PV “double reverse” wonderful thing: United States Department of Commerce miscalculated tax

Polaris solar PV net news: Motech in both incidents the United States levied up to 44.18% rates highest Motech in the United States lose their competitiveness on the market. However, Motech in the near future to get anti-dumping related documents in more detail, review the United States Commerce Department calculations, consider dumping taxes calculation error, after discussion with the appointed lawyer issued a formal correction rates.

If the United States Commerce Department accepted, estimated in August would notice at the end of the amended anti-dumping duty rate. Because Taiwan photovoltaics is the tax rate from “Motech + Yu Jing” the sum of the tax rates and the average, Motech rates decline, tax representative mill will also decline.

Original title: double reverse things? Motech: Commerce algorithm error beg to surrender rates

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