IRD, and Jiangsu Province place IRD issued of on finds Jiangsu Province 2009 degrees second batch high-tech enterprise of notification (sukau enterprises Association (2009) 11th,), this company was finds for high-tech enterprise, sent card date for on May 27, 2009, validity three years, 2009, and 2010, and 2011 company enjoy national on high-tech enterprise of related offers policy, Pay corporate income tax at 15%. Above offers policy in 2011 due Hou, company proposed high-tech enterprise qualification review applications, Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprise finds management work coordination group to sukau enterprises Association (2012) 15th, paper confirmed company through high-tech enterprise review, and renewal new of high-tech enterprise certificate, sent card date for August 6, 2012, validity three years, 2012 up company continuous three years enjoy by 15% of tax paid enterprise income tax of offers policy. The reporting period, companies enjoy high-tech enterprises preferential income tax amount 4.9739 million Yuan, 9.2896 million Yuan, respectively, and 1, 1.5797 million Yuan tax credits accounted for the percentage of the total profit for the current period, and 9.49% and 10.08%, respectively.

Although the company has always paid attention to research and innovation, research spending continues to increase in recent years, research and development and innovation capacity grows, products with high technology content, but if the company cannot continue to meet in the future high-tech enterprise qualification or relevant changes in tax policy, are likely to increase the company’s tax burden, thereby affecting the company’s business performance.

Second, financial risk

(A) the receivables growth risks

Report period within with company operating scale expanded, company should accounts receivable paragraph gradually increased, 2011 late, and 2012 late and 2013 late, company should accounts receivable paragraph respectively for 2,958.480,000 yuan, and 9,168.560,000 yuan and 11,014.440,000 yuan, as December 31, 2013, company should accounts receivable paragraph in the account age a years within of part accounted for than for 96.39%, although company has always been attention should accounts receivable paragraph of recycling and developed has strictly of should accounts receivable paragraph management policy, But the European debt crisis, the United States countervailing factors such as, double anti-EU survey to downstream photovoltaic module production and operations of the company have a greater adverse impact, if cash-strapped companies main customers or operating results fell, will affect the recovery of accounts receivable of the company.

(B) the product sales price decrease of risk

The reporting period, solar film products company’s average selling price was 42.37 Yuan/square meter, 31.80/m² 23.33 Yuan/sq m, decline, due to increasing product yield and the purchase of raw materials impact of falling prices and other factors, the company’s main business gross margin remained at a good level, and the 52.65% and 47.88%, respectively. But affected by the debt crisis in Europe and the United States both and the influence of European double investigation, photovoltaic components and raw materials decline in profitability of the company, more attention to the control of procurement costs for raw materials, may result in product sales prices fall further, if the company cannot keep pace drop in product costs, may lead to lower sales and operating income growth in company net profit growth.

(C) net asset yield decline risk

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, after deducting the non-recurring profit and loss of the company weighted average return on equity, and 48.26% and 40.01%, respectively, at a high level. After the public stock offering to raise funds, the company’s net assets will have significantly improved in a short time scale, but raising capital investment project has a certain period, projects of production also requires a certain amount of time, the net profits of the company in the short term is difficult to achieve growth, return on equity of the company decreased the risk.

Third, managing risk

(A) the human resources risks

Company coated film produced independently developed fluorocarbon coating, using a variety of material surface modification technology, and the production equipment on its own integration and debugging, product development, production of polymeric materials, physical chemistry and Automation control, comprehensive application of multiple disciplines, for product development, design and management of high professional quality requirements. How to maintain the stability of the existing team, and continue to attract foreign outstanding technical and management personnel is a key factor related to the company’s future rapid and stable development. If companies in personnel training and introduction cannot meet the demands of rapid expansion of the company, will undermine the competitiveness of companies in the market.

(B) the risk management company high growth

Company since established yilai, assets scale and operating performance are fast growth, report period within company of assets total respectively for: 22,356.90,000 yuan, and 36,648.420,000 yuan and 49,690.50,000 yuan, net worth respectively for 10,867.930,000 yuan, and 18,529.820,000 yuan and 27,400.250,000 yuan, company of business income respectively for 13,885.200,000 yuan, and 24,560.890,000 yuan and 34,537.310,000 yuan, Net profits were 4,469.320,000 yuan and 7,661.890,000 yuan and 9,770.430,000 yuan, showing rapid growth. If this times issued success, with company raised funds of in place and investment project of implementation, company operating scale will in short-term within quickly expanded, on company operating management, and resources integration, and market pioneering, aspects are proposed has more high of requirements, if company management team quality and the management level cannot adapted company scale and capacity quickly expansion of needs, organization mode, and business process and management system failed to with company scale of expanded and timely adjustment, and perfect, will will directly effects to company of operating efficiency and profit capacity.

(C) the actual controller to control risk

The actual controller of the company Lin Jianwei, Zhang Yuzheng couple, prior to this release, the two men together directly held 71.625% shares of the company and huhtamaki investment controls 4.5% shares of the company. After this release, Lin Jianwei, Zhang Yuzheng and his wife are still in a holding position, Lin Jianwei, Zhang Yuzheng couples might use its stake, the company’s related trade and business decision-making and control personnel arrangements, which may damage the company and the interests of minority shareholders.

Four investment projects, mobilization of financial resources risk

(A) raise funds for investment projects of construction risks

This offering to raise funds from investing in “12 million square meters-coating solar film extension project”, “annual output of 16 million square meter coating solar film project”, “solar photovoltaic new material research and development projects.” The implementation of such projects in line with the company’s development strategy, can effectively enhance the productivity and profitability of the company, and conducive to the sustained and rapid development of the company. Although the feasibility study of the project after a careful and fully, in the implementation process of the project, however, there are still some uncertain factors or force majeure, could lead to projects cannot be completed on time, quality, affecting the expected benefits.

