Adequate supply of polysilicon price pressures in the second half

Polaris solar PV net news: August 4, continues in the first half of about 160,000 tons of polysilicon production capacity at the same time, polysilicon imports close to 50,000 tons in the first half, due to abundant supply, domestic polysilicon prices under pressure in the second half.

The first half of the domestic polysilicon manufacturers continued in production, including GCL-poly energy, TBEA, daqo new energy over more than 14 starts of total capacity to about 160,000 tons. While polysilicon imports close to 50,000 tons in the first half, higher than imports over the same period last year, with June imports 9566 tonnes, an increase of 99.3%.

In January 2014, under the influence of factors such as demand picks up, China solar grade polysilicon prices picked up about $ 15%, and at the beginning of February dropped to 165 Yuan per kg on high, then the United States, South Korea and China, polysilicon “double reverse” measures be introduced, together with related policies clear, polysilicon prices down for a short time. Since the end of March, polysilicon prices picked up slightly after 3 months remained stable, while in June polysilicon prices down slightly.

According to domestic work, and poly-SI production short to be stable, so expect July 2014-December China poly silicon productions should be kept approximately 8500 tons/month, 2014 domestic productions is expected to exceed 100,000 tons.

The demand side, the 2014 PV installed capacity less than 3GW-half the domestic market, with similar to 2013 from the domestic photovoltaic power stations, the situation, expected to installing tide in late 2014.

But analysts believe that polysilicon imports surge, brought serious polysilicon supply pressure, even fiery installing end-market in the second half, domestic polysilicon price stability is still worrying.

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