2014 global installed or 51GW

Polaris solar PV net news: the Worldwatch Institute, Worldwatch’s latest report shows that 2013 39 gigawatts of solar power installed capacity record, with hydropower installed capacity of almost the same amount, and for the first time surpass the wind, accounted for one-third of new renewable energy capacity. Region of Asia replaced Europe as for the first time the world’s largest solar market.

In 2013, the total global solar photovoltaics and concentrating solar thermal power generation rose from 30% to 124.8TWh, 0.5% to meet global electricity demand. Europe’s solar generating capacity of up to 67% per cent of global, to at 23.9%, followed by Asia and North America accounted for more than 8.1%.

Although the global installed capacity to refresh the record, but the solar sector investment from $ 142.9 billion in 2012-2013, $ 113.7 billion, or 20%, further reflecting the cost has fallen sharply. While in Australia, and Brazil, and Denmark, and Italy, and Germany, per megawatt-hour rooftop solar costs have been lower than retail electricity.

Worldwatch said although the 2013 world solar cell production growth is only 3%, but component shipments rose 24%, indicating oversupply problem has eased, is also expected in 2014 solar GW installed capacity is expected to reach 40-51.

Original title: Worldwatch shot a dozen: global solar installed capacity or up to 2014 51GW

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