Install individual photovoltaic systems to urban management department consent?

Polaris solar PV net news: lingji years when a lot of community property owners because the installation of solar water heaters and big legal battles. ||||

In October 2006, Shanghai huahai property prevents you from installing solar-powered by a landlord to court, owner won the final judgment of the Court, the property has no right to interfere with the rights of property owners to install solar. After a series of cases were exposed in various provinces have introduced policies to encourage and support the installation of solar water heaters and even parts of the provision makes it clear that “property not to obstruct.” In market promotion, public support for convenient life and Government in front of each property’s appearance, uniform, security problems can be resolved one by one.

Now, another solar system–solar photovoltaic power is rising and growing very fast, however, as with the original solar water heaters, in the first step in applying for the installation of ordinary people ran into resistance.

On July 22, the Xinmin evening news ran an article entitled the photovoltaic plant is “illegal structures”? The article, reported Shanghai hangtou owners installed solar photovoltaic power generation systems are blocking the property of the event. This article articles caused has many users of warm concern, many industry persons have message: “PV first to get Chengguan of recognized, or to China Chengguan of fighting of strong, residents PV power hard”, and “in PV industry both inside and outside are is embarrassing of situation Xia, hopes various specification measures as soon as possible introduced”, and “so PV policy support not parsnips, also is to implementation” etc. Also pointed out that the owners property block because she occupy places in the garden to build photovoltaic module, “mounted PV is good, but also not be greedy and a roof with a large load in a large, not disguised as unauthorised. ”

In order to better understand the truth of the incident and developments, the author contacted the event–the hero of women, his community’s property manager and Ms Hite to install solar photovoltaic power generation system (Shanghai) co Joe Baker of new energy technologies for specific situations. It is reported that on August 4, the lady has consulted with residential property once again, property allowed to wish her good luck in roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, but forbid their installation in the garden, while ladies feel electricity, only install the roof area is not big enough, still hoping to build photovoltaic modules both in their own gardens. Both sides negotiated without success, the project stalled yet again.

Client perspective: do you own PV systems can be installed in the garden?

Now we look at the position of each party in this incident:

Woman: now stopped. Help me installing solar PV systems company is looking for relevant policies to support, and I also understand the relevant policies, to seek from the relevant Department of the. We are also a private area in the garden, the installation does not affect the other owners as much as possible. In addition, I, neighbours, as well as property and talk again, hoping to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Property: first of all our national policies are supportive, countries advocate new energy photovoltaic development we also know that we know that PV is clean energy, relative to conventional energy, PV now belong to new things, many owners don’t understand that if the owners raise objection, we must fulfill our property to coordinate. Second, if you just installed on the roof and adjacent property owners there are no objections, we will support, but if you need built in the garden, “steel” to install, the owners should first obtain the consent of urban management and other related sectors. Third, in the face of something new, we are also learning and discussion as soon as possible, but you also need the relevant rules for implementation of the policy, can we perform better. In addition, we are now set to such a meeting, with a view to jointly decided by all owners to solve encountered similar situations in the future.

It is understood that the community there are two factory owners and also installed a photovoltaic system on the roof, the property manager said the two installation is no problem, but the two neighbors complained to the response property of the owners, they don’t know the PV, but heard about solar radiation, does not know whether it will cause harm to the human body, so now they don’t agree with. The owners felt that the community at the community’s roof is irregular, after installing PV systems not beautiful, so also objected to the installation.

Joe teacher: I wish her large amounts of electricity, capacity of 28-kilowatt photovoltaic system is installed, because not enough roof area, so it can only be installed in the garden of her home built solar frame. This is a 3 metre high PV mounting systems, and Grapevine, as strictly according to the installation standard installation is no problem, is part of the solar system. In fact, we also help owners installed a sun room at another neighborhood, as long as it is in their own homes is no problem in the region. Property permits, property in the prohibition, it depends. We are now trying to help ladies with this problem, and also representations and local urban management Department, Department of urban management to the Civic Center and housing license back. Now, we can only try to explain to the relevant authorities, try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Hope that Shanghai and Beijing, publishing policy rules as soon as possible to support distributed PV generation.

