After shuffling PV industry gears up for “reversal”

Polaris solar PV net news: the downturn in the domestic photovoltaic industry, emerging out of the cold “winter”.

The Ministry recently issued the “operation of the PV industry in the first half,” shows that PV industry in China jump might occur, forming shock development curve. Solar Panel demand in the second half of this year is expected to increase by about 29%, Panel oversupply situation will reverse earlier.

New trend in one after another. Recently, the domestic photovoltaic industry giants – Trina solar and Yingli Green energy, for the currently the largest single photovoltaic power plant “in Jianshui County, Yunnan province, 300-megawatt photovoltaic power plant project” event drew widespread attention. Insiders believe that its possible future direction of the industry as a whole has weather vane …

Won relief in the market turns for the better, looking for breakthrough from the whole industry chain, from the purely manufacturer gradually shift to a resource provider, and probably will be for some time to come the domestic photovoltaic industry giants “reversal” market is the most powerful weapon.

Shock rebound

Data shows that by the end of June 2014, polysilicon production enterprises in China made by 7 at the beginning of last year increased to 16, a number of key cells to turn them around, some key enterprises to achieve continuous profitability. Meanwhile, the scale of the photovoltaic industry continues to grow, the foreign trade situation gradually picked up, according to preliminary statistics, the PV manufacturing industry output of more than 150 billion yuan in the first half.

While the United States “double reverse” investigation and the European “anti-circumvention” survey did not break, but the revival of the global PV industry as a whole, remains at a low ebb in the domestic photovoltaic industry, winning a round of excess capacity after the breather.

Industry experts, the PV industry output in half, Jiangsu had occupied the country, thousands of photovoltaic manufacturing businesses in the first half of 2013 provinces, more than half is in the shutdown state. Today, the “consolidation in the industry continues, but the overall trend has emerged for the better. “Head of a PV enterprises in Zhejiang Province, told reporters.

0.55 behind

Repair of China PV industry, with new series and promote the policies of different countries, has begun to appear a lot of new development directions.

In recent days, two major photovoltaic Giants-Trina solar and Yingli in Hebei, compete for the largest single photovoltaic power plant stake “in Jianshui County, Yunnan province, 300-megawatt photovoltaic power plant project” event is a case in point.

Construction of photovoltaic power plants, is to encourage clean energy development in China in recent two years one of the directions, but what is different this time is that, this is the first State-owned enterprise private enterprises transfer their ownership to the community. Two companies regardless of the cost is in the bag, showed PV businesses shift from manufacturer to the resource provider’s ambition and urgent.

Exchange announcement of Yunnan, Yunnan metallurgy group for the transfer of the lessor, transfers its stakes in three companies-90%, and the three companies, according to original Yun Dong ying, Chairman of MCC’s introduction, it is for the construction of the PV power station was established. Surprising is that 90% the list prices of the three companies a total of 146.5 million dollars, shared upfront investment cost is close to 0.55 Yuan/w, which is far higher than the current is about 0.2-0.3/watt “retail price”.

In this regard, a bidding company official told reporters: “even if the higher cost, as long as the fair bidding, we win. “According to industry analysis, photovoltaic power plant, when completed, is expected to gain 10% of years of stable yields.

The change of direction

In fact, shift in development thinking, have caused the PV industry’s restructuring. Domestic once loss-making solar giant jinkosolar, with solar power business, just got 3 total investment of us $ 225 million in the near future, “Howe roll” photovoltaic power plant. Chinese PV companies initially reviled for “two out”, to focus on the domestic market, and then to become the whole industry chain-like Enterprise, has become a trend.

There are three main reasons to encourage this trend. One domestic station investment territories persons told Reporter: from policy view, grid settlement policy of launched, by original of each place or central subsidies, to by regional classification, and set unified of benchmark electric price, grid unified settlement of way, let PV station Enterprise finally has has clear of income sources, investment proceeds has has certainty; in project approval aspects, original of national NDRC Energy Council approval, has steering all province NDRC issued indicators, great accelerated has approval program; while, Grid PV supporting facilities are gradually improving, and effectively solve the problem of solar electric power grid to dissolve.

But the industry also cautioned that “PV power station hundreds of billions of dollars of capital investment, the pros and cons in the PV industry will differentiate more intense. ”

Original title: after shuffling, the PV industry gears up for “reversal”

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