JA Solar’s improving component shipments goal

Polaris solar PV net news: main level integrated photovoltaic maker JA Solar holdings reports second quarter financial results on the target, but due to stronger than expected demand from China, raising annual shipments target.

The company reported total shipments amounted to 681.8MW, compared with the previous quarter by 6.8% year on year by 47%.

Is said to components and component processing 445.8MW for the second quarter, compared with the previous quarter by 14.9% year on year by 75.6%.

Solar cells and cell processing for 236.0MW, quarter fell 5.7%, year on year by 12.5%.

It was reported that the 2014 second-quarter revenue of $ 390.5 million, compared with the previous quarter by 6.5% year on year by 52.9%.

However, due to ship this quarter, China experienced more weakness in pricing of goods, as well as access to the EU market of minimum import prices for components to make adjustments, gross margin was 15.2%, compared with the previous two quarters of 16.7% fell.

JA Solar Holdings Mr Jin baofang, Chairman and CEO, said: “we have performed well in the second quarter, strong revenue growth and sustained achievement of guaranteed profit margins, and the transition from the battery to component development as our main source of income. This transformation makes us one of the world’s first class component suppliers as well. In addition, we are actively developing our downstream business. In the second half of 2014 due to accelerated activities in China, and continued favorable product and geographic mix, we expect to maintain our growth and profitability. ”

Revise shipments goal

In fact, 2014 increased shipments in the second half in China for distributed generation and ground installations of public-works projects significantly stronger-than-expected demand, leading to management raised its shipment target for the year.

JA Solar said it expects third-quarter cell and module shipments between 730MW 760MW, annual shipments of 2.9GW to 3.1GW, than the previous 2.7GW to 2.9GW per cent increase.

While JA Solar still expects incorporation approximately 100MW PV projects in China by the end of the business, but the company is expanding its 2014 project reserves to 200MW, is part of the increase in shipments this year.

Mr Jin baofang, added: “we have confidence in the prospects for the second half of this year. Several trends based on expected optimistic prospects. Public utility scale and distributed generation projects under construction in the second half, we expect Chinese demand to improve. We believe Japan due to their unique energy needs, long-term demand trend will continue, and we expect business to increase in North America. ”

Original title: JA Solar’s improving component shipments goal

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