Building integrated solar energy remains the “chronic” problem

Polaris solar PV net news: national policy for solar building and the seminar recently held in Kunming.

“Solar building integration” is both “old” and reality of “old issue”. Yunnan province, Mr tujimin, Director of the solar energy industry Union said at the Forum.

Major force of solar energy as a renewable energy, has been under scrutiny in recent years. Application and promotion of solar energy in construction but also by the support of the relevant departments and enterprises of the State.

But a plagued solar territories years of problem: that completely bare in outdoor of solar equipment, should how and buildings appearance coordination? solar and building integration, is will solar of light hot using and building organic fusion, achieved and building of synchronization design, and synchronization construction, and synchronization acceptance, and synchronization late management, makes its became building of organic part, thus reduced building energy, reached energy environmental of purposes. As a clean energy, solar energy and building integration has given people a lot of hope and vision, but the reality is that the promotion of solar energy has been a lot of obstacles, implementation still faces a number of unresolved issues.

Technical bottlenecks

The installation of solar equipment must not be caused to the exterior impression of uncoordinated and disorganized patchwork; cannot give a complete building model with a different kind of Visual pollution; to the detriment of the city’s architectural landscape. Otherwise, completely lost in the utilization of solar energy equipment installed on the facade of the new building’s purpose and meaning.

“Building” can be realized, is not a one-way technology breakthroughs, you can reach the goal; but in a series of comprehensive exploitation and utilization of new technologies and different industry sectors in terms of coordination and management, have made institutional cooperation effectiveness, based on, to complete a complex system engineering.

Tujimin solar equipment and architecture combine to really be “building” goals, there are “four-way” options:

First, apart from the exposed in the Visual range of solar collectors, solar panels solar power other than the construction of complex systems and energy storage devices, technically must do it all into the home, hidden installation.

Second, starting from the solar energy collection technology, greatly improve the efficiency of solar thermal and photovoltaic conversion, in the architectural outline of Visual range, solar power systems and equipment with a full range of covert installation and configuration.

Third, the realization of solar energy in building construction and standardization of its parts so that truly building an organic part of the solar system.

The four, claiming that emphasizes the recognizability of the solar system, coordinated by the design, development and architecture balcony railing (or window awning) the same geometry of the architecture building systems integrating solar collection device, and form a new uniform-balcony (or window) solar-and heating systems.

Solar energy product needs improvement

Solar energy and building integration essay though early, problem-solving and improvement will be difficult and very slow.

China solar energy is typical of encircling the cities from the rural routes, we took 30 years, so that a single product across the roof across the countryside, facing the surging property market has long impregnable, eventually took, and exposes a lot of problems. “The tank, take up less space and exclusion; the second four-stage heat, heat-sink effect, the water temperature is low; installation point requirements, affecting the facade; shorter life spans and the water tank leaks; media must be replaced every two years, or system crash; top water mixer, effect shower. “The delegates said the survey results. According to polling data, building integrated Department of Tianjin Institute of architectural design and green building design mainly includes three aspects: “1. the appearance of integration, 2. piping distribution, 3. structural integration. “Needed to solve integration problems of solar products and innovation. (Source: 21st century solar Alliance network)

Original title: building integrated solar energy remains the “chronic” problem

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