Nanhai PV without paying the family also sells

Polaris solar PV net news: every month, families must pay substantial electricity to the power grid company, who lives in shishan Hu Wan Cheng seized on photovoltaic technology “self-sufficiency”, will not only have to pay electricity bills, sell unused electricity can power grid company. As first allowed the construction of individual photovoltaic power generation project in Foshan, Zheng on photovoltaic power generation with confidence, to that end, he gave his own micro-blog named “sunshine Highway”.

Less than 5 minutes to 0.1 kWh of electricity

On Friday, reporters rushed shishan lake view community building 8, 2 seats, just in time for China Southern power grid company staff to install a bi-directional meter Zheng downstairs. Shi Shan power station-related charge, Mr Wong said, install a bi-directional meter is intended to facilitate calculating household electricity consumption and electricity production, subsidies to determine power generation and electricity costs. This marks the success of the household PV power line into the public power grid. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, sunlight is better, less than 5 minutes, the “inverter” current display shows the power of 0.1 degrees.

See the number of new electricity meters to beat Zheng face joy bloom. He said according to this efficiency, average about 200 kilowatt-hours of electricity every month. Per 1 kWh of electricity subsidies 0.42 Yuan, in addition to their use, extra at 0.52 Yuan/degree was sold to power companies.

Zheng took the reporter climbed the roof, he told reporters here of ten blocks of solar panels will be installed direct current electricity into the ground floor “inverter” equipment, does not require power storage device directly through bi-directional meter connected to the grid. Reporters observed that neither roof nor the electric box on the first floor near the equipment, do not produce noxious fumes or noise.

Looks easy to him playing with for 3 years

Is such a seemingly simple circuit facilities, Mr CHENG has brewed, preparing for 3 years.

Mr Cheng said, at home generation of whimsy sensitive due to their industry. During the 6 years of working in the PV industry, he found that the domestic industry is growing and technically sound, but the company’s photovoltaic products are mainly sold abroad, only a few demonstration projects in the country. He believes that with the development of photovoltaic power generation in foreign countries and the improvement of national environmental awareness in China, as a purely clean energy in China will have a huge market.

Let him on the visit, but, is the industry upheaval beginning in 2011. “The year 2011 solar panels cost about 16~18/w, which now is only about 4 dollars! “To see the market change from then on he was determined to first assembled a set of photovoltaic equipment in their own homes, and then looking to bring products to market.

Key components of cost reductions brought about by the significant economic value. Mr Bill, past a 200-watt solar panels cost about 3400 Yuan, now priced at only a Board 800 Yuan. 2000 watts of power assembled in his current group, for example, cost a total of 17,000 yuan, and its subject is ten dollars and solar panels.

Photovoltaic power generation thousands of possible

Install the power plant at home has not been smooth. Photovoltaic power generation project construction party candidature as an individual Assembly, some difficulties in the approval process. Lucky is, Shi Shan power supply Bureau in June this year, simplify the approval process, and relaxed the qualification of construction. Package presented by Mr CHENG and design modifications, acceptance of the end of the power supply Bureau of, becoming first allowed the construction of individual photovoltaic power generation project in Foshan.

In addition, he lived in the community building, its roof was a public use. In order to be laid at the top of solar panels, he needed permission from the property management office, for which he also went door to door seeking tenants to sign up to.

Talk about future, Mr CHENG is confident. Foshan, he thinks there are a lot of private villas, housing and enterprises, are suitable for the installation of photovoltaic equipment. With the increase of residents ‘ environmental awareness, PV will be into millions of households.

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