Related departments: administrative law enforcement Bureau for urban administration of Pudong detachment hangtou Squadron staff said “such a case had never been encountered before, current regulations of this thing was a blind spot, the lack of rules for the operation. “(The original sentence selected from the reports of the PV device is” illegal structures “? Expression of)

In addition to waiting for the relevant industry standards, what else can I do?

So far not solved is one of the reasons for installing photovoltaic systems will build a steel frame in the garden caused by disagreement. From the perspective of property, they just hope to get services for the owners of all about Garden (either public or exclusive) allows to build install need to local urban management department without authorization, on a rooftop photovoltaic system installation, had no objections as long as the owners of adjacent property also would not be opposed. Urban Management Department believes that villa owners over access to Garden only with no equity, should not be allowed to build in the garden, if the ban is illegal. And for the ladies, she felt his large amount of electricity, hoping PV installed capacity larger, part installation of PV modules in a unique garden area also did not affect the neighbors should occupy public land should be no problem.

Build solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems, of course, are not the same, whether city departments but also from beautiful safe garden setting, and other aspects of photovoltaic systems, and to make the final decision. A Netizen said “story used the roof of his home, photovoltaic industry will naturally like Germany that develops, but should not be deformed, destruction of urban planning, the development of private greed. ”

I asked whether the community will install water heater property replied simply follow the standard installation is no problem. “Standard” is the most should be the Centre of attention throughout the event. With solar energy, treatment is not the same, because industry standards did not elaborate and implement.

Property and urban management are aware of national support for distributed PV, but Shanghai distributed project management related Ordinances not issued, their public safety and support in various aspects can only seek a greater number of departments, and wait for the relevant policy. Properties in different way, installing PV systems for enterprises and individuals can only wait.

In recent days, held held in jiaxing distributed PV Conference, Energy Secretary, Wu xinxiong said: quality is the lifeline of distributed solar power projects, the standard is the guarantee of quality work. Local governments should set up mechanism for integrated and coordinated management of the construction and installation of PV, ensure the quality and safety of distributed generation projects. On July 29, the Beijing development and Reform Commission published the interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects in Beijing, before Beijing, Jiangsu Province, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Tianjin, nearly 10 provinces (municipalities) local management approaches have also been released.

This year, the National Energy Board issued 2014 PV machine planning, all new total record of 14GW (which distributed the 8GW, centralized power stations 6GW), distributed PV highly regarded by the unprecedented, and will gradually replace ground station as the focus of future development of the industry. Just landed with policy refinement and deepening of market adjustments, distributed PV power station will usher in a brand new development space. It is reported that the city of Shanghai has started the revision of the provisional administrative measures on solar photovoltaic projects in Shanghai.

Everything is ready, the East wind. In fact, apart from waiting for the relevant policies to solve industry problems, I think, in more comprehensive policy support prior to the arrival of the photovoltaic industry should also be prepared. Such as professional qualification management, sharing, such as cost control, and personnel training, such as providing more professional promotion and presentation to the ordinary residents (including application installation process and basic knowledge of universal) and so on.

Finally, I note want to install photovoltaic systems or to be personal, it must first obtain the consent of neighbors and property and apply again after a successful purchase of equipment installation, so as not to cause future problems. If you have neighbors ask your photovoltaic system on the human body electromagnetic radiation hazards? You can tell him: photovoltaic power generation system is based on the photovoltaic effect to convert solar energy into electricity, no pollution, no radiation. Inverters, switch and other electronic devices by EM (electromagnetic compatibility) tests, and therefore is not harmful to the human body.

Original title: installing individual photovoltaic systems to urban management department consent?

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