Distributed PV market in China poised (graphic)

Polaris solar PV net news: since 2010, PV installed capacity in China has been showing rapid growth. In 2013, China also reached a record of 13GW, far ahead of other markets around the world. Energy Board 14GW machine quota for this year, under the guidance of our new PV installed capacity this year is expected to reach 12-14GW, and high growth over the next two years.

History of China PV installed capacity and prediction (GW)

Note: TGC= access the grid PV projects, PV projects DGC= access to the distribution network

Starting from the second half of 2013, China’s increased emphasis on distributed PV and distributed subsidies were introduced the new deal, and earlier this year identified the 8GW distributed quotas. Under the new subsidy policy, distributed PV achieving expected returns depend on a long-term, stable and high proportion of electricity (off-takerrisk), combined with the effects of other factors, promotion of distributed PV did not go smoothly.

At the Department of energy recently on implementing distributed photovoltaic-related policies in the draft, have proposed cannot guarantee that items for personal use can be implemented local PV benchmark price (FiT), and a series of support measures. We believe this policy formally launched, distributed PV will usher in greater development, and gradually more than centralized power plants after 2 years.

Original title: distributed PV market in China poised (graphic)

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