Photovoltaic products of fluorine pollution risks brought back panel must cause concern

Polaris solar PV net news: “PV product exports of US $ 7.42 billion in China in the first half of this year, an increase of 13.85%, compared to a year ago has improved tremendously. “This is China’s machinery and electronic products import and export Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Sun Guangbin” energy change of PV industry development in the era of emerging trends Symposium and DuPont Teijin MylariGuard back plate group “revealed.

Sun Guangbin noted that the first half of this year, China’s exports of photovoltaic companies a total of 354, which compared to the previous more than 1000 companies has declined considerably. In the case of exports of photovoltaic products in America and Europe, in 2013, PV products to Japan in exports growth, photovoltaic products in China’s exports to Japan in the first half of this year reached 2.46 billion dollars, ranking first in the export markets.

Sun Guangbin also pointed out that our PV products into the Japan market has been hit by a number of difficulties. For example, Japan environmental considerations for products demanding. Japan near the coast, large amount of snow in winter in the North, need PV modules have good resistance to salt fog, Hurricane resistance and to withstand high mechanical properties of snow. In addition, China’s export enterprises in Japan began to auction. As more and more Chinese enterprises to enter Japan market, domestic small businesses began a price war to supply relatively low quality products at low prices, has begun to affect China’s production of components of reputation and credibility.

According to the introduction to Shanghai giant electronics technology company General Manager Luo Zigui, China in the manufacture of PV modules when using the fluorine-containing polymer back sheet, because the polymers containing halogen element, after the Assembly scrapped, fluorine-containing polymer recycling will likely face some difficulties, resulting from environmental pollution problems will be highlighted.

According to incomplete statistics, fluorinated backplane installed in the domestic market has exceeded the total of 10GW, 1MW installed capacity of backplane 7200 sq m, already used by the domestic fluorine backplanes up to 72 million square meters. Such a large number of the back plate, after scrapping safe handling of urgent concern. At present the rise of PET film back or can solve the above problem, can be stable for a long time, also does not require special handling when recycled.

Original title: photovoltaic products of fluorine pollution risks brought back panel must cause concern

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