Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.15-8.21)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. photovoltaic power generation planning in Guangdong (2014-2020): 134, under construction project publicity

For implement implementation People’s Republic of China can renewable energy method, and State on promoting PV industry health development of several views, and Guangdong Province Government Office on promoting PV industry health development of implementation views, promoting I province PV power ordered fast development, according to national can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning, and Guangdong Province energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and Guangdong Province strategic industries development planning,, This plan is enacted.

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2. in Hefei on accelerating supplementary notice to further improve the application of PV subsidy policy

Counties (cities), the district people’s Government and municipal government departments, affiliated institutions:

To further accelerate the city’s PV application, to create the “first town of Chinese photovoltaic applications”, in respect of PV Application supplementary notice is as follows:

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3. the promotion of photovoltaic industry in Inner Mongolia: the PV industry will implement a number of key projects

At present, the polysilicon production capacity has reached 22,000 tons, building and planning the size of 100,000 tons, has constructed a polysilicon material as the core, wafer, solar cell and solar module production matched the PV industry. For the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions (guofa (2013), 24th) spirit, further promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry is now put forward the following suggestions.

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Market review

1.4 months of 10GW capacity will be leveraging the multi-billion-dollar PV investment pie who able to share

Industry and capital markets are eagerly looking forward to the PV market, a wave of simmering.

Causing people to make that determination on the grounds that the Department of energy at the nation’s new PV on-grid capacity in the first half although the YOY increase in 100%, but still only reached 3.3GW, far less than the industry expected;

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2. the public impact PV power plant project under construction in Hualong County, Qinghai province fired a warning, the Commander (photo)

Hai Dong Shi, 15th in Hualong County, Qinghai province, issued this afternoon: the County’s 13th “violent boycott of major projects” event at the disposal during the “Commander-in-Chief” fired a warning shot, but caused no casualties. The event origin in Hualong County Commission, the County decided to mount bayanzhen Racecourse and the Ertang Township in the County GA my Hill Construction the total installed capacity of 500 megawatts of photovoltaic parks.

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3. the “acquisition time” PV eco: While GDP indicators of achievement on the case of photovoltaic

Since the end of June on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy notice (draft for soliciting opinions) is assigned to each province and the capacity of the Central enterprises, there have been news, distributed PV new deal will be formally announced. Had gone through late August, distributed the new deal still “demure”. Recently in infinite wait and “perspective” was a message: distributed PV hard assessment will be incorporated into the State Department.

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4. the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs: imports suspend polysilicon September 1

14th, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs said in a statement, given previously for the United States and the European Union solar-grade polycrystalline silicon after taking trade remedy measures, polysilicon imports surged under China’s processing trade, decided to suspend polysilicon processing trade imports since September 1.

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5. household PV-“the truth” (Shanghai Edition)

Starting in 2012, emerged around “photovoltaics first person”. Today, these people’s situation? Can bean gentleman from August 15 to bring you around the family distributed photovoltaic power generation for the first series of interviews. After following the Beijing Ren Kai photovoltaic power generation for the first interview, can bean today-June on “Shanghai PV first person” discipline of interviews with Tiger.

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Comment article

1. the efficiency of the photovoltaic power plant who is affected?

Photovoltaic power plant generating capacity determined by three factors: capacity, peak hours, efficiency of the system. When the plant’s location and size are determined, the first two elements have settled, in order to improve power generation, only from “efficiency” to work hard!

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2. jiaxing modes: distributed problem solving ideas?

In case of facing policy constraints, and regulatory authorities have to accept the reality, so as to improve the ground station location and distributed simultaneously.

State Secretary for energy research, said Wu xinxiong recently in jiaxing, photovoltaic applications is one of the foundational way to develop photovoltaic industry, our advocates sent out both centralized and distributed, centralized approach to development in conjunction with local absorptive photovoltaic applications.

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3. PV double reverse: Chinese official intervention!

Last Thursday (August 14, 2014), the Department of Commerce and the General Administration of customs suspended from September 1, the acceptance of applications for solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports, finally began to stir up in Europe and America, “double reverse” trade war was in self-defence for the first time.

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4. the PV industry downturn face a shortage of production capacity for the first time in 8 years?

Photovoltaic industry in the doldrums, companies continue the insolvency of the day is a major reversal. 18th, Bloomberg News said that PV industry is faced with a looming global shortage of solar panels, which will reverse in one fell swoop for up to two years of global overcapacity in the industry slump.

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5. how the PV industry breakthrough “anti-circumvention” investigation?

Sources said EU anti-circumvention investigations proposed photovoltaic products to China this fall. Insiders said that from 2012 the anti-circumvention investigation of light will emerge as a desk or, these initiatives clearly protectionist tendencies of the European Union. In this regard, the Chinese PV industry should actively cooperate with Governments, associations, jointly cope with risk.

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Enterprise version

1. suspected resurrection has arisen now and the evolution of a new energy crisis

On July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date.

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2. a picture read “vote”

“China Minsheng Investment Corporation” (hereinafter “vote”) in Shanghai today.

Apparently, zhongmin cast steel, PV, ships that were aimed at three major sectors, leaving more to the markets confused. Insiders said the intervention would produce catfish effect into the zhongmin, but face great integration difficult, zhongmin voted whether to recall the three major industries with surplus production capacity remained unknown.

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3.*ST tianwei photovoltaic Trina stripping, Tong Wei grabbed

On August 19, *ST tianwei publish semi-annual, displayed by June 2014, the company made a net profit of 263 million dollars in the first half, up from a loss of 1.2 billion yuan has been greatly improved. A year is a key year for tianwei, which in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for three consecutive years of losses, faces delisting if it can’t make up deficits this year.

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4. restructuring of CDB’s commercialization is referred to as “reverse” deep PV-related losses of nearly 5 billion

Set foot on the business trip of CDB are indeed experiencing the seven-year itch: according to incomplete statistics, over the past few years, it is to the prosperity and decline of the photovoltaic industry provided a credit line of at least 250 billion yuan. While it’s in the fall of PV “double stars” LDK LDK and two selling on Suntech could pay nearly 5 billion yuan through “tuition”.

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5. the Sunwell production “behind”: Xinyu Consortium game stocks the main board support

On August 13 with the first furnace polysilicon materials well baked, discontinued two years Mahon owned by LDK Solar polysilicon plant renewed vigor, also intended to return to Wall Street Board trading market has arisen now playing a booster dose.

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Character articles

1. Li Hejun: people know my ambitions

Li Hejun have an “ambition”: China to become the third industrial revolution, “overlord”. In his view, every industrial revolution is the core of the energy revolution, and its production and use is not complicated, and thus realize the ambition of the endoplasmic is simple.

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2. decrypt: Dong mingzhu, solar air conditioning cows where?

Where is dongmingzhuniu? cows in her futuristic vision and exceptional courage.

Nine-time United States by Fortune magazine, “50 most influential business women” list of Dong mingzhu, achieved this success also depend on their fight it out bit by bit. In his autobiography, entitled Chess in no regrets says: 36 entrants, dealers insured companies change channels … … Her way, is struggling.

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3. “a prophet,” Tong XING Xue: PV continues to lead the world

Back in 2000, worked for United States GTSolar Tong XING Xue will polysilicon ingot, slices, cells, modules and other photovoltaic equipment, technology introduced to China in 2009, and here he was at the time when the situation is superior to proactively predict Europe will launch a trade war against the China PV.

Now, in the face of vicissitudes of China PV, Tong XING Xue vowed. In his view, China PV “two out” dilemma has been completely transformed, and with over 15 years of rapid development, China will continue to lead the global PV industry development.

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