Electric vehicles have the PV “gas station”

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday morning, the end of a pure electric vehicle charging, from Zhejiang Electric Cloud new energy photovoltaic charging stations for electric vehicles pulled out. Once upon a time, new energy vehicles was one of the more “distant” concept, now erected photovoltaic PV high-tech industrial park, jiaxing “filling station” for new energy vehicles to solve charging problem.

Zhejiang electric cloud in new energy photovoltaic recharging station reporters saw on each screen of the intelligent charging current charging mode, charging and charge the amount of relevant data at a glance.

“Charging process is the same as at the gas station to refuel, can charge by charge card or PayPal checkout. “Zhejiang Electric Cloud solar company official told a reporter,” endurance “on 250 km of pure electric vehicles where only 5 hours to fully charge.

According to reports, the electric vehicle charging station project invested 850,000 yuan, new energy generation installed capacity 20KW, 20KW˙h storage battery capacity, the annual average generating capacity of about 25000, electricity generated proceeds of about 15000, power station and can accommodate up to 4 EV charging.

When it comes to project highlights, head of the company said: “the low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and new energy power generation combined with the design concepts into the electric car is the highlight of this project for filling station, this pilot project demonstration, shifted the new energy electric vehicle charging station in the country to promote, thus boosting the rapid development of electric vehicle industry. ”

Of energy comes not just from photovoltaic charging stations, according to reports, the new energy electric vehicle charging station composed of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, energy storage battery, micro-grid control systems and intelligent charging sections, through the use of new energy generation or grid complementary way to recharge an electric car. “We are relying mostly on solar power charging station projects, but at this stage it’s not completely leaving the independent operation of the grid, grid support are needed to fully meet user demand for charging. Grid support to balance the demands of PV power supply and car-charging, especially up photovoltaic power supply of short boards. “The head of the Zhejiang Electric Cloud solar company said.

The head said, project of PV power used has 280KW high conversion efficiency polysilicon double glass component, wind power used has 2KW of wind machine, storage can system used has 20KW of storage can battery and BMS battery management system, through smart micro grid energy management control system achieved has on inverse variable device, and controller, and distribution grid, equipment of power information, and run State, and charging State for monitoring and management, and achieved and smart grid of seamless switch, achieved 24 hours not interrupted charging.

“This demonstration application can reduce electric car charging power system focused on the impact and influence, solve the problem of electric car charging effect on the power quality, and participate in the grid control, achieve two-way interaction with the network. “The head of the company said.

Original title: electric car with PV “gas station”

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