By the end of 2013 national agricultural photovoltaic and Yue Kwong complementary projects approved up to 2.9GW

Polaris solar PV net news: more than half in the third quarter. Today, from the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (draft for soliciting opinions) released exactly one month from Wu xinxiong in jiaxing, the Secretary’s speech there for half a month, PV people eagerly look forward to the new deal. Distributed in the new deal, quite notable, and looks forward to their PV to agriculture and the fisheries provisions of the complementary project. Word of the Chinese PV agricultural work Committee: once policies issued, will boost PV installed capacity market in the second half of 2014, PV agricultural greenhouse’s identity is “righting” returns, the prospect of substantial! At this point, small series also share a set of agricultural data from PV and Yue Kwong complementary projects.

According to Xiao bian demanding statistics, by the end of 2013, the State has approved PV projects in agriculture and fishing light complementary projects amounts to 2897MW (including 13 provinces and the Xinjiang production and construction Corps, see table below). Among them, the 1810MW agricultural photovoltaic projects, fisheries and light complementary project 1088MW.

Due to its unique geographical advantages of Inner Mongolia, is an agricultural province with PV development of the province’s agricultural photovoltaic projects approved reached 1024MW, accounting for as much as half the total project volume.

According to statistics, fisheries and light complementary projects in Jiangsu, Ningxia Hui autonomous region and Shandong province. Among them, more than 1GW of Yue Kwong mutual complement of Jiangsu Province, than for more than 90%.

Small finds, including agricultural photovoltaic and Yue Kwong complementary projects in 88 projects, mostly in 2013 project approval, State-owned enterprises and private enterprises have accounted for more than. Electricity price to 1-1.25/w. In 2011, two photovoltaic projects in agriculture in Jiangsu Province (Feng Hui photovoltaic energy limited 3.8MW new factory roof PV power station projects in agriculture, Hui, Feng Ze photovoltaic energy 20MW new agricultural plant roof PV) electricity price of 2.4 trillion yuan of/w.

2014 provincial development and Reform Commission approved the project there is no announcement is expected in the third quarter.

Original title: by the end of 2013, approved by the State agricultural photovoltaic and Yue Kwong complementary projects 2.9GW

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