Energy “Thirteen-Five” plans emphasize maneuverability will be greater development space

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong, the national “Thirteen-Five” speech on energy planning work meeting published in full. Wu xinxiong said during the meeting, the “Thirteen-Five” period, China’s total consumption of energy and coal will continue to control policy. The “Thirteen-Five” Plan 2020 energy consumption control goals and specific implementation path; research initiatives to promote the development of non-fossil energy sources, as well as industrial, construction, transportation and other key measures in the area of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Plan out the door two years submitted to the State Council

“Different from the previous five-year plan, the ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ more pragmatic energy plan, emphasizing maneuverability. Not just ‘ plan out the door, part science planning ‘ approach, specialized research institutions, the public is invited to participate. Ensures that each index is also able to achieve plan, clearly defined responsibilities, has a specific time schedule, so that planning can be implemented better. “Xinhua School Vice President Lin boqiang, told reporters.

It is understood that in April of this year, National Energy Board delegates power planning and Design Institute, Chinese Academy of engineering, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources and other 16 research and consultation unit establishment of energy planning Advisory Group, as the energy planning of specialized support team. Using the news media, the Internet and other forms, inviting community as “Thirteen-Five” energy plan built to make suggestions, improving planning flexibility.

In the subsequent national energy Board organizational meeting of the “Thirteen-Five” Working Conference on energy planning, Wu xinxiong, planning to focus on nine issues fundamentally solve China’s energy development of the long-term, deep-rooted problems.

Among them, “vigorously promote energy conservation” place first, through scientific and rational use of energy, improve energy efficiency, and strictly control the excessive growth of energy consumption through “one cluster of dual-control” measures, pegged the value of energy consumption and economic growth, and excess of high energy-consuming industries and industrial energy consumption amount control constraint.

Eight other issues are: empowerment of domestic oil and gas supply, clean and efficient utilization of coal, increasing the share of renewable energy, safe nuclear power, expand international cooperation and strengthened oil substitution and stocked up on emergency capacity-building and deepening energy system reform, enhancing energy technology innovation capability.

Wu xinxiong, also revealed that “Thirteen-Five” energy plan to be completed in about two years, mainly to carry out preliminary work this year. By March 2016, the national energy development “Thirteen-Five” planning and drafting stages from March 2016 May 2016, energy development “Thirteen-Five plan” will be submitted to the State Council.

Energy efficient, economical use throughout

Wu xinxiong, introduction, present, the extensive pattern of energy use remains a serious problem. In 2013, China’s unit GDP energy consumption was 1.8 times the world average, United States 2.3 times and Japan 3.8 times, higher than Brazil, and Mexico and other developing countries. In the case of population and growing economy, if the continuation of the current way such an extensive use of energy, energy supply in China find it difficult to support.

“Especially in the last two years a growing smog problem, has sparked the thought of energy use. “The Institute of quantitative and technical economy of CASS Liu Qiang, Vice-Director of energy pointed out that, in order to control smog, take a lot of restrictions on energy use in China: coal, power, vehicle restrictions, such as limiting. “But energy’s top priority is security of supply and provide adequate, safe, clean and efficient energy, rather than limiting energy use. ”

“Take more scientific and rational way, clean and efficient use of energy is the core of the solutions. “Lin boqiang admits.

On April 18 this year, Premier Li keqiang in the first meeting of the new State Energy Commission is also explicitly required to promote energy production and consumption patterns change, set out on a clean, efficient, safe and sustainable energy development path. The Central Finance and Economics leading group meeting held June 13, XI Jinping, General Secretary is raise energy production and consumption to a “revolution” in height.

“For a long period in the future, coal as the main energy does not change, the clean and efficient use of coal resources is the cornerstone of ensuring energy security. “Wu xinxiong said that therefore, coal and power upgrade of energy saving and emission reduction action plan, steadily” coal to electricity “,” coal to gas “as an alternative reconstruction, actively promote the dual coal classification cascade utilization in order to improve the efficiency of coal utilization.

Renewable energy will be more space for development

Wu xinxiong said that due to the current low level of China’s new energy development and utilization, the proportion of non-fossil energy in total energy consumption was only 9.8%, so the “Thirteen-Five” period that will substantially increase the proportion of renewable energy.

It is understood that the new energy plan, hydro, wind, solar and other renewable energies will have a larger space for development–by 2020, to hydroelectric installed capacity reached about 350 million kW, wind power and photovoltaic power installed capacity of more than 200 million and 100 million-kilowatt, respectively.

Wind power development in the first half of this year, the national wind power new grid-connected capacity 6.32 million-kilowatt, cumulative grid-connected capacity of 82.77 million-kilowatt, an increase of 23%, extending a 2013-year rapid growth trend, continues to maintain 20% pace.

First half of 2014 national new PV on-grid capacity 3.3 million-kilowatt, about 100% than a year ago. When cumulative kWh photovoltaic power generation by about 11 billion-kilowatt, an increase of more than 200%.

Judging from the data, though national grid-connected renewable energy added capacity is greatly increased in the first half, but still fall for the intended target. One pundit told reporters, taking into account factors such as file size management, incorporation process, new grid-connected capacity in the second half will be much higher than the first half.

It is worth mentioning that, Wu xinxiong, proposed, to adhere to both centralized and distributed, the development of distributed PV as an important means to advance the revolution in energy production and consumption in China.

However, for renewable energy, especially wind power, photovoltaic, desert wind, abandon light phenomena has been the rapid development and grid connection problems cannot be effectively solved, struggling for renewable energy development.

Wu xinxiong said that to strengthen the power grid planning, positive development of smart grid and scientific arrangement in peak load, frequency, energy storage capacity effectively abandoned, abandoning the wind problem.

Original title: energy “Thirteen-Five” plans emphasize maneuverability will be greater development space

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