Artux city in Xinjiang 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power station under construction

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent days, invested by China zhongxing Energy Ltd, Xinjiang’s Kizilsu Kirgiz Zizhizhou artux city, 100 MW of grid-connected photovoltaic power station Atushi Town in the oblast artux city, under construction.

It is understood that the zhongxing energy June 2013 in kezhou artux city in Xinjiang, China started construction of Kunshan industrial park, on August 22, 2014 officially arrived. Zhongxing energy limited is a State-level high-tech enterprises in China, focusing on resource integration service for new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, and active in the field of solar PV to the international forefront.

The artux city, 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power projects located in artux city, Northwest of the illumination can be rich in natural resources, has broad prospects for development and use. Total project investment of 1.03 billion, upon completion, can achieve 25 total capacity of 3.22 billion, the average kWh 128.69 million, could save 451467 tons of standard coal annually. Project for easing tensions in the regional electricity, promote clean energy is important for application development model.

Artux city Vice Mayor Wang Fei said in a ceremony broadcast time, zhongxing energy as a national high-tech enterprise, actively respond to the spirit of the Central Government and autonomous regions Xinjiang, to the oblast construction “based in South Xinjiang, radiation in Central Asia” in the South of the new energy and industrial base. Zhongxing energy base in the oblast, settled in, marking the new energy field “Southern manufacturing” was born. This will further promote the upgrade of industrial structure in kezhou area, enhance the competitiveness of oblast at the core of the economic zone of the Silk Road. For the benefit of southern Xinjiang, benefiting the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to build up solid guarantees.

According to reports, the zhongxing energy company August 22, 2014 kezhou artux city in Xinjiang, China Kunshan industrial park, the company formed a research and development, production, Assembly, engineering services, operation and maintenance, monitoring, and a full range of service capabilities, while also driving the development of upstream and downstream industry chain. At present, the zhongxing energy investing in Pakistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries the construction of large photovoltaic power project. Will use as a core area of the Silk Road economic belt in southern Xinjiang, as well as economic geography, policy, culture, and other advantages of the corridor, large power plant construction, gradually build a PV project operation monitoring center, solar PV system manufacturing base, as well as the radiation of bonded logistics bases in Central Asia.

After the implementation of the project, will give priority to intensive use of labor and training of local ethnic minorities, recruiting a total of more than 400 people. Project for oblast construction of clean energy, optimizing energy structure is very important.

Zhongxing energy company Vice President Guo said, ZTE’s energy to respond positively to the call of the State and the autonomous communities, to ensure the industry in Xinjiang, industry in Xinjiang, in southern Xinjiang to develop livelihood strategies such as PV equipment manufacture, photovoltaic power generation industry, focusing on Energy Science and technology improve people’s livelihood. Both characteristics in Xinjiang region, the combination of short-term and long-term projects, by virtue of the oblast, the Silk Road in Xinjiang resource advantages, stick to mutual benefit, complementary advantages, give full play to advantages such as abundant capital, technology, talent and positive sound to explore new energy market for the benefit of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and strive for the Silk Road economic belt construction adds colour.

Original title: artux city in Xinjiang 100 megawatts of grid-connected PV power station under construction

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