Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.22-8.28)

Polaris solar PV net news: market review

1. the solar industry to a welcome upsurge of capital shortage of excess capacity by the first

19th, Bloomberg energy analyst said in a research report, global demand for solar panels is expected to substantially increase this year by about 29%, photovoltaic industry is facing a global shortage of solar panels. Miit data released on the same day also provides support for this prediction: the first half of the year, our PV manufacturing output of more than 150 billion yuan, in General in a State of development, is expected to jump may occur in the second half.

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2. shuffle after the PV industry gears up for “reversal”

Once the domestic photovoltaic industry slump, emerging out of the cold “winter”.

Won relief in the market turns for the better, looking for breakthrough from the whole industry chain, from the purely manufacturer gradually shift to a resource provider, and probably will be for some time to come the domestic photovoltaic industry giants “reversal” market is the most powerful weapon.

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3. stop plugging polysilicon processing trade in China import vulnerability

A paper notice, set off waves of the photovoltaic industry.

On August 14, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs said in a statement, given previously for the United States and the European Union solar-grade polycrystalline silicon after taking trade remedy measures, polysilicon imports surged under China’s processing trade, decided to suspend polysilicon processing trade imports since September 1.

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4. the pricing of solar-thermal power generation is about double the enterprise will share the multi-billion market cake

Recently, the solar-thermal power industry, China ushered in a significant good news: the highly anticipated solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects feed-in tariff, could eventually locking in 1.2-1.25 Yuan/kWh between related files is expected to be issued in the near future. This will pry follow-up focused on building domestic solar-thermal power projects, and created market started on a large scale, light thermal industries is of landmark significance.

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5. the concentrated photovoltaic PV popularization of the new deal to take three banks

In order to address the “double reverse” brought to the PV manufacturing industry impact, since the second half of last year, populated by relevant State departments launched by the industry as the “PV new deal” policy initiatives, trying to start a PV Application market by accelerated change of PV manufacturing industry relies too much on exports. After the introduction of these policies, the domestic photovoltaic industry development pattern will be, what kind of change? Photovoltaic “Spring” really comes out? From PV manufacturing power to solar power, we still have far to go?

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Comment article

1. invest in PV please understand the materials list

Frequent quality problems and high decay rates of the components is spreading PV power station in Western China, could last three years accumulation of PV power station into dust.

“Some polysilicon solar modules 2-3 year power-7%, amorphous silicon power attenuation up to 3 years 20%. “Electric and solar photovoltaic power plant, located in Qinghai province, Chinese Academy of Sciences assessment test after the result is surprising.

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2. solar power plant first met the “water crisis”

Much of China’s terrestrial PV power station layout in serious water shortages in Gansu, Qinghai and other Western regions, because solar panels need to be cleaned frequently, water consumption in “extremely serious”, this local horse power station has not foreseen. Standard, low-cost power plant water consumption is becoming a Government and enterprise in the face of a new topic.

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3. discussion on the PV module parameters

There is no doubt that PV modules is one of the most important equipment of PV power station, now says the commonly used polycrystalline silicon PV module, including: key parameters of PV modules, hot-spot effect and effect of PID, testing the operation.

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4. PV: around “green” and “pollution” of the edge

In recent years, frustrated China’s PV industry, industrial situation anticlimax, PV industry began to talk as much, which is one of the most bizarre, some say that PV is not a green industry, but energy-hungry high-emission industries. We usually see that solar energy is currently one of the best green energy can meet energy demands, then why not use solar energy to produce clean energy green industry do?

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5. Super debt real where the creditors?

As a solar photovoltaic companies, Suri and contacts in overseas markets is a perfectly normal thing, but the question is, whether a customer or partner of the company conducted analyses and investigations of qualification? For information in this regard, Suri has been secretive. And as early as last year, as a sponsor of Suri “CITIC,” said regulators pressed its investigation Suri authenticity of overseas debts, but this is not too difficult to work and at present the only scant information.