(B) raise funds for investment projects, market risks

The company’s production of coated film market demand, broad prospects for development. This times raised funds investment project “annual 12 million square meters coated reply type solar back film expansion project” and the “annual 16 million square meters coated reply type solar back film expansion project” all up postpartum, company coated reply type back film of capacity will increased 28 million square meters/years, capacity growth range larger, although company solar back film products quality stable reliable, has larger of cost, and technology, competition advantage, deeply customer recognized, products supply, but the project up postpartum, If the company’s marketing and sales network cannot keep up with the pace of development, raise money will affect this realization of the investment project is expected to generate revenue.

Five, after the listing of corporate salary costs such as wages increase risk of impact on business performance

If this times issued success, with raised funds investment project of implementation, company sales scale will has larger growth, company of employees needs also will has larger increased, employees number of increased and employees treatment of improve will makes company wage, pay costs keep growth, thus increased company of production cost and operating costs, if company cannot timely digest raised voted project added capacity, increasingly growth of human cost will may on company operating performance produced adverse effects.

Original title: shares in IPO: return on equity decreased wages and other compensation expenses increased

Polaris solar network on August 28, news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV news network on August 28, 2014 all 114 new photovoltaic project investment summary (table), the Heart Sutra of photovoltaic power plant investment: financing, fast money with the quality of the game, frustrated domestic PV manufacturers in Japan “pride”? And so on, as follows:

2014 national 114 new photovoltaic project investment summary (table)

Heart Sutra of photovoltaic power plant investment: financing, fast money with the quality of the game

How frustrated domestic PV manufacturers in Japan “pride”?

Yunnan’s largest single photovoltaic power plant bid in doubt CPI is high keeps out threshold

Stones from other hills: why the United States PV manufacturers worry-free financing?

Quarterly net profit “four-liter” photovoltaic device or jump

Phoenix landing: Phoenix PV production in Anyang in April

Ultra Sun Fu Tong Wei etc on three enterprises for its OEM

Hareon signed a strategic agreement: cooperation in developing overseas 600MW photovoltaic power plant

Organizations parts of Sichuan, State visits solar pumping station

DuPont patent wars, Samsung SDI that has swept downstream PV industry

Various types of photovoltaic power plants and installation of support

Post-disaster debris from a tornado: new energy town rebuilding Greensburg road

Hefei PV chaos: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

Polaris solar PV net news: to build China’s first photovoltaic application city, Hefei has promulgated a policy to accelerate PV promotion, which will build PV rooftop has become “scarce resources”. In order to “Rob” the roof, some companies compete on price, others hoarded resources roof, half don’t even start. In order to stop the chaos, Hefei city has worked out a policy was first established in high-tech zone in the city’s management is responsible for the roof of the specialized agencies.

Roof has become “scarce resources”

“Now we are short of the roof. “Yesterday, a photovoltaic operators charge Mr Guo told reporters in Hefei, Hefei city of hope to build China’s first photovoltaic applications, which for two years has promulgated a policy support, has attracted a number of enterprises to join the roof PV power station construction,” but the roof is limited, now has become a scarce resource. “Mr Guo says, not all are suitable for building the roof PV power station,” must first have a larger area, there is no shelter, there must also be a certain amount of load-carrying capacity, or can’t afford the top of the plants. “In the end, photovoltaic operators but also for roof rights people do some assessment,” some enterprises even if there were suitable for the roof, but not business, we dare not, afraid of doing a year or two, the enterprise does not survive, the risk is big. ”

Half a year has failed to commence

Roofs can bring benefits, and may benefit back bigger and bigger, but so many suitable roof, photovoltaic operators started on the roof, “staking”. This reporter learned that, after few photovoltaic operators get a roofing resources, there is no contract to start construction, roof rather than hoard, some even store for six months did not start.

A PV industry source told reporters, which does great harm, “it’s like after some developers took land, does not start for several years, like roof enclosure is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, some want to build a photovoltaic power plant operators will not get urgently needed roofing resources, the results don’t get built, wants to build production can’t. ”

Price wars led to cut-throat competition

In order to get roofing resources, a small number of carriers also took out the underhand means, is fighting a price war. Calculation of Hefei city, in accordance with the Committee through a letter, taking into account the current technical condition of photovoltaic power generation, State-subsidized policies cost, payback period and reasonable profits and other factors, the city contract energy management investment and operation of photovoltaic power generation projects, preferential price should not be lower than 90 percent. In other words, operators from the roof roof owners get built after the power station, to the roof owner’s price offer is not lower than 90 percent.

But in practice, a small number of operators to offer 80 percent, 70 percent, prices, some even lower than 50 percent. Hefei city department head told reporters, this is a rough and tumble of the market competition, completely at odds with the laws of the market.

New policy measures to manage roof

In order to stop this trend makes more healthy development of PV industry, Committee through a letter requested the development zone of Hefei city, the industrial park will set up institutions, collection and investment of resources is responsible for the roof, allowing the roof to better resource allocation. This reporter has learned, has taken the lead in setting up hi-tech zones, development zones are also in the pipeline.

In addition, the Committee through a letter, Hefei has also issued a notice, formal recognition of preferential margin of electricity price shall not be lower than 90 percent, curbing unfair competition “price war”. For enclosure of not going to work, Committee through a letter also issued a request, all distributed PV from the date of filing, within 3 months must be substantial construction, grid-connected within 6 months must be completed, otherwise it will cancel the registration qualifications, no regular grid, are not included in the scope of support.

Resources in order to encourage more companies to take out the roof, Hefei city, earlier this month introduced a new support policy, decided to give the roof owner subsidies, individual items of up to 600,000 yuan, the same roof rights rewards of up to 1 million people.


Roof is attractive for photovoltaic operators interested in related to roof can bring benefits. Committee through a letter head used to be posted in Hefei city, business investment of 8 million Yuan, completed a 1 million watts of photovoltaic power plants, can produce 1 million degrees per year. If electricity is 700,000, that year electricity charges saved five hundred thousand or six hundred thousand. In addition, 300,000 kWh of electricity online, at 0.41 Yuan/kg charges, is 120,000 dollars. In addition, the country also 0.45 Yuan/kWh subsidy, Hefei 0.25 Yuan/kWh subsidy, adding up to 700,000, deduct certain taxes there are many.

