Hanwha Q CELLS plans expansion

Polaris solar PV net news: headquartered in Germany hanwha QCELLS (HanwhaQCELLS) has revealed that expansion plans beyond 1.5GW the end of the year.

The company said its hope that through a combination of new production lines in existing factories and efficiency measures, improving the capacity of approximately 1.1GW.

In Malaysia, the company said, which is nearing completion of its new 204MW product line, which will make its main producer of Cyberjaya’s ability to operate up to 1.1GW.

Meanwhile, hanwha QCELLS, said it also aims to implement “manufacturing excellence program” to improve the Malaysia and smaller Germany factory output, respectively, to raise its output to 200MW and 30MW.

Flourished in QCELLS2014 first half of the year, supported by, the proposed increase to achieve, the company says, it has shipped 593MMW, up 68% from a year earlier.

Jin Xi喆, Chief Executive, said: “hanwha QCELLS to further expand its strong position in the international PV market. In our high-quality PV products and solutions under the background of rising global demand, we will further improve our national capacity. ”

In view of its Europe and Malaysia country of origin, if later this year to pass the United States to China and Taiwan impose tough solar imports preliminary anti-dumping and countervailing duties, hanwha QCELLS will become one of the beneficiaries.

However, even if the announced capacity expansion impossible enough to hanwha QCELLS take full advantage of the ensuing United States massive rise in demand.

However, the company’s latest expansion plans on behalf of QCELLS brand reversal of fortune in 2012, when the Korea Han hua group to acquire the bankrupt Germany company, the brand was rescued.

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