“Jiaxing Conference” what brings to distributed PV?

Polaris solar PV net news: August 4, simmering nationwide distributed photovoltaic field seminar held in jiaxing city, Zhejiang province. Conference talk in jiaxing in promoting distributed in photovoltaic development out of the conundrum of many innovative practices, at the same time share companies such as Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation of distributed PV development experience.

This Conference not only attracted people from all over the country’s energy system nearly 200 participants, but also by the unprecedented attention of the industry. Industry experts interviewed said that mode will learn experiences of distributed PV development in jiaxing, and transfer policy information, distributed PV in the future will also bring about a positive development.

Expanding the scope of distributed technology available

At the meeting, national energy administration Wu xinxiong, the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (draft for soliciting opinions) key terms of confirmation. He made it clear, fish ponds, lakes, beaches, and mountains left, agriculture greenhouses into the resources construction of photovoltaic power generation project, 35,000 volts voltage connected to the grid, project capacity not exceeding 20,000-kilowatt, perform local PV benchmark pricing policies.

In addition, the “spontaneous personal use” low, load instability or solar businesses and power users cannot perform energy service contract item, executable PV benchmark price policy, PV power generation by the local power grid enterprises according to the regulations of the State of the local benchmark price policy full purchase of photovoltaic power station, will not enjoy the country distributed PV subsidy policy.

The National Energy Board said, considering the characteristics of the domestic PV market the changes expanded the scope of distributed generation technologies available, to break the bottleneck of current distributed PV development, enhance and mobilize the enthusiasm of investors, promoting the development of photovoltaic industry.

Positive evaluation of enterprises in the industry believes that this is the relevant government authorities to fully consider the reality of distributed power generation system stakeholders, to fine-tune policy based on industry practice, conducive to the PV industry’s sustainable development. Sun Power Corporation General Manager Cao renxian says: “policy adjustments to those light resources well, but projects with insufficient load, will release the larger market. ”

Yen duyet SAIC Shanghai energy conservation technologies General Manager Zhao Xinhong told reporters: “the SAIC’s vehicle logistics parking lots around the developed coastal regions, covers an area of more than 5000 acres, land for land is for industry, construction of large parking sheds, but lack of electricity load. Policy changes expanded the scope of our building, SAIC plans to build three years distributed PV 200 MW, 2020 to produce 500 megawatts. ”

Other experts point out, the policy change does not affect the “spontaneous personal use” form of development, spontaneous personal use is still encouraged distributed an important direction of the country, State-subsidized policies unchanged. Only for “spontaneous use of” low, load instability or solar energy services for businesses and consumers unable to meet contract projects, implementation of PV benchmark pricing policies, to provide investors with reasonable, “backing” returns expected, increase the attraction of financing.

Follow-up will also strengthen policy support

“Jiaxing Conference” brought positive energy to distributed PV, but then has to make multilateral efforts and perform its function. It is reported that the national energy Bureau and the Ministry of finance, national development and Reform Commission on ensuring electricity and State-subsidized funds on a monthly basis (or agreed) settlement, numerous conferences, “allowing investors to see the concrete results of the national policy, stimulate the enthusiasm of investors.”

Wu xinxiong said that national energy policy Bureau, to do the work of six caught after landing. Which including focus research and implementation can renewable energy quota business, promoted “new town, and new energy, and new life” action plans, carried out concentrated type and distributed PV power subsidies trimmer of research, and discussion possibilities and the approach, green County City by brand standard in the joined non-fossil energy using share,, established equipment component Enterprise evaluation system, promoting enterprise fittest, organization carried out distributed energy planning, and plans, and grid service, important matters of regulatory.

“Parties to work together in close cooperation to jointly promote distributed PV grow even stronger, ensuring that all new PV on-grid capacity by more than 13 million-kilowatt. “Wu xinxiong said.

A component company official told reporters, currently being distributed early stage of industrial development, industrial management at the exploratory stage, to the confidence of industrial development.

Local governments or enhanced support

Allows local governments to play a leading role, was one of the meeting passed important information. On one hand, the National Energy Board affirms xiuzhou mode, local government organizations, roofs using problem-solving practices, on the four provinces of Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Vice-Governor of the heavyweight official participants and field position, full of leaders of provincial energy departments, or after the meeting will launch a local photovoltaic distributed a small climax.

National Energy Board also made clear in previous filings, local governments must focus on key areas of distributed PV application. Encourage roof area, the load zone of the large, high power prices and large businesses lead in the PV applications. Encourage local governments at all levels on national price subsidies on the basis of supporting the financial subsidy policy, on schools, hospitals and other public institutions, and affordable housing and distributed PV power generation increasing support in the countryside. Encourage railway station (including the high speed rail station), Expressway, airport terminals, large integrated transportation hub construction, large stadiums and parks and other public facilities systems, distributed photovoltaic applications.

A distributed development enterprise in Jiangxi province told reporters that local energy authorities for support and management of distributed PV capacities vary. “Some simply play a coordinating role by the Energy Department, if the next can build long-term working mechanism, through the process, will be more conducive to our work. “Jiangsu company also said that local government support should not be limited to the Energy Department. “If local governments lead by example, and local government agencies laying the roof of the Office building of photovoltaic panels and roof offers to the enterprises, and more than ever to show Government’s support and commitment. ”

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