Original title: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

Combined PV 2014 interim profit increases from a year earlier to 51.8%

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 29, the joint solar announced interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2014. Combined PV-total revenue was about $ 238 million dollars, a significant increase of 51.8% from a year earlier, revenue growth primarily from PV electricity sales. Gross profit and gross profit margin of almost HK $ 48 million and 20.2% respectively, underlying profit was 10.10 cents a share.

According to statistics, as of June 30, 2014, combined PV and its affiliates beneficially owned in China and operates 13 on-grid PV power station, with a total installed capacity of 467MW, covering Guangdong, Fujian, Gansu, Jiangsu, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia. 11 this company owned and operated power plants, with a total installed capacity of 443.2MW.

In addition, PV is buying jointly a project company, the company in Inner Mongolia which has a total capacity of 65MW of photovoltaic power plant. Once the acquisition is completed, beneficially owns and operates 14 combined PV photovoltaic power plant. During this period, 14 photovoltaic power station ideal, while generating capacity totals approximately 242 million-kilowatt.

Meanwhile, combined PV are gradually shed its solar cell business. Its solar company in Quanzhou, Fujian province, in 51% reduction in turnover to HK $ 77 million dollars during that period, segment net loss of HK $ 253 million dollars.

On August 27, 2014, United Solar has selling agreements with PowerSolarInvestmentsLimited, regarding the sale of the wholly owned subsidiary of branch 70% of all the issued share capital of the company, cash price of HK $ 217 million dollars.

Combined PV said the sale will help to increase the liquidity of the company, companies can pool resources to further focus on business to buy and operate the PV power plant. Intended to be used for the net proceeds from the disposal of solar power station business capital expenditures and for general working capital.

According to the report, during the period, combined PV is gradually widening financing channels, supporting business development. CDB and Shenzhen respectively, gold leasing and Qinghai State CDB into a strategic cooperation agreement to support solar PV business expansion of the company.

Combined PV-Li, Chief Financial Officer, said: “turnaround confirms our positive PV new business development in the right direction. The future, we will focus on the acquisition and operation of photovoltaic power stations. Is currently a historic opportunity for solar power development, we can see that President XI Jinping of China to promote ‘ energy revolution ‘, Premier Li keqiang by vigorously developing clean energy, including solar energy. Due to the large investment in PV industry, long cycle, income is relatively stable, needs a lot of resources from Governments and financial institutions, therefore landing in PV-Government policies in the process of with trimming the background, has a market-oriented operation team, focusing on operational efficiency, excellent to enhance size of operators would stand out in the competitive market, occupation of the photovoltaic market high ground, to become the industry leader. ”

Original title: combined PV 2014 interim profit increases from a year earlier to 51.8%

Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV explosive comeback in the first half: earnings up 6 times times gross profit up 13.7 times times

Polaris solar PV net news: shunfeng power today announced that as of June 30, 2014, the unaudited condensed consolidated interim results for the 6 months. Its revenues of 2.946 billion yuan, 416 million, up 608.2% from a year earlier. Gross profit of 750 million during the period, 51.1 million increase from a year earlier to 1367.7%. Recorded a net profit of 503.9 million yuan during the period, compared with 672.7 million net loss has dramatically improved, successful turnaround.

As of June 30, 2014, the Group has a total generating capacity of solar power stations to about 185.798GWh, about 60% from the solar power station in Xinjiang region July monthly output of about 64.825GWh, 8.5% increased over the June; in addition to its annual capacity is expected to 1.757GW, of whom 876 megawatts has started construction.

In addition, its first half of 2014 solar manufacturing business volume reached 750.9 MW in 2013, representing a rise of 332.5%. Sales to Chinese customers of the group accounted for revenue of about 69.3%, about 85.2% in the same period last year. Shunfeng photovoltaic and Zhang Yi President expected in 2014 will reach 2.2 gigawatt solar cell capacity, the solar module capacity will reach 2.4 GW, in addition, shunfeng photovoltaic proposed to be name from “shunfeng photovoltaic International Limited” changed to “wind for clean energy co., Ltd.”

Original title: shunfeng photovoltaic explosive comeback in the first half: earnings up 6 times times gross profit up 13.7 times times

Hanwha energy 2014 Q2 PV module shipments up significantly narrower net loss

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 28, 2014, China solar cell makers hanwha Energy Announces second quarter financial results. It was reported in the second quarter, problems, new energy PV module, up 5.9%, to 339.5 MW; revenue fell 2.7% to $ 178.5 million; operating margin-3.6%, a net loss of $ 8.832 million.

Second-quarter problems, the main features of the new energy performance: component shipments edged up slightly, net loss narrowed substantially, Japan market performance continues to perform well.

Performance highlights:

Net revenues of $ 178.5 million, down from $ 183.1 million last quarter 2.7%

PV module shipments 339.5 MW, 323.6 megawatts in the last quarter rose 4.9%

Average sales price of $ 0.67 per watt, down from last quarter’s $ 0.69 2.3%

Gross profit of $ 16.9 million, down from last quarter’s $ 2540 33.5%; gross profit 9.5%, last quarter of 13.9%

Operating profit of $ 6.4 million, $ 3.5 million last quarter; operating margin-3.6%, last quarter of 1.9%

A net loss of $ 8.8 million, last quarter’s loss of $ 21.5 million

Lower average selling prices lower gross profit margin

Earnings in the second quarter, hanwha energy gross margins 105.1 million Yuan ($ 16.9 million), compared with 158.1 million last quarter and gross margins below last quarter’s 13.9% 9.5%.

“Due to higher prices in Europe (especially the United Kingdom) sales have been cut as well as the relatively lower-priced Chinese market performance continues to expand, the company’s second-quarter average selling price is cheaper, and becomes lower the company’s total revenues and gross profit margins and the ‘ originator ‘. “Hanwha Chairman and Chief Executive of new energy nanshengyu (Seong-wooNam) explains.

