Frequency of distributed PV demonstration area “zero” malicious competitive breakthrough profit bottom line

Polaris solar PV net news: 4th seminar of the National Energy Council, further promoting the development of distributed PV. Reporters recently in Wuxi, Nantong, two first national demonstration zone of distributed PV interviews found that Governments and businesses are fully aware of the significance of this layout, but in the process remain multiple barriers to progress than expected. Stakeholders recommended that further raise barriers to entry, optimized financing platforms, enhancing power grid support, demonstration zone of experience spread out into a “prairie fire”. In addition also with the integration of new town planning to achieve in large power plants and distributed generation in the East of the West go hand in hand.

“It’s hard to profit” remains a demonstrations area maximum constraints

Compared with the large power stations, distributed PV realizes every building, every piece of suitable land, diversification of production, use, particularly suitable for limited land resources, relatively high electricity prices, industrial size larger in the East, can improve the energy structure, and will also become a new growth point of China PV industry. August 2013, the National Energy Board issued on application of distributed PV demonstration area construction notice, determine the first batch of 18 demonstration garden.

As one of the first pilot, Nantong economic and technological development zone project by zhongtian photovoltaic technology limited implementation. Reporters learned that the company had in industrial plants, office buildings, public buildings roof construction of photovoltaic power generation system, cumulative installed capacity of 11.65 MW to date, from the perspective of project signed in 2014, will be completed by the end of 80 MW total installed capacity, in 2015 the 150-megawatt demonstration project.

“Our progress is slower than expected, but in 18 Park good, related departments in the first half when the checks, some Park ‘ zero ‘. “Nantong Sun Xing said the Director of energy transportation, 150 MW in Nantong in the demonstration zone around large scale, in the process of the biggest constraint continues to be” difficult to profit “.

As principal owner of the Nantong model project, transit technology group limited Director Cao Hongbin told reporters the new energy industry chain, distributed PV return on investment risk, there are several reasons: lower rates a spontaneous personal use. Some 1-2 day off per week, plus statutory holidays and annual maintenance time, averaging less than 75% spontaneous use of enterprise. Second, electricity prices low for public buildings. Resources for schools, hospitals, Government and other public roof, good project implementation conditions, but the lower tariff charges, local absorptive photovoltaic electricity prices industry electricity price gap between relatively greater, even electricity price gains. During the third power station operations factors beyond their control. More power station 25-year lifetime of variables, providing roofs enterprise business risk, aging, sustainable and stable effect of photovoltaic power to dissolve or even power outage due to the relocation.

Wuxi demonstration district of demonstration scale is 50 MW, progress also than expected, its head and Cao Hongbin, are proposed, national demonstration District more is exploration experience, temporarily not profit is in expected within, let they confused of is another two a problem: first, demonstration district both inside and outside of electric price subsidies standard are is each kWh 0.42 Yuan, other the policy also basic as, addition, although half progress more slow, but recently of PV power construction and industry development symposium proposed, to insisted completed annual PV target, Also means that usher in the period of intensive construction in the second half.

Cao Hongbin told reporters that countries intensive support policy for industry is a good thing, but need to be alert to a further bout of distributed PV competition, after all, quality roofing resources limited, and Rob banks without cost when an iron grip. In fact there are such signs, and roofing business negotiations, according to the General regulations of the State can be 10% off, but the model district enterprises 85 percent or 83 percent, which broke through the distributed profit line, which belongs to the competition.

“Downstairs to dissolve” to “dissolve” the required threshold several

Demonstration area of Nantong, Wuxi has a certain universality. China’s hydroelectric design and Research Institute of Water Conservancy in May reported, though to various provinces and cities in China earlier this year distributed annual construction guide universal large scale, but the speed is also far from ideal, facing low yields and difficulties in finding, financing difficulties and recording, the roof load cannot guarantee long-term stability, and many other issues.

