Hefei PV chaos: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

Polaris solar PV net news: to build China’s first photovoltaic application city, Hefei has promulgated a policy to accelerate PV promotion, which will build PV rooftop has become “scarce resources”. In order to “Rob” the roof, some companies compete on price, others hoarded resources roof, half don’t even start. In order to stop the chaos, Hefei city has worked out a policy was first established in high-tech zone in the city’s management is responsible for the roof of the specialized agencies.

Roof has become “scarce resources”

“Now we are short of the roof. “Yesterday, a photovoltaic operators charge Mr Guo told reporters in Hefei, Hefei city of hope to build China’s first photovoltaic applications, which for two years has promulgated a policy support, has attracted a number of enterprises to join the roof PV power station construction,” but the roof is limited, now has become a scarce resource. “Mr Guo says, not all are suitable for building the roof PV power station,” must first have a larger area, there is no shelter, there must also be a certain amount of load-carrying capacity, or can’t afford the top of the plants. “In the end, photovoltaic operators but also for roof rights people do some assessment,” some enterprises even if there were suitable for the roof, but not business, we dare not, afraid of doing a year or two, the enterprise does not survive, the risk is big. ”

Half a year has failed to commence

Roofs can bring benefits, and may benefit back bigger and bigger, but so many suitable roof, photovoltaic operators started on the roof, “staking”. This reporter learned that, after few photovoltaic operators get a roofing resources, there is no contract to start construction, roof rather than hoard, some even store for six months did not start.

A PV industry source told reporters, which does great harm, “it’s like after some developers took land, does not start for several years, like roof enclosure is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, some want to build a photovoltaic power plant operators will not get urgently needed roofing resources, the results don’t get built, wants to build production can’t. ”

Price wars led to cut-throat competition

In order to get roofing resources, a small number of carriers also took out the underhand means, is fighting a price war. Calculation of Hefei city, in accordance with the Committee through a letter, taking into account the current technical condition of photovoltaic power generation, State-subsidized policies cost, payback period and reasonable profits and other factors, the city contract energy management investment and operation of photovoltaic power generation projects, preferential price should not be lower than 90 percent. In other words, operators from the roof roof owners get built after the power station, to the roof owner’s price offer is not lower than 90 percent.

But in practice, a small number of operators to offer 80 percent, 70 percent, prices, some even lower than 50 percent. Hefei city department head told reporters, this is a rough and tumble of the market competition, completely at odds with the laws of the market.

New policy measures to manage roof

In order to stop this trend makes more healthy development of PV industry, Committee through a letter requested the development zone of Hefei city, the industrial park will set up institutions, collection and investment of resources is responsible for the roof, allowing the roof to better resource allocation. This reporter has learned, has taken the lead in setting up hi-tech zones, development zones are also in the pipeline.

In addition, the Committee through a letter, Hefei has also issued a notice, formal recognition of preferential margin of electricity price shall not be lower than 90 percent, curbing unfair competition “price war”. For enclosure of not going to work, Committee through a letter also issued a request, all distributed PV from the date of filing, within 3 months must be substantial construction, grid-connected within 6 months must be completed, otherwise it will cancel the registration qualifications, no regular grid, are not included in the scope of support.

Resources in order to encourage more companies to take out the roof, Hefei city, earlier this month introduced a new support policy, decided to give the roof owner subsidies, individual items of up to 600,000 yuan, the same roof rights rewards of up to 1 million people.


Roof is attractive for photovoltaic operators interested in related to roof can bring benefits. Committee through a letter head used to be posted in Hefei city, business investment of 8 million Yuan, completed a 1 million watts of photovoltaic power plants, can produce 1 million degrees per year. If electricity is 700,000, that year electricity charges saved five hundred thousand or six hundred thousand. In addition, 300,000 kWh of electricity online, at 0.41 Yuan/kg charges, is 120,000 dollars. In addition, the country also 0.45 Yuan/kWh subsidy, Hefei 0.25 Yuan/kWh subsidy, adding up to 700,000, deduct certain taxes there are many.

Original title: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

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