Performance in the second half are expected to make positive progress

“This quarter, we remained Japan’s leading position in the market and began to sell products to several emerging markets. We will continue to work closely to control operational expenses. ”

Nanshengyu pointed out that the second half of the problems, the new energy business is expected to make a series of positive developments:

1) with a variety of positive factors (among other things becoming clear to the Chinese market) appears, the company quarter shipments are expected to grow strongly

2) along with the efficiency and solar ingot and wafer production line efficiency improvements, manufacturing costs are expected to cut

3) launches new bus solar cell technology,

4) by reducing the amount of raw materials used to reduce technology costs

5) product line to improve

6) add new batteries and component cable

Japan market remains strong

Hanwha energy pointed out that, in the second quarter, corporate Japan market development remains strong, PV module shipments accounted for 53%. United States replace the United Kingdom became the company’s second largest market.

Results revealed that second-quarter problems, the new energy United Kingdom shipments of only 9% per cent of total shipments. Because the United Kingdom revised incentive mechanism, utility-grade solar energy sector market demand reductions.

In addition, the enterprise Korea and Canada shipments accounted for 9% and 7%, respectively. Chinese shipments accounted for positive bounce from 6%.

Hanwha energy announced second-quarter sales to as many as 23 countries PV modules, containing multiple notable emerging solar market (including Turkey). Exports to the European and African (EA) shipments accounted for 12%, the North American (NA) area shipments accounted for more than 18%, Asia-Pacific (AP) shipments ratio is as high as 70%.

Performance expectations

As of June 30, hanwha energy ingots and wafers, solar cells and PV module capacity 800 MW, respectively, 1.5 and 1.3 GW GW. The company plans by the end of 2014, the battery with the capacity to extend at least 1.5 GW of 2.0 gigawatts.

Hanwha energy is expected in the second quarter, and module shipments rose slightly to 400 MW, between the 2014 annual shipments of 1.5-1.6 gigawatts.

Original title: hanwha 2014 Q2 new energy PV module shipments up significantly narrower net loss

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.22-8.28)

Polaris solar PV net news: market review

1. the solar industry to a welcome upsurge of capital shortage of excess capacity by the first

19th, Bloomberg energy analyst said in a research report, global demand for solar panels is expected to substantially increase this year by about 29%, photovoltaic industry is facing a global shortage of solar panels. Miit data released on the same day also provides support for this prediction: the first half of the year, our PV manufacturing output of more than 150 billion yuan, in General in a State of development, is expected to jump may occur in the second half.

For more details

2. shuffle after the PV industry gears up for “reversal”

Once the domestic photovoltaic industry slump, emerging out of the cold “winter”.

Won relief in the market turns for the better, looking for breakthrough from the whole industry chain, from the purely manufacturer gradually shift to a resource provider, and probably will be for some time to come the domestic photovoltaic industry giants “reversal” market is the most powerful weapon.

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3. stop plugging polysilicon processing trade in China import vulnerability

A paper notice, set off waves of the photovoltaic industry.

On August 14, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs said in a statement, given previously for the United States and the European Union solar-grade polycrystalline silicon after taking trade remedy measures, polysilicon imports surged under China’s processing trade, decided to suspend polysilicon processing trade imports since September 1.

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4. the pricing of solar-thermal power generation is about double the enterprise will share the multi-billion market cake

Recently, the solar-thermal power industry, China ushered in a significant good news: the highly anticipated solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects feed-in tariff, could eventually locking in 1.2-1.25 Yuan/kWh between related files is expected to be issued in the near future. This will pry follow-up focused on building domestic solar-thermal power projects, and created market started on a large scale, light thermal industries is of landmark significance.

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5. the concentrated photovoltaic PV popularization of the new deal to take three banks

In order to address the “double reverse” brought to the PV manufacturing industry impact, since the second half of last year, populated by relevant State departments launched by the industry as the “PV new deal” policy initiatives, trying to start a PV Application market by accelerated change of PV manufacturing industry relies too much on exports. After the introduction of these policies, the domestic photovoltaic industry development pattern will be, what kind of change? Photovoltaic “Spring” really comes out? From PV manufacturing power to solar power, we still have far to go?

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Comment article

1. invest in PV please understand the materials list

Frequent quality problems and high decay rates of the components is spreading PV power station in Western China, could last three years accumulation of PV power station into dust.

“Some polysilicon solar modules 2-3 year power-7%, amorphous silicon power attenuation up to 3 years 20%. “Electric and solar photovoltaic power plant, located in Qinghai province, Chinese Academy of Sciences assessment test after the result is surprising.

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2. solar power plant first met the “water crisis”

Much of China’s terrestrial PV power station layout in serious water shortages in Gansu, Qinghai and other Western regions, because solar panels need to be cleaned frequently, water consumption in “extremely serious”, this local horse power station has not foreseen. Standard, low-cost power plant water consumption is becoming a Government and enterprise in the face of a new topic.

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3. discussion on the PV module parameters

There is no doubt that PV modules is one of the most important equipment of PV power station, now says the commonly used polycrystalline silicon PV module, including: key parameters of PV modules, hot-spot effect and effect of PID, testing the operation.

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4. PV: around “green” and “pollution” of the edge

In recent years, frustrated China’s PV industry, industrial situation anticlimax, PV industry began to talk as much, which is one of the most bizarre, some say that PV is not a green industry, but energy-hungry high-emission industries. We usually see that solar energy is currently one of the best green energy can meet energy demands, then why not use solar energy to produce clean energy green industry do?

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5. Super debt real where the creditors?

As a solar photovoltaic companies, Suri and contacts in overseas markets is a perfectly normal thing, but the question is, whether a customer or partner of the company conducted analyses and investigations of qualification? For information in this regard, Suri has been secretive. And as early as last year, as a sponsor of Suri “CITIC,” said regulators pressed its investigation Suri authenticity of overseas debts, but this is not too difficult to work and at present the only scant information.

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Enterprise version

1. hareon “cattle” did you know?

