Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (7.25-7.31)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Polaris exclusive: 2014-39 record photovoltaic power generation project in Guangdong Province published

It is reported that, starting this year, countries the annual guide scale management of photovoltaic power generation. On release, according to the Department of energy released by 2014 annual notification of new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation, Guangdong Province this year added PV power 1 million-kilowatt, including distributed PV 900,000-kilowatt, PV 100,000-kilowatt, new construction size the same as Hebei, second only to the provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

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2. Polaris exclusive: 2014-17 record PV project in Hebei province released

It is reported that, starting this year, countries the annual guide scale management of photovoltaic power generation. On release, according to the Department of energy released by 2014 annual notification of new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation, new photovoltaic power generation capacity of 1 million-kilowatt in Hebei province this year, including distributed PV 600,000-kilowatt, PV 400,000-kilowatt, new construction scale is only second to Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

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3.2013-2020 solar power development plan, Inner Mongolia (chart)

For full played I district resources advantage, promoting solar power industry Health ordered development, I Council according to national development reform Committee can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning, and can renewable energy quota management approach and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, “Twelve-Five” power industrial development planning, related results, special developed Inner Mongolia autonomous region, 2013-2020 years solar power development planning (following referred to planning). The Plan articulates the guiding ideology and basic principles of solar power development in my area, clear development goals, development and utilization of solar power generation distribution and construction focus, is my “Twelve-Five” and later “Thirteen-Five” basis for solar power development.

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Market review

1. PV in Xinjiang face: power station as “flesh” slaughter

Journalists in Xinjiang’s development and Reform Commission launched in May by the State development and Reform Commission issued the notice on inclusion in the 2014 photovoltaic power generation project construction plan files see 2014 total planning 570MW PV projects in Xinjiang, with the exception of Huadian 20MW projects and the rest were private enterprise out. Why is no match for State-owned enterprise private enterprises?

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2. anti-dumping initial release: Taiwan average rates more than 30% (schedule)

United States Department of Commerce on anti-dumping initial results published on July 25, local time, sales from China to the United States of products related to solar energy, mainly anti-dumping taxes levied between 26.33% and 58.87%, while Taiwan sold to United States products are 27.59% 44.18% to anti-dumping duties. According to the announcement, the Commerce Department anti-dumping final award results will be announced on December 16, 2014.

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3.SolarWorld: is “won” or “Mama”?

On July 25, the United States Commerce Department said applications for SolarWorld’s China PV trade survey results. A preliminary investigation found that from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan import crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping, and decided that high tariffs on products involved.

Despite the CASE, as well as a number of other organizations to pay for the lawsuit had made hard efforts, SolarWorld is still a great victory. As far as SolarWorld said the decision blocked the Chinese PV manufacturers use units of factory production of solar cell manufacturing component then evade, circumvent United States tariff loophole.

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4. photovoltaic double reverse preliminary landing toward China Taiwan battery manufacturers Straits

On July 25, the United States Department of Commerce’s preliminary view, imports from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan part of photovoltaic products in the area of the existence of dumping practices and determine the corresponding dumping duty rate.

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic products from mainland China and only Trina rates below 30%, the other responding company’s tax rate was set at 42.33% or 58.87%, not responding to corporate tax rates were forced at 165.04%; Taiwan’s Gintech energy tax rate was 27.59%, Motech industries 44.18% other companies at 35.89%.

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5. about counting renewable energy demonstration project

New energy for my country is a new thing, and how this development, government authorities, project developers, network enterprise, and even what to do is a personal, these demonstration projects are needed to gain experience, achieve the purpose of application. Here, small series by consulting relevant government files, combs 8 at national level since 2009 new energy demonstration projects and see what these demonstration projects demonstration, served its purpose, recommendations for relevant demonstration projects carried out in the future.

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Comment article

1. interpretation of PV in the five aspects of purchasing and selling contract demonstration text

National energy administration and the State administration for industry and commerce in the wind/PV was issued on July 1, 2014, the purchase and sale contract (demonstration text) (hereinafter “new model”), which marks the PV and other renewable energy purchase electricity for sale finally had a “tailor-made” contractual text. Operating period 20-25 years of power plant projects, importance of the purchased electricity for sale there is no doubt that in practice, electricity right to pledge the proceeds and a power station a popular way of financing, new model so we really need to do some reading.

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2. “bite” PV for what?

On July 25, the United States Department of Commerce issued a statement initially determined that crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping from China. The industry believes, United States Department of Commerce’s approach is not conducive to Chinese firms, on United States domestic installers, operators and terminal which impaired the interests of consumers, as defending appeals enterprises, but contrary to the wishes of the industry.

