EU’s “anti-circumvention” hustle up the new daylight statement did not assist the manufacturers in China

Polaris solar PV net news: China solar industry reports last week that the EU would be for Chinese exports to Europe solar products are “anti-circumvention” investigating a matter, said today more wars, Taiwan, and Japan and Malaysia will also be investigated. New daylight to make statements, does not assist the manufacturers in China with “anti-circumvention” behavior.

Because the factory just before the United States Department of Commerce slapped a hefty anti-dumping duties than you intended, making Taiwan solar energy sector jittery if another EU taxation, would lengthen the industrial layout and reorganization measures. Factories involved in assisting China to avoid “limit-limit”, and could face European Union “the anti-circumvention investigation”, a new Sun put forward a four-point instructions and clarifications:

New daylight never helping mainland firms engaging in so-called “anti-circumvention” behavior.

New batteries of the solar output to Europe to “direct selling” to European customers for the bulk.

According to the European Union on Chinese anti-dumping law stipulates that if mainland manufacturers to buy Taiwan battery assembling components for resale to Europe land components, there would still be the lowest price limit, so in effect the mainland manufacturers and no commercial incentive to act.

If there are unscrupulous operators to assist mainland manufacturers to switch labels, and belongs to the individual manufacturers as illegal, and not involved in the company.

The EU has not yet been made officially, on “the anti-circumvention investigation” of the details remain to be clarified.

Original title: EU’s “anti-circumvention” hustle up the new daylight statement did not assist the manufacturers in China

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