Market prospects are good, money demand, various capital ready for entering the PV power station market in various ways to get a piece of the action. For example, zhongmin sponsored by Minsheng Bank and Shi Yuzhu, cast launched Fund of 10 billion PV, mid-mainly used to invest in PV and post merger integration. Already out in PV companies operating power plant investment, is holding a bold stroke like hareon.

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2. decode the cast: “PV shells” in the new energy ready

Although in terms of business model and governance structure of the controversial zhongmin vote continues to be seen as another bold attempt in the innovation and development of the private economy.

Standardization of zhongmin investment plans to set up nine subsidiaries. Among them, new energy for the operation of the platform, promoting investment and integration of domestic photovoltaic power stations, excess PV manufacturing capacity, investment acquisition has substantially started. Mining in the steel industry plans to set up logistics, and the formation of the private iron and Steel Union, promote integration of mergers and acquisitions among private steel companies, and so on.

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3. the DuPont patent wars, Samsung SDI that has swept downstream PV industry

Du Pont recently launched silver patent infringement battle against Samsung SDI, litigation object contains customer Samsung SDI, using legal means to increase competitors ‘ customers ‘ worries and troubles, so as to cut off rivals and customers ‘ supply and demand.

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4. the PV into mystery: prices plummet but also extraordinarily high gross margin

The China Securities Regulatory Commission recently approved by the statutory procedures of the 11 companies in the third instalment of the first application, jolywood photovoltaic new material company limited (hereinafter referred to as PV) is the only PV enterprises in 11 companies to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to raise funds of nearly 400 million Yuan will be used for solar projects.

Industry believes that, in the context of PV industry have been hurt, PV enterprises after listing the prospects are not great. Meanwhile, financial data to PV in dubious, its gross margins that are far higher than the industry average, behind drops in product prices, and rising receivables, which is that investors have to face up to problems and risks.

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5. new energy “bleeders” constantly tianwei group first-half losses of nearly 900 million

Because of new energy sector and “bleeding” more than Baoding tianwei Group Ltd (hereafter “the group”), another sharp loss of 890 million yuan in the first half of this year, company to profitability measures in the short term is weak.

On August 25, the group released semi-annual report shows, 2014 1 June, the company reported revenue of 2.7 billion yuan, 4.009 billion yuan in the same period of last year; about-890 million yuan in net profit,-1.408 billion yuan in the same period last year.

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Character articles

1. Wu Xiexiang on the PV industry crotchet: rich attention to people who play money

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. GD solar co chief engineer, said Wu Xiexiang, the solar industry today there is a strange phenomenon, there are simply too many rich people in this industry, but playing with more and more people are short of money in the industry, this is a very strange phenomenon.

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2. King: indicators of future PV distributed more

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. Center on international cooperation, national development and Reform Commission, Director of the Institute for international energy King said, indicators of future PV distributed more power fighting more fiercely on the ground, the ground plants also have more mature business model, grid-connected without too much trouble, profit model is clear.

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3. interview with Dong wenbiao saw investment and intends to do with PV?

As Dong wenbiao said: “I think I am more suited to doing these things, instead of doing a traditional bank. “August 21, at nine o’clock in the morning, Shanghai Bund International Plaza lobby, Dong wenbiao zhongmin speech by foreign investment and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new identity.

This injected $ 50 billion of large private enterprises, unborn, it attracted attention, admiration, jealousy and even questioned. Until now.

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4. Li junfeng: weakest is to protect the economic security of energy workers

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. China cycle economic association can renewable energy professional Committee, Chairman of Li junfeng said, I do has more than 30 years of research, energy workers most weak of task is energy to guarantees economic run of security, all of energy work are is to guarantees supply for mission, now variable has, now energy no longer for invalid of development, and no quality of growth, and not reasonable of needs do any guarantees, energy only meet reasonable of has quality of growth and needs.

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Artux city in Xinjiang 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power station under construction

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent days, invested by China zhongxing Energy Ltd, Xinjiang’s Kizilsu Kirgiz Zizhizhou artux city, 100 MW of grid-connected photovoltaic power station Atushi Town in the oblast artux city, under construction.

It is understood that the zhongxing energy June 2013 in kezhou artux city in Xinjiang, China started construction of Kunshan industrial park, on August 22, 2014 officially arrived. Zhongxing energy limited is a State-level high-tech enterprises in China, focusing on resource integration service for new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, and active in the field of solar PV to the international forefront.

The artux city, 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power projects located in artux city, Northwest of the illumination can be rich in natural resources, has broad prospects for development and use. Total project investment of 1.03 billion, upon completion, can achieve 25 total capacity of 3.22 billion, the average kWh 128.69 million, could save 451467 tons of standard coal annually. Project for easing tensions in the regional electricity, promote clean energy is important for application development model.

Artux city Vice Mayor Wang Fei said in a ceremony broadcast time, zhongxing energy as a national high-tech enterprise, actively respond to the spirit of the Central Government and autonomous regions Xinjiang, to the oblast construction “based in South Xinjiang, radiation in Central Asia” in the South of the new energy and industrial base. Zhongxing energy base in the oblast, settled in, marking the new energy field “Southern manufacturing” was born. This will further promote the upgrade of industrial structure in kezhou area, enhance the competitiveness of oblast at the core of the economic zone of the Silk Road. For the benefit of southern Xinjiang, benefiting the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to build up solid guarantees.

According to reports, the zhongxing energy company August 22, 2014 kezhou artux city in Xinjiang, China Kunshan industrial park, the company formed a research and development, production, Assembly, engineering services, operation and maintenance, monitoring, and a full range of service capabilities, while also driving the development of upstream and downstream industry chain. At present, the zhongxing energy investing in Pakistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries the construction of large photovoltaic power project. Will use as a core area of the Silk Road economic belt in southern Xinjiang, as well as economic geography, policy, culture, and other advantages of the corridor, large power plant construction, gradually build a PV project operation monitoring center, solar PV system manufacturing base, as well as the radiation of bonded logistics bases in Central Asia.

