, Changzhou Trina exported us $ 671 million for the first

Polaris solar PV net news: under the complex and volatile situation in the international market, Changzhou PV industry strong contrarian, in January-June this year, photovoltaic industrial park, Changzhou exports of 1.133 billion dollars, an increase of 20.1%, in which Trina exported us $ 671 million, an increase of 60.91%, head of the city’s exporting enterprises.

This year, the United States once again started on the PV industry in China “double reverse” investigation, many PV companies exports. In unfavourable circumstances, photovoltaic PV manufacturers remain at full capacity within the industrial park, capacity utilization than 90%. Trina solar module production over the first half of 1.7GW shipments 1.59GW GCL solar added 25 slicing machine, wafer shipments 730MW, is expected to produce 400 million silicon wafer. Park within the PV industry average monthly sales growth rates remain above 30%, 8 leading PV manufacturers achieve industrial sales of 9.5 billion yuan, an increase of 40%. Trina in January-June, the sales revenue of 8.1 billion yuan, an increase of 54%, with June sales of 2.3 billion yuan, up 100% May; GCL solar in January-June, achieved an output value of 1.28 billion yuan, an increase of 140.16%.

Output growth at the same time, construction projects proceed apace. Total investment $ 89.77 million Trina technical projects involving silicon, cells, modules, such as the section amounted to 33, progress so far has been more than half. Trina solar has successfully acquired the wujin district, Hubei, Yancheng, PV enterprises, accelerate industry consolidation by merger and reorganization.

Future several months, domestic market distributed station will appeared Rob loaded boom, Changzhou PV industry Park will encourages Park within PV Enterprise caught market opportunities, preemption more market share; international market Shang, to days collection light for leading of PV enterprise will hold mission heating, active should v, towards favourable trade environment, while active expand African, and Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and Latin America, emerging market, participation, and investment abroad station construction and system service.

Aiming established industry agglomeration Park target, PV industry Park also will seriously Combs perfect Park PV industry chain, effective promoted PV fill chain strong chain, accelerated vertical integration PV full industry chain to downstream application expand, focus expand PV station, and distributed new energy, and smart grid, System integrated field of project and follow-up service merchants, encourages Terminal products enterprise from component, products manufacturing to station construction, and system service direction extends. While grasping the industry restructuring opportunities and encourage TRW, GCL backbone enterprises to go global, such as merger and acquisition, speed up industry consolidation, low cost, high expansion.

Original title: Trina photovoltaic industrial park export us $ 671 million of the city’s first

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