Experts: PV 35GW next year half of distributed PV

Polaris solar PV net news: new energy by China electric power energy converter technology research director Bo Wednesday said is expected in 2015 target 35GW of PV, distributed PV PV total installed capacity of more than 19GW;2020 years 50GW, distributed PV installed capacity 27GW.

Bo said that 2013 distributed PV new capacity 800,000-kilowatt, total installed capacity of around 3.1 million-kilowatt, 500,000-kilowatt/first half of 2014.

Bo said, large-scale grid-connected distributed generation will be faced with a series of questions and relay protection on distribution network planning, distribution systems, power quality, power grid dispatching operation impact.

Press Conference was held on August 13, “the third China International Conference on energy storage and smart micro grid energy storage technology and application Forum” on access to such information.

Original title: experts: PV 35GW next year half of distributed PV

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