After the implementation of the project, will give priority to intensive use of labor and training of local ethnic minorities, recruiting a total of more than 400 people. Project for oblast construction of clean energy, optimizing energy structure is very important.

Zhongxing energy company Vice President Guo said, ZTE’s energy to respond positively to the call of the State and the autonomous communities, to ensure the industry in Xinjiang, industry in Xinjiang, in southern Xinjiang to develop livelihood strategies such as PV equipment manufacture, photovoltaic power generation industry, focusing on Energy Science and technology improve people’s livelihood. Both characteristics in Xinjiang region, the combination of short-term and long-term projects, by virtue of the oblast, the Silk Road in Xinjiang resource advantages, stick to mutual benefit, complementary advantages, give full play to advantages such as abundant capital, technology, talent and positive sound to explore new energy market for the benefit of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and strive for the Silk Road economic belt construction adds colour.

Original title: artux city in Xinjiang 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power station under construction

Various types of photovoltaic power plants and installation of support

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic power station running roughly five different ways:

Optimum tilt angle fixed type (currently the most widely used);

Single-axis tracking;

-Inclined single-axis tracking;

Dual-axis tracking;

Fixed and adjustable.

Different operating modes, the most fundamental difference lies in their power differences. Of course, the initial investment and maintenance costs will be different.

A different operating mode of generating capacity increase

In 2010, when I started looking at different operational modes, obtained from a stent manufacturers a number of measured data, complete the following figure.

From the diagram above, we can see that, compared with the optimum tilt angle stationary installations, horizontal single-axis tracking electricity generation increases 17%~30%, tilt 5 ° single axis tracking capacity enhances the 21%~35%, dual-axis tracking electricity generation increases 35%~43%. But under different latitudes, of various operation modes of output increase rate is obviously not the same. Generally, there are a few rules:

1) optimum tilt angle fixed type (hereinafter “way”)

At low latitudes, because the optimum tilt angle is small, so generating capacity increase was small (as in 8 °, almost unchanged); at higher latitudes, the optimum angle, power output increased significantly (such as 50 °, increased by approximately 25%).

2) single-axis tracking (hereinafter “mode II”)

Running this way, tracking the sun angle changes in one day, increased its generating capacity, at low latitudes is superior to high latitudes. Generally speaking, this operation mode is more suitable for the use in areas below 30 ° latitude, as opposed to “one”, 20%-30% generation can be improved. At high latitudes, of course, “one” can also increase close to 20%.

3) inclined-single-axis tracking (hereinafter “the way”)

Obviously, this operation mode is the combination of the “one” and “two” advantages. “One” is not suitable for low latitude regions, this mode of operation at low latitudes performed no better than “second” much better. Therefore, more suitable for high latitudes.

This way, arrayed on either side of the supporting structure (bracket, axis of rotation) force is certainly not the same. Due to the high latitudes of the optimum tilt angle is large, if the “optimum tilted angle of inclined shaft”, the unbalanced force will be large on both sides. Therefore, the project will generally use a smaller dip.

4) dual-axis tracking (hereinafter called “mode IV”)

Track one day, within a year of the attack angle of the Sun changes, improvement of the electricity in this way is clearly Supreme.

5) adjustable fixed (hereinafter “five”)

This operation mode is based on the sun angle changes within a year to adjust bracket angle, so as to achieve an output gain. More popular since last year, are highlighted below.

What about the different operational modes is how to increase the generating capacity of? Two diagrams do the actual data (Note: pictures from Wang Sicheng teachers ppt).

Monthly electricity generation, operation within one year difference

Can see from the chart, relative to horizontal radiation:

Fixed increases in spring, autumn and winter season, and summer generating capacity have been sacrificed;

Single-axis tracking and horizontal curve almost perfectly parallel;

Dual-axis tracking and single-axis tracking increased output in the spring, autumn and winter quarter.

Various operating modes each generation difference within a day (wuwei, the middle of May)

From the diagram above, we can see that:

Track (single shaft and double shaft) relative to the stationary, improves capacity sooner or later;

The data because it is spring, so electricity at noon, biaxial and stationary, is higher than that of the shaft.

Second, the application of different operation modes

No matter what, better track than the stationary power generation, so why is fixed is still everyone’s favorite running style?

First, the initial investment, covers, operation and maintenance cost

Both support investment and in the same capacity as the covers, or the operation and maintenance costs, and follows the following rules:

Dual-axis tracking > inclined single-axis tracking > flat single-axis tracking > fixed adjustable > optimum tilt angle fixed type

A 10MW project, for example, average 25 hours 1300h to consider investment increase of 0.1 Yuan/w, you may need to increase net earnings (annual income-generating capacity increased operation and maintenance costs) are getting about 100,000 yuan (0.95 Yuan per kWh of electricity prices, about improving 0.81% will get 100,000 yuan income).

For example, single-axis tracking investments increased approximately 1/w, future net annual income increase by 1 million flat and about 20%, about 2.4 million increase in income! Even after the operation and maintenance costs of hundreds of thousands of more than a year, is also cost-effective. Then why did you use?

Second, the failure rate and tracking accuracy

Tracking the high failure rate is a matter of General feedback. Existing solar power station in China, mainly in the Northwest, windy, particularly large damage to the track axis. Clapping once, let alone generating capacity increased, even basic electricity generation is no guarantee! I did not have specific figures, but know a few power plants, people think tracking type break easily.

In addition to failure rate, tracking accuracy up to ideal values, especially the dual-axis tracking. Therefore, the capacity increase will be less than initially expected.

Three, fixed and adjustable

“Fixed and adjustable” for singling out, simply because since last year, the fire in this way.

Qinghai somewhere below is for one year and 2 to 3 point angle of generating capacity.

Using three different angles, each month generating capacity

Different angle adjustment programmes, fitted values each month after electricity generation

Relative to the optimum tilt angle:

Ø three angles (regulation 3 times a year), can increase the capacity of 6.2%, before and after spacing should be increased, covers an area of increase;

Ø 15 ° and 36 ° (regulation 1 times per year), can increase the capacity of 2.9%, before and after spacing unchanged, covers an area of unchanged;

Ø 55 ° and 36 ° (regulation 1 times per year), can increase the capacity of 1.6%, before and after spacing to increase footprint increases.

