Power cable a photovoltaic project in winning a portion of the profits to be seen?

Polaris solar PV net news: July 16, 2014, China Power Investment Corporation of China power complete equipment limited by 2014 the group-oriented cable supplier assessment of potential bidders in Beijing’s xizhimen hotel in an open tender. It is reported that the bids will be opened a total of 41 sections on prices.

On July 29, the China purchasing and bidding website published CPI Hebei Xuanhua cave mountain phase photovoltaic project 1kV power cable tender last bid by crossing the cable owners Anhui Holdings Ltd, the winning bid amount is 38,542,458.60 dollars.

According to understanding, in the electric voted Hebei Hua cave mountain a period PV project 1kV power cable procurement for the times tender of 23rd marked segment, site total 10 home cable Enterprise bid, including Anhui de source cable group limited, and far East cable limited, and Beijing beyond cable limited, and treasure WINS technology innovation Corporation, and Jiangsu in the Super cable Corporation, and in the Lee technology group (Liaoning) limited, and special variable electrician Shandong Luneng Tarzan cable limited, and Anhui blue de Group Corporation, and Country group limited, Anhui deyuan cable group co., Ltd. Lowest crossing cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited (38,542,458.60 dollars), the highest quotation for deyuan cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited (55,677,811.40 dollars), both had a difference of more than 17 million Yuan, almost winning business one-second of the total, of this phenomenon, the cable nets were checked.

Hua cave mountain, according to CPI, phase PV project bid result announcement 1kV power cable, refer to the tender documents, tender information, and then follow the online third party cable “Red Book” is any guide, cable products to the section “direct material cost” accounting and analysis.

(Note: the cables online “Red Book” is a reference value of standard dictionaries, and also by the national wire and cable quality supervision and inspection center of the certification authority. )

Following is the detailed accounting data: (prices same day opening time calculation)

(As we all know: industry enterprises in the same or similar conditions comply with General purpose wire and cable standards, product structures, materials and material consumption is essentially the same. On the wires and cables of the main basic materials, such as copper, aluminum, and PVC plastics, are derivatives whose prices with fluctuations in international markets in real time, and can’t control the wire and cable business. That is the General of wire and cable products for enterprise manufacturing “specific costs”, although the needed distinction was confirmed on a case, but as a “cost” direct material cost of the components, all differences, are basically the same. )

As shown in this section requires a model for “ZR-YJV22-0.6/1” specification “2×4” 1kV power cable through cable universal product library online to find the corresponding models, specifications of the cable, from “red book price” removes the total gross margin, getting direct materials price, cable required to calculate direct materials price for 1788000 Yuan. And so on accounting out, the marked segment project 36 Hebei Hua cave mountain a period PV project small meter amount for 12989155.2 Yuan; project 37 Hebei Qu Yangxiao Tomb II period PV project small meter amount for 8739840 Yuan; project 38 Hebei hiraizumi North 50 home child PV project small meter amount for 7872605.6 Yuan; project 39 Hebei shexian a period PV power project small meter amount for 11,038,333.80 Yuan; eventually accounting out the marked segment all models, and Specifications of cable products for direct material price 40,639,934.60 dollars.

According to the price elements, 40,639,934.60 only direct materials cost and production in addition to the direct material cost of the cable, there should be artificial, manufacture, management, financial, transportation and packaging costs, these costs according to industry average, will not be less than the cost of 10%. While crossing the cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited bidding price for the 38,542,458.60, even lower than the direct materials price you want.

Original title: Hebei Xuanhua PV power investment project in where is the profit?

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