Intelligent instruments supporting the PV inverter PV equipment selection

Polaris solar PV net news: inverter is most important equipment of PV power station, is also capable of generating fundamental guarantee. Due to the large production of inverters manufacturers in China, how to evaluate through the practice of various inverter, and gradually form a photovoltaic device fittest competition mechanism, is the photovoltaic industry management need to focus on key issues.

By different manufacturers of inverter operating data for statistical analysis, we can see that device manufacturers to product quality, completely relying on human resources to complete the work, the workload is huge, but intelligent information management system for photovoltaic power generation easily gives the answer to the problem.

Design of the system in test results, evaluating efficiency photovoltaic modules, monitoring play an important role in the running of the inverter and plant equipment selection, plant for the future design of optimization provide valuable reference data.

To Qinghai province a,, and b two PV station for cases, after on the engineering of different manufacturers of 13 species models inverse variable device 4 months of actual run data for according to for analysis, found a, station conversion efficiency Supreme of inverse variable device average conversion efficiency can keep in 98.6% level, efficiency minimum of inverse variable device average conversion efficiency for 95.8%, both difference reached 2.8%, quite of big.

Environmental impact environmental radiation, air temperature, air pressure and other operation, the same model in different power conversion efficiency of the inverter is also quite different. Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively two a and b power stations average conversion efficiency of various models of the inverter.

For more popular 500kW inverter, if the conversion efficiency of 1%, in the best weather conditions, inverter nearly 25 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day are common, multiple 5300 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. Inverter conversion efficiency, the higher conversion efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system, the higher total system generating capacity loss is smaller, the higher economy. Therefore single rated capacity is the same as in the plant design should be preferred when high efficiency inverter.

PV intellectualization information management system gives the manufacturers of inverter is the actual conversion efficiency and provide the basis for future power plant equipment selection, design and optimization, but also for the development of PV device market provides strong data support.

Original title: intelligent information management system in hand, easily determine good or bad inverter

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