Therefore, fixed the optimum tilt angle and a smaller angle is more appropriate.

Some time ago, Zhang made a technical exchange of Wuxi Yang-HO, drawing comparisons with the four fixed-adjustable bracket.


Hydraulic lever-type



Based on the feedback of power plant operation and maintenance personnel: the tilt adjustment is a very hard thing, we are not willing to transfer, result in lower than expected. My personal feeling, Yang-Ho-Jack is a good solution to the problem (did not want to advertise it! )。 Moreover, according to the construction site personnel of our company reflects, this way you can reduce construction installation difficulty.

Do not know how the accident rate for fixed-and adjustable.

Original title: various types of photovoltaic power plants and installation of support

Lucky film: the solar back plate cool idea

Polaris solar PV net news: while the company’s film business has largely ended, but when used to work in the film business, holding three key technologies, including technology, film technology coating technology, particles. These three core technologies that agrees with wet battery diaphragm process, so the company imagination huge lithium diaphragm.

PV encoded into lithium battery separator, backplane, made a significant step in transition. Company business for image material and new film material production and the sales, image business by residents consumption habits of effects larger, in digital era of today, traditional film industry boom degrees poor, company gradually transformation, in national policy and the company existing technology accumulated Xia, raised funds for production lithium diaphragm and the overweight solar back Board, project all up postpartum is expected to added lithium diaphragm project and the solar back board capacity respectively for 5700, and 15 million square meters, annual tax Qian profit 9148, and 24.73 million Yuan, 3.27 times times the total pre-tax profit stood at approximately 2013.

Film business core technical support, power assisted Lipo battery diaphragm first to achieve high-end products of import substitution. Company project reaches the postpartum high performance diaphragm will achieve a production capacity of nearly 60 million square meters, approximately 21% of 2013 domestic demand for high performance diaphragm, estimated 2016 potential demand for 10%. Future with consumer electronics replacement and upgrade of technology and the popularization of electric vehicles are expected in the next few years the global divide annual demand will grow to around overnight in 2016, demand of 1.472 billion square meters. Our high-end products accounted for more than 70% of the diaphragm needs, import dependence is serious. Company project reaches the postpartum is expected to quickly take the domestic high-end market, taking into account the arrival takes time, expects lithium 14-16 divide revenues 0.2, 0.6, 300 million Yuan, respectively.

Company backplane product take shape, prospect to look forward to. Global PV market is gradually warmed in recent years, has led the development of solar panels and back panels is expected in 2015 new photovoltaic installation 53.57GW need back 375 million square meters, with an average annual growth rate up to 20%. 2014 and 2015, new installed capacity in China is expected to bring back panel needs approximately 0.91, 105 million square meters. 2008 into the back field of the company, the project reaches the postpartum expected to total capacity of 35 million square meters, total production is expected to dominate the back-sheet capacity of domestic 22%, is expected to back project 14-16 revenues were 1.9, 3.5, 460 million Yuan.

Restructuring become clear, battery separator, solar back board sailing in the area. Company high-end diaphragm manufacturing core technology products reached the national top level, our assurance of good technical team to raise the tender offer and the company’s efforts to restructure, trust in the company at the high end of the diaphragm and back panels in the market products to market quickly to break the monopoly. Do not consider the issuance of equity dilution, 2014-2016 is expected to achieve earnings per share were 0.16 and 0.32, 0.22 Yuan, currently shares corresponding to respectively 2014-2016 PE seventy four-fifty fourths/37 times.

Original title: lucky film: the lithium battery cool conception of diaphragm and back panels

Intelligent instruments supporting the PV inverter PV equipment selection

Polaris solar PV net news: inverter is most important equipment of PV power station, is also capable of generating fundamental guarantee. Due to the large production of inverters manufacturers in China, how to evaluate through the practice of various inverter, and gradually form a photovoltaic device fittest competition mechanism, is the photovoltaic industry management need to focus on key issues.

By different manufacturers of inverter operating data for statistical analysis, we can see that device manufacturers to product quality, completely relying on human resources to complete the work, the workload is huge, but intelligent information management system for photovoltaic power generation easily gives the answer to the problem.

Design of the system in test results, evaluating efficiency photovoltaic modules, monitoring play an important role in the running of the inverter and plant equipment selection, plant for the future design of optimization provide valuable reference data.

To Qinghai province a,, and b two PV station for cases, after on the engineering of different manufacturers of 13 species models inverse variable device 4 months of actual run data for according to for analysis, found a, station conversion efficiency Supreme of inverse variable device average conversion efficiency can keep in 98.6% level, efficiency minimum of inverse variable device average conversion efficiency for 95.8%, both difference reached 2.8%, quite of big.

Environmental impact environmental radiation, air temperature, air pressure and other operation, the same model in different power conversion efficiency of the inverter is also quite different. Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively two a and b power stations average conversion efficiency of various models of the inverter.

For more popular 500kW inverter, if the conversion efficiency of 1%, in the best weather conditions, inverter nearly 25 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day are common, multiple 5300 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. Inverter conversion efficiency, the higher conversion efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system, the higher total system generating capacity loss is smaller, the higher economy. Therefore single rated capacity is the same as in the plant design should be preferred when high efficiency inverter.

PV intellectualization information management system gives the manufacturers of inverter is the actual conversion efficiency and provide the basis for future power plant equipment selection, design and optimization, but also for the development of PV device market provides strong data support.

Original title: intelligent information management system in hand, easily determine good or bad inverter

Sitech at Zhejiang construction of 500MW for PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: the Chinese PV industry jinkosolar holding (JinkoSolarHolding) announced in August that its subsidiaries apt, China electric power company (JinkoSolarPower) in the coastal province of Zhejiang, total construction output power 500MW solar power station.

