Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.8-8.14)

Polaris solar PV net news: market review

1. PV turbulence – Jubilate

A paper bulletin, Jubilate, this is the true reflection of the current PV manufacturing enterprises.

A month ago, 52 in accordance with the conditions of PV manufacturing industry norms (hereinafter referred to as the gauge condition of) list appears in the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) website. Much to the industry’s surprise is, there are 74 reviewed the list, but eventually nearly one-third enterprises was brutally knocked out.

This is not the PV industry faced such a big test for the first time.

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2. billions of PV market route decided to return

By the end of 2012, cumulative PV installed capacity in China more than 700 MW, showing quick launch in the market. Department of energy planning national PV installed capacity target of 2014 for 14 GW, of which ground station 6 gigawatts of distributed PV 8 GW. Under the current comprehensive investment of 8 to 10 yuan per watt cost calculations, will pull more than 100 billion yuan in the market. This reporter track, 100 billion yuan of investment is only counting the results, in General, or large terrestrial power station is more favored by investors. Distributed power plant roof rights unclear effect, small size and expected returns is not clear enough, construction did not go smoothly.

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3. PV investment failure case study: Qin LAN town

Herd mentality and blind following, which is a common phenomenon in China in recent years development: wind energy, rash; to build a new town, follow suit. Photovoltaic industry can make money, a large number of Governments and companies to follow suit, policy support and excellent land for. The end result is excess capacity, the bubble burst. Recently we research of Anhui tianchang Qin LAN town, is one such case.

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4. frequency of distributed PV demonstration area “zero” malicious competitive breakthrough profit bottom line

August 2013, the National Energy Board issued on application of distributed PV demonstration area construction notice, determine the first batch of 18 demonstration garden. “Our progress is slower than expected, but in 18 Park good, related departments in the first half when the checks, some Park ‘ zero ‘. “Nantong Sun Xing said the Director of energy transportation, 150 MW in Nantong in the demonstration zone around large scale, in the process of the biggest constraint continues to be” difficult to profit “.

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5. PV investment problems gradually destroy “six large and six small” or squeeze as “three small junior”

For large photovoltaic power plant, phase, financing problems of distributed PV industry have been bitter. But financing of distributed PV and PV manufacturing enterprises ‘ financing difficulties compared to a little pale into insignificance. Since the end of February this year industry and the Ministry of information Development Bank issued the notice about the key project organizations recommend 2014 PV industry since this was placed a profound hope for resolving policy what is the progress of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise financing problem?

In the finance sector before focusing on taking care of the “six large and six small” PV will most likely tighten as “three juniors.”

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Comment article

1. photovoltaic twice to the sea road

Different from other energy products, higher levels of photovoltaic product market, basic product-pricing and market conditions change, so the frequent ups and downs and overseas cooperation is even more striking. From excess capacity to “double reverse” then slightly recovery, photovoltaic industry experienced a round of “walk out – come back–walked out” process. Struggled with the product, she always “rope” seal.

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2. photovoltaic power station what to play? Have to know new trends

Recent observations to share with Mr Wu xinxiong, the Secretary of energy of energy in jiaxing the million-word speeches. Speech is a simple dry constantly. Ten or 20 years in the future development of PV industry in China what? Given many judgments.

To help you sort out the industry development, we are studying after Wu spoke, made the following judgments:

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3. distributed PV new play: no longer “spontaneous personal use” as the standard

National energy administration Wu xinxiong said at a meeting in jiaxing, Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, and to refine and adjust the PV policy. For distributed solar power projects, when the project record, you can choose either to “spontaneous use, residual power”, you can also choose “full Internet”.

This means that distributed PV is no longer whether to “spontaneous personal use” as a standard, as long as it is centralized, decentralized projects can enjoy electricity subsidies, or perform a benchmark price.

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4. “meeting in jiaxing” what brings to distributed PV?

On August 4, the simmering national distributed PV site meeting held in jiaxing city, Zhejiang province.