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Enterprise version

1. hareon “cattle” did you know?

Market prospects are good, money demand, various capital ready for entering the PV power station market in various ways to get a piece of the action. For example, zhongmin sponsored by Minsheng Bank and Shi Yuzhu, cast launched Fund of 10 billion PV, mid-mainly used to invest in PV and post merger integration. Already out in PV companies operating power plant investment, is holding a bold stroke like hareon.

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2. decode the cast: “PV shells” in the new energy ready

Although in terms of business model and governance structure of the controversial zhongmin vote continues to be seen as another bold attempt in the innovation and development of the private economy.

Standardization of zhongmin investment plans to set up nine subsidiaries. Among them, new energy for the operation of the platform, promoting investment and integration of domestic photovoltaic power stations, excess PV manufacturing capacity, investment acquisition has substantially started. Mining in the steel industry plans to set up logistics, and the formation of the private iron and Steel Union, promote integration of mergers and acquisitions among private steel companies, and so on.

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3. the DuPont patent wars, Samsung SDI that has swept downstream PV industry

Du Pont recently launched silver patent infringement battle against Samsung SDI, litigation object contains customer Samsung SDI, using legal means to increase competitors ‘ customers ‘ worries and troubles, so as to cut off rivals and customers ‘ supply and demand.

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4. the PV into mystery: prices plummet but also extraordinarily high gross margin

The China Securities Regulatory Commission recently approved by the statutory procedures of the 11 companies in the third instalment of the first application, jolywood photovoltaic new material company limited (hereinafter referred to as PV) is the only PV enterprises in 11 companies to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to raise funds of nearly 400 million Yuan will be used for solar projects.

Industry believes that, in the context of PV industry have been hurt, PV enterprises after listing the prospects are not great. Meanwhile, financial data to PV in dubious, its gross margins that are far higher than the industry average, behind drops in product prices, and rising receivables, which is that investors have to face up to problems and risks.

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5. new energy “bleeders” constantly tianwei group first-half losses of nearly 900 million

Because of new energy sector and “bleeding” more than Baoding tianwei Group Ltd (hereafter “the group”), another sharp loss of 890 million yuan in the first half of this year, company to profitability measures in the short term is weak.

On August 25, the group released semi-annual report shows, 2014 1 June, the company reported revenue of 2.7 billion yuan, 4.009 billion yuan in the same period of last year; about-890 million yuan in net profit,-1.408 billion yuan in the same period last year.

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Character articles

1. Wu Xiexiang on the PV industry crotchet: rich attention to people who play money

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. GD solar co chief engineer, said Wu Xiexiang, the solar industry today there is a strange phenomenon, there are simply too many rich people in this industry, but playing with more and more people are short of money in the industry, this is a very strange phenomenon.

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2. King: indicators of future PV distributed more

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. Center on international cooperation, national development and Reform Commission, Director of the Institute for international energy King said, indicators of future PV distributed more power fighting more fiercely on the ground, the ground plants also have more mature business model, grid-connected without too much trouble, profit model is clear.

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3. interview with Dong wenbiao saw investment and intends to do with PV?

As Dong wenbiao said: “I think I am more suited to doing these things, instead of doing a traditional bank. “August 21, at nine o’clock in the morning, Shanghai Bund International Plaza lobby, Dong wenbiao zhongmin speech by foreign investment and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new identity.

This injected $ 50 billion of large private enterprises, unborn, it attracted attention, admiration, jealousy and even questioned. Until now.

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4. Li junfeng: weakest is to protect the economic security of energy workers

“2014-China (Beijing) International Energy Summit” held in Beijing in July 28-30th. China cycle economic association can renewable energy professional Committee, Chairman of Li junfeng said, I do has more than 30 years of research, energy workers most weak of task is energy to guarantees economic run of security, all of energy work are is to guarantees supply for mission, now variable has, now energy no longer for invalid of development, and no quality of growth, and not reasonable of needs do any guarantees, energy only meet reasonable of has quality of growth and needs.

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