Lishui economic development zone, Zhejiang power project development contract was signed with the Crystal section. Contractual investment of 5 billion yuan, after the start of the annual output is estimated at about 5600kWh.

Construction period of 5 years, will annually build 100MW, the ground of distributed power plant and 100MW by 60MW 40MW setting million-watt PV power station constitutes.

Allegedly, the first construction for 2014 100MW starting in the second quarter of the year, planned to be completed by the end of it.

Original title: sitech at Zhejiang construction of 500MW for PV power station

“The rabbit” cell paper-thin out more than 20 layers of Yangzhou “armor”

Polaris solar PV net news: China’s first lunar rabbit “‘s power comes from its two sides gently opens the solar arrays, the core–solar cells manufactured by enterprises in Yangzhou! Recently, this reporter went to explore the economic and technological development zone, located in the city of Yangzhou changelight co. It is understood that the company developed the production of gallium arsenide solar cells break the foreign monopoly, as the cell is the only one to provide the aerospace sector of private enterprise.

The night of December 15, 2013, scientific exploration work being carried out on the Moon’s “Moon” Rover.

(File photo) the Xinhua News Agency

“The rabbit” cell what would it look like?

Horse round wafers are cut

Changelight, over more than 20 Taiwan Germany import of new instruments, the reporters saw-horse round Solar Wafers of gallium arsenide. Staff to carefully open the lid, giving journalists a look at clues.

“Do not underestimate the power of that little block of cells, ‘ the rabbit ‘ number on the Rover’s solar cell is made of the wafer cutting, cut different sizes upon request. “Yangzhou changelight Assistant General Manager Zhang Shuangxiang described to reporters, many people have noted that the” Jade Rabbit “Rover solar arrays that can be automatically opened, the solar cell and this is the same as above.

“Solar is a component produced by different enterprises at the heart of solar cells, it is entirely up to us. “Zhang Shuangxiang told reporters that their solar cells required cutting is completed, sent to the Shanghai Institute of space power-commitment–this is” stars, arrows, missiles, ships, (detection) unit “and other special equipment, power supply systems, research, design and manufacture of control equipment and test service in enterprises.

The rabbit “Yangzhou cell why?

Almost 1 time times higher conversion rates than the average solar panel

“Compared with monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, gallium arsenide solar cell conversion rate is much higher, of course, cost is much higher. “Zhang Shuangxiang says,” the rabbit “, Rover’s solar panels convert light in around 34%, and crystalline silicon solar module is about 20% in the market.

“Year of the rabbit, design quality only 140 kilograms of Lunar Rover, in addition to the solar panels, but also carries many instruments. “Air launch” snatching the gold “, solar panels provide energy is important, but if it is too heavy, is reducing the weight of other analytical instruments. “In the industry with one kilogram of launch costs equivalent to or even higher than that of the weight of one kilogram of gold claims, therefore, higher conversion rate than crystalline silicon solar cells of gallium arsenide solar cells, will dominate. ”

Yangzhou cells have what “secret weapons”?

More than 20 layers of “armor” escort, is still as thin as paper

“Of course, high conversion rate alone is not enough, also test through the layers, especially qualified to conduct radiation tests. “Zhang Shuangxiang said outer space environment will be more severe than the atmosphere surrounded by many, moon, Lunar Rover will be able to withstand vacuum, strong radiation, the Moon’s surface to 150-180 ℃ ℃ temperature extremes and other extreme environments.

“Outer space has no atmosphere, neutron radiation, ion beam, and so on all kinds of radiation has this particularly large damage to solar cells, cell design and manufacturing is not in place, claims a year in space, but our battery lasts 10 years. ”

In order to ensure the safety of cells, dry as special designed more than more than 20 storeys “armor”, filtering all manner of space radiation. “Cell contains more than 20 multi-layered filtering layer, each layer of blocks a destructive Ray, but at the same time ensure the effective radiation through. Such a design is our exclusive technology, is key to ensure the reliability of the product. ”

Wearing layers of gold cell, in fact, still light. “A layer of cells is only 0.2 mm and as thin as paper. “Zhang Shuangxiang says these are fully taken into account the requirements of space launch, specifically for” Jade Rabbit “was specially designed.

Yangzhou cell this is the first time “God”?

So far in 2010 has provided at least tens of thousands of tablets

“We have the technology, research and development, has also broken the monopoly of foreign companies. “Zhang Shuangxiang said due to the solar cell technology high requirements for use in aircraft, currently able to produce only 4 companies in the world, domestic changelight only a business. “Germany, and Japan and the United States each have one company can do it, China only when we do this kind of cell. Used to be a monopoly of foreign enterprises, today Chinese people are satellites with its solar cells. ”

It is reported that, starting from 2010, the company has continued to provide the domestic aerospace agencies solar cells. Zhang Shuangxiang proudly described to reporters, they not only participated in the Moon, also participated in many other projects. So far in 2010, or at least has provided tens of thousands of solar cells. Now flying in the sky satellite, perhaps we Yangzhou produced by the cell.

Our ability to “early adopters” space solar cell?

Heaven, into the ground, primarily the cost

“This technology not only to God but also to enter through our later improved, especially after a convex lens, optical conversion rate is 40%. “Zhang Shuangxiang described to reporters, compared with crystalline silicon solar panels, gallium arsenide solar module for condensing power generation, is convex lenses or parabolic mirrors focus sunlight onto several times over, dozens of times, or hundreds of times or thousands of times, then cast on the solar cells.

Currently, concentrator solar cell technology of gallium arsenide solar power plant has been used in China. “Some time ago, our solar cells used for hydroelectric power generation projects concentrated photovoltaic power station of the Yellow River, although only 5 megawatts, but it’s small scale chopper. ”

“Although the gallium arsenide solar cell has several technical advantages, and now have to deal with is the cost issue. “Zhang Shuangxiang said current cost of gallium arsenide solar cell is crystalline silicon cells twice,” Heaven “is valued in” light, “” into the “civil” is more a cost problem.

Original title: “Jade Rabbit” cell paper-thin out more than 20 layers of Yangzhou “armor”