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Polaris solar PV net news: author’s Foreword: PV spring here yet?

In recent years, from the central parts of the PV are of great concern, and has recently intensified. From 2010 PV into the doldrums difficult stage, local industry sees PV as baby to become as hot potato, both love and hate, begging for more.

New a session Government face Europe, and beauty double anti-active should, even national main leaders personally go into battle, designed for PV a thing to and EU talks; shortly thereafter NDRC and Energy Council frequently issued file; local government echoed, have introduced incentive policy; ministries and place size led also enthusiastically published pontificating, related Conference a then a; related learned, and Association, and Association as jade have sprung up, scrambling out loudly scream; not only those still strong of PV Enterprise certainly not let, Yong Dang pioneer ; Is frequency Pro collapsed of PV enterprise, also in Phoenix Nirvana kopan, bath fire reborn; has leading manufacturing, and investment company, and international consortium and the other industry have will heavily into PV; more has two bit expert in CCTV teamed up released heavy advertising: PV air conditioning without AC electricity has! temporarily national uproar: PV development to so magic has, will PV legend pushed to extreme should spellbound can do. PV development if that is the case, please? I wanted to put together a book on photovoltaic development talking about today right as an introduction or preface, and named “photovoltaic spring has come”? To start to discuss with interested readers.

“Solar PV development talking about” one: talking about PV, doesn’t mean you know what PV

In recent years, the PV is a hot topic, it is an indisputable fact. Both officials, academics, entrepreneurs, businessmen and so on, whatever the motivation, comment on PV. Television, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and other media is full of positive and negative coverage. Coupled with PV development of ups and downs, such as the Yangtze River water, mighty, creating rich upstarts; one moment and depressed and companies become insolvent. Coupled with the Western powers took turns double reverse stick hit PV face extinction, which caused international disputes has also attracted global PV eyebrows looked at.

In fact, in the international technology market could generate this kind of global shocks, Huawei, in addition to the fame of the global telecommunications equipment and technology, PV is the star performer in China. So everyone discuss anything solar, was impassioned, indignant, horse, it was down in the dumps, and some schadenfreude. Reminiscent of years ago Taiwan has been one of the Alchemy of the Sun, mainly photovoltaic development in Taiwan produced the wealth-creation process and socio-economic impacts. In contrast, the autonomous photovoltaic developments worthy of comment is even more grand, 10 books hold the sweet, spicy and sour and difficult course.

PV real initially 2001-2004 (such as Suntech and Trina solar, Yingli enterprises was founded as a symbol), leap 2005-2009 (Germany renewable energy Amendment Act came into force, European markets open). 10 is a snap with a wave of development, much, many people cannot say clearly, outside of and certainly do not understand. PV industry in our country has been able to rapidly achieve world dominance, pulling directly benefiting from international markets, but China’s entrepreneurs and scholars, as well as with practical experience of the Group of experts through the introduction and assimilation of advanced technology, to seize the opportunity (now appears to be a golden opportunity) to actively fight results, of course, local government support is also an important factor.

Our PV industry in particular domestic and foreign conditions, difficult and confused manner, dedicated to growth, until you get big movement at the international level, the EU and the United States Government sees its photovoltaic companies collapsed with an awkward, and began to vent their anger on China’s massive exports of photovoltaic products, which aroused the concern of our Government officials. It can be said that PV development in China that the Government felt the enormous creativity of folk, with the Central Government policies heavily built compared to other industries, main force private enterprise from the very start of the photovoltaic industry, PV can end up as one of the few internationally competitive industries, which is a miracle. Overall, although the PV development lessons need to reflect on, however, as Western powers are now game of high-tech industries, development of PV in our country today is not easy. Review the course of development of photovoltaic, PV development in China so far, has successfully implemented the trilogy will be permanently included world PV development history:

First: crystalline silicon PV cell production dominates the world number one spot, three quarters of global production by more than 60%;

Second: wafer output and is also the world’s first, and leading technology development;

Third: high-purity polycrystalline silicon material production ranked the world, breaks international technological monopoly, to completely open the whole industry chain of crystalline silicon cells.