“Jiaxing Conference” brought positive energy to distributed PV, but then has to make multilateral efforts and perform its function. It is reported that the national energy Bureau and the Ministry of finance, national development and Reform Commission on ensuring electricity and State-subsidized funds on a monthly basis (or agreed) settlement, numerous conferences, “allowing investors to see the concrete results of the national policy, stimulate the enthusiasm of investors.”

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5. from LDK SPI dip PV enterprises mergers

In recent days, was bought by LDK LDK SPI movement tried to storm the United States capital markets, news of the industry on the merger and reflections on the fate of the solar industry.

SPI in 2011, was bought by LDK, now that is rich in content with business actions, eye industries development, manufacturing-side swamp-ridden LDK LDK has set his sights on the power terminal, expected to open up a new situation.

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Enterprise version

1.2014 global top five photovoltaic power plant EPC company placed out two seats (table)

IHS year of projected 2014 leading EPC company ranked at the top ranked competition under way between the two companies, and ultimately achieve parity.

IHS is expected this year, three of the five big companies from the United States, reversing the situation of 2013. In 2014, however, ten companies, six from China.

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2. the polysilicon giant GCL turned components business

Recently, the reporter was informed by the person, specializes in silicon and silicon wafer manufacture of the largest PV companies–Golden Concord Group is considering the production of PV modules. When and September 2011, it has said it does not intend to get into the field for the time being.

At present, the Concord Group is part of a PV module production in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province Jurong County project, although it is not clear how many shares in the project, the group participation is sent staff to carry out manufacturing.

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3. the LDK intends to resume has arisen now qualified for listing multiple arrows shot in the United States could save the company

Experience the plight of the almost bankrupt, and then to set up e-commerce company, and started production of polysilicon, 2006 LDK LDK listed so far, LDK road of ups and seems to be the portrayal of the photovoltaic industry.

Now, he figures, will be placed on the powder and the single market, LDK LDK back to main Board trading. In addition, he also had before it the other way: to find new partners and resources for the reconstruction of a publicly traded company.

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4. PV companies lashed out at “Lai”: notorious for always pit their peers

Recently, the Zhangjiagang Bao Cheng PV Ltd (hereinafter “Bao Cheng”) Miss Chang contacted reporters, hoping to expose the arrears of a PV enterprises in Fujian, while trying to recover the money, on the expected media exposure “promptly” to purify the environment of the photovoltaic industry.

In 2011, Bao Cheng and Wuyishan city xintai optoelectronic Ltd (hereinafter “Xin Tai”) aluminum frame signed supply contracts, amounted to 90,460. Xin Tai Bao Cheng in January 2013 to pay 30,000 yuan, then gone below.

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5. CITIC commissioned involvement chaori solar reforming process

CITIC Securities Company Limited on a few days ago the trustee alone accepted “11 Super debt” bondholders delegate participation chaori solar reorganization proceedings.

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Character articles

1. mist Hina: 200 billion lobbying out of the thin-film Solar Empire

“We tend to overestimate the change of one or two years and underestimate the 5-10 of changes. “Hanergy holding (hereinafter who) Board Chairman Li Hejun often talk about this sentence.

Since 2009, Li Hejun speak to many local officials a huge solar energy plan-the ultimate capacity of the target 10 million-kilowatt, exceeded global thin film photovoltaic module production, short term capacity target is achieved by 2012 3 million-kilowatt. Li Hejun story, and ultimate use of solar energy is energy, and solar thin film because of its low cost, pollution-free production process, will replace is represented by Suntech’s amorphous silicon solar cell line, ruled the solar PV industry.

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2. Cao renxian: photovoltaic industry enterprises to stronger

“Only the benign development of PV industry as a whole, enterprises can have more room to grow. Photovoltaic companies confidence in the development of distributed PV, rational face temporary problems in industrial development, team work, innovation and development, there is progress. “Cao renxian, told reporters that the cake bigger, business can be stronger. Sun-power photovoltaic inverter now hold a market share of one-third, although in an absolutely leading position, if the industry is unable to grow and develop, bigger share doesn’t make too much sense.

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