Guangxi Wuzhou residents first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation successfully (figure)

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 7, wanxiu district Dong Zhen Fu Dian, Wuzhou city, four residents of the village Mr Peng Jiabin distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project successfully installed, marks the first residents in Wuzhou distributed photovoltaic project was born. The project with total investment of 50,000 yuan, generating a total capacity of 6-kilowatt. For traditional energy conservation, environmental protection, promotion of new energy sources will play a positive role model, has universal value.

At the foot of Baiyun mountain of photovoltaic power generation

“When someone’s home without electricity, because her family can also automatically start the off-grid Electrical storage devices to meet the infrastructure including lighting, refrigerators, fans, fish tank air pump power required. He could not take into the grid, and sold to the State, so that works out to, is environmentally friendly and save money, serve two purposes. “Said Mr Peng Jiabin, photovoltaic power stations working principle is very simple, as long as the installation area of the roof to meet electricity demand, generally do not have other factors affect the installation.

Peng Jiabin accounts: annual sunshine time of 2,920 hours in Wuzhou city, according to operating at full capacity, when annual output of 17,520-kilowatt, except for personal use when electricity 1560-kilowatt available grid capacity is 15,960-kilowatt. Electricity generated by power subsidies, subsidy standards for electricity price per kilowatt ˙ am 0.42 Yuan (including tax) for personal use than electricity purchased at Guangxi’s new benchmark coal price, sell electricity every time he is about 0.8 million dollars back in under 5.5 years, “benefits of about 1247 Yuan a month. ”

Network technician inspected before

According to introduced, this project built in Peng Mr home roof about accounted for 40 square meters, points 2 group, by 24 block quality PV component constitute, used domestic latest PV technology, through PV Board, and inverse variable device, system device, stream to endothermic transmission, will solar change for power, DC electric to Exchange electric, issued of power in meet family using outside, remaining of electric can conveying to grid.

Measurement parameters

Wuzhou power supply Bureau officials said, the PV project is run over for spontaneous use online, on-grid residents will enjoy subsidies of State policy, if you have installed photovoltaic power generation, both for environmental protection to make a copy of his own strength, and increase income, do both.

Up to now, the Wuzhou power supply Bureau has accepted distributed photovoltaic installation project 2, volume 12-kilowatt power generating equipment.

Original title: Guangxi Wuzhou residents first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation successfully

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