Chinese film broken road of 30.8% industrialization of photovoltaic solar energy conversion rates or breakout

Polaris solar PV net news: from the EU “double reverse” has for two years, but it sort of protectionist tendencies of the Chinese PV industry, there are still obstacles.

In this context, photovoltaic companies upgrade is especially important, turning to emerging markets such as China and Latin America to develop thin-film technology, PV enterprises to break the anti-circumvention investigation is in the long run.

On August 13, PV hanergy holding Group announces completion of merger and acquisition of enterprises United States Arta equipment company (AltaDevices, below referred to as the “Arta”). Through this acquisition, who has the highest conversion rate of thin-film solar technology–gallium arsenide (GaAs), flexible thin-film technology for efficient, leading-edge technology to further enhance Hina.

Hanergy holding Group Chairman Li Hejun believes that this technology through acquisitions, Chinese thin film solar cell efficiency breakthrough reached 30.8%, become a world record for the highest conversion rate of thin-film solar cell technology.

The fourth acquisition

“Hina relying mainly on its own in thin-film solar technology research and development and acquisitions to improve conversion rates. “Li Hejun said.

Reportedly, o, Tower is world leading of film solar technology producer, production world Shang conversion efficiency Supreme of flexible arsenic of gallium (GaAs) solar tablets, produced of effectiveness than global volume produced of silicon technology improve 8%,, than polysilicon high out 10%; same area Xia, its produced of effectiveness can up General flexible solar of 2 to 3 times times, can for widely of mobile power application provides support.

United States national renewable energy laboratory accreditation, Alta single junction solar cell efficiency 28.8%, dual-junction solar cell efficiency to 30.8%, this is world record for the highest conversion rate of thin-film solar cell technology.

In fact, starting from 2012, and can speed up the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions.

At present, who has mastered amorphous silicon, amorphous silicon-germanium-silicon, Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium 7 thin-film technology, thin-film solar module production conversion rate has reached 15.5%, research and development has reached 18.1% highest conversion rates.

In 2012, 2 hanergy Holdings Group acquired Germany q-cells subsidiaries, Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar manufacturer Solibro. The company’s Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar modules has the world’s highest conversion efficiency, laboratory the highest conversion rate now stands at 18.1%.

In 2013, the Chinese will have acquired two photovoltaic technology from overseas companies, the acquisition became the Han in the fourth challenge of technological lines.

In this regard, said Li Hejun, flexible, thin-film technology is the future of PV industry development and the total trend. As the foreign technology acquisition completed, Hina flexible thin-film solar modules will begin mass production, which will significantly speed up the transformation and upgrading of China PV industry for Chinese solar PV Application market opens up new horizons.

This reporter learned that, from 2012, the EU against Chinese pair of crystalline silicon caused great shock in the market, looking for clean energy becomes a hot topic in this context, Han can boost its own thin-film technology research, development and innovation capability, through the integration of the world’s leading thin film technology continues to expand competitive advantage, enhance the efficiency of the use of clean energy and applications.

Future, Han can will continues to keep international, and domestic market both of development strategy, in deepening PV building integration (BIPV), and flexible roof, and households with power, and car application, existing business of while, through and o, Tower of technology integration, active pioneering in consumption class electronic equipment, as phone emergency charging, and remote exploration, and car, and real networking, mobile power field of business development.

Industrialization problem

Although fourth merger and acquisition has been achieved, but in the end is able to industrialization of advanced foreign technology remains Han could face a challenge.

A PV industry researcher said, compared to foreign markets, domestic PV manufacturers are buying technology, but did not achieve quantified. “Many foreign technology and laboratory research phase, once you apply it in the real economy, there may be all kinds of discomfort, this is the place where companies need to pay attention. ”

In Chinese, for example, as of now, who already owns the world’s most advanced technology of 4 lines, but does not realize the true area of quantitative production, which causes some discomfort the Chinese domestic environment.

However, Li Hejun, seems to be just a matter of time. In acquiring Alta’s day, who have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with bird’s nest.

Under the agreement, who officially became the National Stadium (bird’s nest) strategic partners, the exclusive partner of clean energy technology. During the five-year cooperation period, who will take advantage of its advanced and cleaner energy technologies and constantly improve levels of environmental protection and energy saving in the National Stadium.

It is reported that, as of now, the bird’s nest has been organizing various kinds of large-scale shows over 150 games, and gradually realize the top brand, the routine play that game, the full realization of the venues every month has an active scene of prosperity.

“Cooperation with the bird’s nest, obtained through independent mergers and acquisitions and innovation the core technologies in the promotion of new energy industry accelerated forward on the path of reform and economic transition, to solving the bottleneck of China’s energy and environmental pressures,” said Li Hejun. At present, the Alta single junction GaAs thin film solar cells have already begun mass production. After the merger is completed, Arta, as a wholly-owned subsidiary as separate entities. Who will exploit the international market with Arta, enhancement and strategic cooperation among big clients.

Worth noting is that to support the domestic development of distributed PV, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board, national grid, and departments such as the State administration of taxation has issued a number of distributed PV rules, improve the system of distributed policy.

July 2013, the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions issued January 2014, the National Energy Board issued on issued PV 2014 years annual new building size: notice of proposed national PV record target of 2014 for 14 gigawatts, which distributed 8 GW, large power plants 6 GW.

March 2014, the national development and Reform Commission promulgated the programme for strengthening air pollution prevention and control work in the energy sector, further developed the distributed PV intermediate goals: 2015 to reach 20 gigawatts in 2017 to reach 35 gigawatts.

Original title: Chinese film broken road of 30.8% industrialization of photovoltaic solar energy conversion rates or breakout

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