Many from members of the industry, from the development of the 18 pilot projects, distributed PV in actual operation there are three main aspects of the problem. First, the tariff billing and recovery more difficult. Current investors and the companies directly to settle electricity bills, there are many factors beyond their control, electric company of poor management or reputation are not high electricity bills in arrears, lack of legal constraints, and termination of electricity companies after the power still available to purchase from the Internet, is not conducive to power plant investment recovery Fund.

Second, roofing resources difficult to implement. After survey row touch, meet “load full”, and “power spontaneous use 90% above”, and “25 enterprise operating status good”, and “electric price reasonable”, all conditions of quality roof resources less, basic meet conditions of roof owners in chat in the and on whether produced security, and anti-leak, problem exists more concerns, participation enthusiasm not high, especially some SOE, internal program complex, communication difficult. There are some companies, proceeds on the roof the asking price is too high, it is difficult to implement.

Third, the financing is still not perfect. “Because previous lessons, many banks for PV is still scared. “Cao Hongbin said that 18 demonstration area said CDB has support, but how clear and how progress there are no rules. Zhongtian technology rests entirely on the Group’s liquidity was doing demonstration projects currently invested 120 million Yuan, 80 megawatts expected to invest 640 million, “If there is no better investment platform, too much pressure on the company. ”

Reporter understanding to, distributed PV power operations mode is “spontaneous use, and allowance Internet, and near elimination na, and grid regulation”, in must regional within formed “near elimination NA” is ideal of status, but due to above several obstacles, currently also no enterprise can achieved “near elimination NA”, basically only do “downstairs elimination NA”, next must improve elimination na proportions and development benefits.

New town into promote new opportunities

Cao Hongbin, who believes that countries are gradually distributed PV policy, believe existing barriers will be gradually solved, the recommendation is to adhere to “step away” before the institutional mechanisms for straightening out to avoid a “step too far”, should be in accordance with the “model to explore-universal-expanded to more enterprises using” steps forward, and in a number of ways to improve.

One is the diversity of investors. Cao Hongbin said, distributed PV was mainly propelled by the National Energy Board, use the lever to adjust, but only so far enough. Hoping to combine provincial and municipal energy conservation standards, increase the amount of distributed PV market and, in addition, for high energy-consuming, distributed PV installations for power supply enterprises should explicitly use the indicators, and as one of the assessment criteria, which made investors more diversified, for example Central enterprises, members of the State-owned enterprises, there are sources of foreign-funded enterprises.

Second is the enterprise “wide temper justice with mercy”. While to improve entered threshold, let real has responsible, and has capacity of enterprise to do, after all distributed PV profit General to 78, if only is wants to using offers policy, and “earned a put on go”, such of enterprise came in more has, is may again appeared Qian years PV of lessons, on the, for real concentrate on do distributed PV of enterprise, recommends as soon as possible refinement national of support policy, place also can introduced related supporting facilities.

Third, further enhancing power grid support. Building intelligence within the distribution network is to achieve regional “absorptive” condition. Research on grid-connected distributed generation and control of key technologies and applications to address new energy security and management problems with the access to the distribution network, flexible access to achieve energy security. A case study of State grid, Jiangsu provincial power company, and now it is focused on creating a first-class distribution network, the “mind power, saving money, green” goals.

In order to better promote the development of distributed PV, many industry insiders also can be combined with the new urbanization. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of electrical engineering the original Li Anding told reporters that rich solar energy resources, and land costs are lower in Western, vigorously developing large power stations, in contrast, in Central and Eastern provinces such as Jiangsu, the new urbanization of distributed PV provides a new space.

Li Anding says, currently in planning of new town construction in China still mainly rely on State-building, in the older ways of transmission, not combined with the new energy industry. In the old town development and construction of distributed PV benefits Division problems, more difficult to implement, and the construction of new towns does not exist such a barrier. Encouraging urbanization construction distributed in photovoltaic systems in new and exemplary construction plays a leading role, be prepared to summarize and advocacy, providing references for the construction of other new towns.

Original title: barrier breaking, distributed PV demonstration Park should be “small steps”

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