And this whole development is being implemented in 10 year, which in the history of our industry as a whole is unique. In PV development process, some scholars believe that the so-called China PV incompetent is completely used, is to buy equipment, technology, raw materials, as long as money can do. Don’t do abroad is because production of photovoltaic devices are energy-intensive, environmentally unfriendly call solar cell, polycrystalline silicon with high energy consumption and high pollution, we are Westerners fool ranging. Fortunately, PV enterprises do not have much impact because many personnel of enterprises are also foreign elite returnees, with an international Outlook, and if you want to see origin, Bachelor’s degree from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University and other elite schools that quite a lot, is influenced by level of education not worse than the so-called scholars who attack photovoltaics. So I think colleges should in the future high-tech enterprises to recruit teachers, this is an effective way to raise the level of scientific research and teaching.

Others denigrate the efficiency of photovoltaic products are too low, no further use. Exactly 20 years ago, as industrialization around of photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells is about 10%, and currently has around 20%. But is the use of photovoltaic systems is running the Earth outside of direct power, does not consume Earth’s resources, and virtually no pollution, while thermal power, nuclear power and other power generation efficiency of 40% or above, but it is not only consuming Earth’s limited energy resources, but also pose a serious pollution. This efficiency is quite different between the two. In fact, electro-optical conversion efficiency, such as the efficiency of incandescent lamps is about 10%, also used for hundreds of years, but this is at the expense of consuming fossil fuels; and photovoltaic conversion efficiency while only 10% more, but it doesn’t consume the Earth’s energy resources, not to mention the efficiency of solar cells also are rising.

PV product since the date of birth, and main task is twofold: first, to improve efficiency; the second is cost reduction. Any technical invention only the application has real value. The past more than 10 years, PV the most dazzling is not efficiency, but significantly reduced the costs of production. 2000 years ago, the PV system cost per watt to more than 50 Yuan, now only 7-8 dollars per watt. Yingli solar Miao Liansheng, President’s words, is to develop photovoltaic as ordinary people can use energy, and this goal is achieved.

Many people said to know PV, but know not necessarily understand, correct, objective look at PV, it is necessary to first understand the PV, PV is pushing Yang Huaijin words. Trina also use well-known Enterprise “Trina” another interpretation of the word, the heavenly bodies, create brilliant. PV development thanks to its geographical and (2005-2009). World development is facing a serious energy and environmental problems, this also determines the development of photovoltaic historical enterprise. Keen to choose and stick to our entrepreneurs, and initially successful, photovoltaic technology for large-scale application of at least 20 years, it will over time, becoming more PV in our country have made great contributions to the world, will be pushing, good luck man. Despite the fossil energy in 100 years or 200 years, people run out of road, must open up the development of renewable energy, the PV is the most important choice.

Photovoltaic facts: what is photovoltaic?

Chinese of PV is from English “Photovoltaic” translation to of, and this is comes from Greece paper “light” and Italy scientists AlessandroVolta (1745-1825) of name of combination (suffix-IC should is for formation needs), Volta (v playing) to invention chemical battery and famous Yu world, voltage on to he of name trunk “Volt” (volts) named, shorthand v (v). Finds the first occurrence of “Photovoltaic” literature is the United Kingdom’s Royal doctor of a monograph, there appeared “Photo-voltaic” the term. If the translation of the meaning of words, “Photovoltaic” is supposed to be “light-Volta” (rather than “-v”), is solar-electric direct conversion of Italy. In 1839, France AlexandreEdmondBecquerel of scientists doing experiments, discovered an electrochemical device for the first time by light can directly generate an electric current, which was later known as the so-called “photovoltaic phenomenon”, which is established by the European Photovoltaic Becquerel (Becquerel) origin of the award.

Shenhui, German doctor of engineering, now a Professor of Sun Yat-sen University, PhD, Sun Yat-Sen, Director of the Institute for solar energy systems, study in materials science and solar technology for 32 years.

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