Dragon optical-half 742.8% is facing suspension risk

Polaris solar PV net news: Dragon photoelectric publish half-yearly report late Thursday said the 2014, loss of 53.8846 million yuan in net profit in the first half, down 742.8%; basic earnings per share loss of 0.27 Yuan per share.

Dragon photoelectric said due to the equipment of PV market demand, so fewer photovoltaic product sales. Sapphire market demand, Sapphire furnace sales to achieve slight growth.

Dragon photoelectric main photovoltaic equipment, in 2014, the main business is not a marked improvement, fewer sales, increased financial pressure. Dragon photoelectric insiders said, aims to turn a profit this year, is trying to drum up orders. However still not profitable during the reporting period.

Dragon optical in 2012 and 2013 for the second consecutive year of losses, 2014.5 annual losses of 53.8846 million Yuan. The company expects third-quarter loss before 2014 37 million ~4200 million. If the 2014 continued to lose money, its stock will likely be in 2014, annual report disclosure was suspended after listing.

Original title: Dragon optical-half 742.8% is facing suspension risk

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