EU will not perform SolarWorld charges China PV trade violations

Polaris solar PV net news: EU Trade Committee said in an interview, said that its EUProSun will be performed and SolarWorld referred to it, which show evidence of violations of EU and China price undertakings material of the allegations made.

The agreement set a minimum import price (MIP) and the annual import quotas. Do not follow China will suffer punitive tariffs of 47.6%.

In June, the EUProSun revealed that it had submitted evidence to the Committee, which implicated many top component manufacturer in China.

EU Trade Commission spokesman in an interview with reporters, said the materials cannot be used.

She said: “we can confirm that the EUProSun recently submitted information about a case in which alleged breach of promise in solar panels. However, the allegations relative to the EUProSun, this information is very limited. Violation of these allegations are far from reasonable evidence. Only on the basis of evidence of the Commission to act. ”

She said: “the Commission enables a variety of sources, continuously monitor compliance with trade defence measures, including price undertakings. Monitoring activities cover a range of activities, including the analysis of trade flows and on site visits to the exporter and its related importer. ”

“With regard to the latter, we can confirm that the first round of on-site verification visits home to the exporting producers in China in July. Since then, visits to their importers in the EU. At this stage, no conclusive findings. If the EU considers there is sufficient evidence in support of these measures being to avoid, they open anti-circumvention investigation may be required. ”

EUProSun Milan·nizixike, Chairman of SolarWorld Vice (MilanNitzschke) engaged to initiate anti-circumvention investigation programmes.

He said in an interview with Xinhua: “the Chinese are using a variety of methods to avoid, there is reason to initiate anti-circumvention cases as soon as possible. “But he was not sure this is coming.

He added: “We appreciate visits by the European Commission to investigate violations of the MIP Protocol, but due to large quantities of Chinese goods in EU trade well below the minimum price, absolutely no doubt that irregularities are occurring. ”

Nizixike warned: “with fake labels of origin in other countries have been trans-customs investigation of solar products in China. For importers great risks involved in such transactions. “He added that current advance notice of inspection system is not appropriate.

He said: “is necessary, for the purposes of the EU, not only to make notice of inspection visits, there is no notice of inspection visits. China will not be stupid enough in investigating before they could reach their company, not cleaning up their books. ”

Trina (TrinaSolar), LDK LDK (LDKSolar) as well as jinko (JinkoSolar) is confirmed by EUProSun appears in the list of enterprises.

Jinkosolar European Director fulanke·ningduofu (FrankNiendorf), told Xinhua in an interview, said the company was in compliance with the Commission’s investigation.

He admitted: “I’ve seen the evidence list, EUProSun. Some examples are very strange, and not very well argued. For example, Switzerland dealers to price below the MIP product. Switzerland is not part of the EU, so perfectly legal. Some illustrations in full compliance with the price undertakings, others may be closer to the edge. ”

“The ATP has some of our peers and EU inspection at our headquarters in mid-July. As far as I know in the ATP check found no evidence. As far as I know we haven’t found anything any peer. They really investigate us open books, reviews are positive. ”

Niendorf also stressed that many solar companies in compliance will be difficult to conceal key information.

He said: “we are talking about the United States stock market-listed companies, they must follow global accounting standards. Brussels with full transparency. From an accounting point of view, hide those things are impossible. In a book like this, the complaint will be immediately listed EUProSun see. I think some of the complaints are forced. ”

Original title: EU will not perform SolarWorld charges China PV trade violations

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