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3. distributed PV plants financing predicament and solution

Energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of finance and State administration of taxation, such as ministries, national power grid has promulgated a number of policies since the second half of 2013 to support development of distributed PV market. Of distributed PV 2014 has been hailed as China’s “development first”, but even so, small and scattered, distributed power plant but encountering financing bottleneck to get mass promotion.

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4. can one sets solar street light take to recover the cost?

Does not consume electricity, not laying cables, simply a solar panel, you can light cities evening. Once when, solar Street lamp seeping into the streets in some cities. However, the environmentally friendly lamps are always free in the “mainstream” edge. In major cities, traditional power lamp is still the absolute protagonist.

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5. Hong-Wei: be careful of PV in PX tragedy

It is said that PV is the zero pollution, zero emissions, but upstream of the photovoltaic industry, polycrystalline silicon manufacturing and production are highly polluting and high energy-consuming. In a Word, because polysilicon production process is not environmentally friendly, and photovoltaic industries are not green industry.

China poly silicon industry development to date, Siemens, the technology has developed to the fourth generation of modified method. Pollution that is targeted to first generation improved Siemens process views, now has been exaggerated.

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Enterprise version

1. check: first half of 2014 on “road to bankruptcy and restructuring” of PV enterprises

At the beginning of the new year, there will be people who come up with a pessimistic expectations: 2014 will become uncompetitive PV enterprises in China’s bankruptcy for years. The corporate bankruptcy reorganization a day earlier, China PV industry day earlier entered a period of sound development. Now, 2014 nearly in half, recalling the PV industry in the first half, as prophecy says, “years of bankruptcy”? Following a look at exactly what PV enterprises mired in bankruptcy and restructuring in the first half.

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2. the multi-billion dollar projects attracting bull ring shares ten study disruptive photovoltaic electricity prices stay positive

Through the boom and bust of the last round of industry after the baptism, the majority of domestic PV manufacturers are cautiously relaunched cautiously forward. But there is no lack of radical, veteran ring shares in semiconductor companies for nearly two years after another announced that it would start the total would exceed 10GW of large photovoltaic power plant construction plan, and to achieve this goal needs the funds could reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

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3. Trina-ahead “ambush”: in the United States “double reverse” former bonded stock

United States of China PV companies again raised his “double reverse” stick. Prior to this, China PV companies have been made in advance, “ambush”.

This reporter learned that, United States listed company Trina warehouse stock in the domestic photovoltaic modules in the near future, this approach is extraordinary. Some people speculate, may be to increase the company’s sales in the second quarter, or “double reverse” destined for United States and elsewhere.

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4. Kyocera three grid Patent Wars: who will be next hanwha QCells?

In mid-July, Japan PV module maker Kyocera group a paper suit owned by hanwha QCells Japan sued the company to the Tokyo District Court, on the solar cell “c gate line electrode structure” official patent infringement dispute case, unlike Europe and “double back” policy, local protection and patent barriers to certification is Japan a silent Declaration of foreign competitors.

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5. the three companies intend to offer hyper-GCL upstream assets or borrowing

After Suntech bankruptcy case, the PV industry in another bankruptcy case because the Concord group involved became the focus of the industry.

In recent days, was declared a bankruptcy reorganization June chaori solar program was uploaded and Golden Concord group contacts, while the latter is currently the PV industry worthy of leading enterprises. Concord Group focused on energy industries, now has two of GCL-poly and Concord new energy listed companies in Hong Kong.

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Character articles

1. China’s new richest man Li Hejun: lucky PV “madman” to change the world

Whenever a “new richest man” appears, people tends to think of two issues: he’s exactly how much money? How does the money come from? In May 2014, an “2014 the new Fortune 500 rich list” onto China’s Li Hejun, “richest man in the new” location. The legendary Li Hejun “87 billion dollars worth”, which made him almost overnight became the focus of public concern. At first, Li Hejun chose to be silent about this, two months later, he accepted an interview with global people magazine reporter finally said: “don’t put the richest man in this thing too seriously. ”

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2. the LDK is celebrating his new platform against assaulting SPI dormant three years can the Savior?

Recently, the LDK LDK Mahon polysilicon plant production, makes this almost out of public view PV companies back into the spotlight. Mahon polysilicon plant reproduction has arisen now activated the precipitation of 12 billion yuan of assets, is LDK LDK to avoid delisting a powerful blow.

However, little is known, LDK LDK to the upper punches, while also trying to expand downstream. LDK LDK bought in 2011 United States subsidiary of SPI is into a station platform, impact NASDAQ Board.

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3. New Solar Empire can Hsu go far?

The solar industry is an industry allows us to struggle for life, is an industry that for posterity, to enter this industry, we feel infinitely exultant and proud.

This sentence, in the East Sunrise solar Corporation Headquarters is located in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu Province, was placed in a you can be very conspicuous place inside. And say those words, Xu Xinjian, founder of the company.

I don’t know, today’s SEO new, rekindle that year said this sentence, how would feel?

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