22 companies “get together” Shaoxing built the roof PV power plant

Polaris solar PV net news: keqiao photovoltaic power capacity by the end of the 25 megawatt

Shaoxing, keqiao, keyan Street, Xicheng Wan Village is located in the multi state textile company in late July after completing the roof PV power station construction, smooth grid-connected power generation. While generating capacity is only 1.1MW (MW), but it still benefits for enterprises. Apart from the first month free-generated electricity, and later can also save around 3000 Yuan every month electricity expenses.

On August 5, the “State” and said in an interview with reporters, head, business electricity consumption per month in 300,000-kilowatt hours, electricity costs more. This year, the Government has issued preferential policies strongly encourages enterprises, institutions, and residents use a roof spaces photovoltaic power generation. The company has more than 1000 square meters of rooftop PV installation conditions are met, after various contacts, they signed the construction contract with an energy contract management company.

“Many States” like seas and spandex, kuaiji mountain is located in the Binhai industrial zone Zhejiang akei Connaught decoration company limited, Zhejiang engineering glass company in East Asia enterprises, also signed a contract for construction of photovoltaic power stations, generating capacity of 2MW, 1.64MW, 2.3MW and 4.3MW, respectively. Among them, kuaijishan photovoltaic power stations installed in pond Street, 104 State Road, Punta village West of factory, there is about 20,000 square meters of roofing resource.

Reporters learned from the keqiao Office, last month, they organised the photovoltaic roof resources throughout the area survey. From each town (Street, development area) reported case, a total of 22 companies intend to up PV power generation projects, can effectively utilize the resources of more than 300,000 square meters of the roof. By the end, is expected to build photovoltaic capacity of 25 MW.

It is understood that earlier attempts to photovoltaic power generation in keqiao, Zhejiang Province (counties and cities). As early as the end of 2012, refinement of new energy in our own factory roof built the capacity of 1000-kilowatt and 5,000-kilowatt, two solar power stations. Jing Gong under the promotion of new energy, business building photovoltaic power plants will soon become a fashion trend. Not long ago, Zhou Hanjun in keqiao moisturizing da residents at home and built a photovoltaic power station with capacity of 3-kilowatt, becomes the first Shaoxing resident solar photovoltaic power stations.

However, the original should be the heat of July, this year they did not appear, and even set up one of the coolest July in 14 years. This aroused much suspicion: the weather is suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power stations in Shaoxing? Keqiao, reporter from the Central Weather Bureau issued the data found in, the annual hours of sunshine around 1900 hours, in July, the greatest average 231.6 hours; in August, and was 217 hours in February, at least, to 101.1. Industry experts say light resources, throughout the autumn and winter of Zhejiang solar energy resource can be, worthy of exploitation.

Original title: 22 companies built the roof PV power station

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