Camel Big Makeover: transform solar energy mini fridge (pictured)

Polaris solar PV net news: Kenya camel were recently put on a “strange” environment-friendly refrigerators! As part of the plans camel mobile clinics, some African countries began a camel “wear” on the solar-powered mini fridge. The program organizers hope the environmentally friendly way to cheap and reliable transport for Kenya and Ethiopia’s rural areas, transporting local badly needed medicines and vaccines.

Over the past decade, in addition to some inaccessible areas, nomadic Community Trust Fund is already in Kenya’s Laikipia and Samburu use camels as mobile clinics. Although the camel convoy, cost effective, could cross the road the harsh desert regions, but until now they have no way to transport need to refrigerate medicines and vaccines. In 2005, the nomadic Community Trust Fund and the Art Center College of design in California and Princeton University’s materials science and Technology Research Institute, jointly designed a lightweight, solar-powered refrigerator, the refrigerator can be strapped to the camels ‘ backs used to transport medicines and vaccines that require cold storage.

Mini fridges are packed in a handy tenacity of bamboo in the camel’s saddle, camels can carry it easily through the harsh desert environment. Refrigerator covered with Crystal solar panels to provide energy for the generator of a refrigerator, and can also provide sources of electricity for lighting at night.

Mariana says, Executive Director of the Art Center College of design in California, the plan’s budget only a few thousands of dollars, so in order to save money, designers started with the camels in the Bronx Zoo in New York checking device, saving the trips to Kenya the cost of.

Recently this solar-powered refrigerators are Kenya and Ethiopia on the llama tested, but Mariane Pearl said the device could be allowed to walk camels of any rural community. If the plan is to raise more funds, will be fully operational by 2010 and universal. Currently only in Laikipia and Samburu districts, there are 300,000 people could not enjoy moving the clinic bailout, so let us pray these environmentally-friendly refrigerators are able to get enough money to support it.

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