Li Hejun: people know my ambitions

Polaris solar PV net news: Li Hejun have an “ambition”: China to become the third industrial revolution, “overlord”. In his view, every industrial revolution is the core of the energy revolution, and its production and use is not complicated, and thus realize the ambition of the endoplasmic is simple.

People know that accompany each industrial revolution, led to the rise of a great power, the first beneficiary is the United Kingdom, the second is the United States. Li Hejun confidently said the opportunity to turn to China for the third time. The morning of November 20, 2013, Li Hejun Han in his company’s Beijing headquarters, holding his new book, leading a handful of launch. At the release site, he shared a story:

In 2011, the Li Hejun followed then-Vice Premier Wang Qishan, visited United Kingdom, and dominate the first contact. Delegation in the Prime Minister’s residence and the United Kingdom met entrepreneurs, Li Hejun when exchanging business cards with the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, the other showed obvious disdain. Li Hejun communicate with him for about half an hour, said his view, describes the development of Han, there is China, and who have opportunities in the third industrial revolution. He returned home, they receive an email from each other, and CEO of Standard Chartered and Chinese want to cooperate. Yes, Li Hejun ambition has caused international concern.

Who much “ambition.” In 1998, Li Hejun graduate, began to go into business, Li Hejun was one of his teachers at the University borrowed 50,000 yuan, and sell electronic products based in Zhongguancun, let him earn the first bucket of gold-more than 80 million dollars, took the first step to realize the ambitions. After money, Li Hejun will hand over 10 million Yuan to buy a home on the Dongjiang River in Heyuan installed capacity is 1500-kilowatt of small hydropower stations, the acquisition so that he recognizes that hydropower is a good industry.

He wants to accelerate the pace of achieving ambitions, in 2002, Li Hejun signed with Yunnan Province intends to build 6 of 8 hydroelectric power due to his cooperation with Yunnan province plan can not be approved by the national development and Reform Commission, and finally he got a total installed capacity of 3 million-kilowatt of jinanqiao hydropower station. The project with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan, 2011 hydropower station built a formal grid-connected electricity generation capacity equivalent to one-third of three gorges project over gezhouba, which Hina profits exceeded 2 billion yuan a year.

At this point, Li Hejun to realize his “ambition”, and he wanted to move into the third industrial revolution, the core product–solar energy. PV technology can be divided into two kinds, one is thin-film solar, other is crystal silicon solar energy. Low cost thin-film solar materials, manufacturing process is relatively simple, relatively low conversion rate of solar energy is converted into electricity; c-SI solar high raw material prices, complex process, high cost, high conversion rates.

At that time, Li Hejun chose thin-film solar, when Li Hejun them out when will this choice, company executives are opposed. Not only within the company, even the PV industry also believe that Li Hejun make such a decision, “is either crazy or a liar.” When crystal silicon solar energy accounted for a market share of 90%, Lord of thin-film solar on the international United States companies first solar is worse.

Li Hejun outsee, he said, people know that I have ambitions, and ambitions into reality products is simple. First industrial revolution based on coal instead of wood, the second industrial revolution with oil instead of coal, coal and petroleum is simple! Not only did he choose a thin-film solar, and work fast. Han could take the form of cooperation with local governments and the consortium of banks across the country spread 8 photovoltaic base, each base of the designed capacity of around 250,000-kilowatt; Li Hejun also bought one after another in Europe and at the international level the three thin-film solar companies. Today Han photovoltaic capacity after three years of development, has reached 3 million-kilowatt, the equivalent of a jinanqiao hydropower station was built again.

Li Hejun, the direction is correct, crystalline silicon solar 90% per cent of market share at the moment, but it’s just a transitional product, crystalline silicon and thin film is the relationship between desktop and iPhone, iPad. “Now mentioned a PV, we just think of crystalline silicon. But after 3-5, a reference to PV, I am sure you will think of the film. “Li Hejun said,” each country has a representative sample of enterprises and products, and by 2020, the Han Chinese to be Korea’s Samsung, United States Apple, Microsoft at that height. “Because the simple and flexible thin-film solar has begun to appear on the balcony of the family, on top of the car, everyone’s clothes.

Ambitions and simple Li Hejun dream wings, make him the richest man in new energy in 2013, the Forbes China rich list, he’s to 66.5 billion yuan worth of listed on it.

People have to have “ambition”, “DAO Yi and Jane” makes plain simple products follows the way of heaven, following the objective law, so also will be able to achieve their ambitions.

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