PV enterprises “rush” power plant business Shi Yuzhu carries a $ 4 billion in cash waiting for entry

Arctic star solar PV network news: July 30 evening, United States listed of PV leading enterprise Crystal section energy (JKS) Bulletin said, country opened international investment (Xia said “country opened international”), and wheat grid acting big Chinese based facilities Fund (Xia said “wheat grid acting”), and new days domain capital (Xia said “new days domain”) has agreed on Crystal section energy downstream solar PV station business for total for 225 million dollars of investment.

The emergence of new horizon, instantly attracted the industry’s attention. However, new horizon in three combined proportion of investments of less than 10%, it makes one wonder if the PV power plant thrives.

Can determine is that the station platform war has been fired, a large number of private companies are lining up to wait for relying on power plant businesses listed, even the capital Giants Shi Yuzhu carries a $ 4 billion in cash waiting for entry.

Prelude to spin-off

According to the announcement, jinko development and operation downstream business of solar PV projects wholly-owned subsidiary Crystal power Ltd (hereinafter referred to as sitech electricity) have separately with the country’s international, Macquarie and new horizon to sign formal purchase agreement.

These three investors to sitech electricity total investment of us $ 225 million, investment transactions and jinko additional ATP power after making three sitech power a total of 45% shares. Currently, Macquarie’s investment has completed delivery of the CDB international and new horizon capital investment will be completed soon after settlement customary delivery conditions are met. Three investors in project financing, project development, operations, global green network, and many other for ATP power business development help.

Crystal section brand Director Qian Jing said, wheat grid acting for global maximum of based facilities investment institutions is one of, management assets scale up 396 billion dollars, its in global around has success development or merger has large solar station, its experience, and contacts and on around regulations of understanding can help Crystal section development overseas project; country opened international is is domestic first Bank Department private equity investment company, main engaged in energy, and infrastructure and city development field equity investment.

Jinkosolar has not announced three investors of the investment amount. But insiders told reporters, said CDB international, Macquarie accounts for the vast majority, over 90%, new horizon in the proportion of three very small.

Previously, new horizon in the field of wind energy has invested goldwind and sinovel and big money, PV manufacturers in the GCL and Yingli new energy (YGE) have access to their investment. New horizon in December 2006 with the $ 5 million investment in Yingli energy, retired in June 2007.

Jinkosolar Chairman Xian de believes that this round of financing will become sitech spun off a milestone in the downstream market. “China international investment reflects national capital interests for the solar power plant and the increasing level of willingness to enter. We look forward to Macquarie’s global network of resources to help jinko solar power to further explore the international market. “He said.

One ATP Executive told Xinhua in an interview, said the sitech is preparing to split its power plant business in the Hong Kong stock market, “time will not be too long, and completed next year at the latest.” Qian Jing said, at present the three investors will split along with the power plant business.

Worth noting is that jinko currently held by some number station is not much, operation is only 213MW, so apt it will also impact performance is for pre-IPO.

Plant platform wars

Xian said sitech 2014 more than 400MW of a PV project development objectives up to 600MW, so that by the end of the ATP holding power station more than 800MW.

According to the Department of energy planning in 2014, power plant construction, a total of 8GW,800MW per cent of the total 10%. And the fundraising amount of $ 225 million, as calculated in accordance with three-sevenths lever, nearly ready to install a 600MW power station, is able to achieve this year’s target.

Throughout this year’s photovoltaic industry, leading companies have announced their ambitious plans. Planning for Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV 3GW, combined PV plan 1GW, GCL new energy plan 1.15GW, Yingli new energy plan of 1GW.

Has announced the total number of goals, far more than the above planning objectives of the Department of energy. Insiders worry that this year will have a large number of companies ultimately cannot implement its own installation program.

Meanwhile, 2014 is real war years became the station platform. Other than jinkosolar, there are a number of unlisted PV enterprises also hope to expand its utility business and listed it. Including faith groups, new energy and new energy, Zhen FA Zheng Tai sheng new energy.

An increasing number of cross-border capital began to enter the field of photovoltaic investment operations expert. On July 29, Shi Yuzhu in the blogger post an assignment: “I took the helicopter over the alashan are peek at solar power plants in the desert. ”

In fact, as early as a few months ago, the giant Group had already started to build a photovoltaic power station platform, set up this “Hulk” of the company. Hulk from team executives, Henderson Albert, a reporter asked during a chat, make the advantages of hydropower station platform where the Hulk, whose team only gave one word answer: “money.”

And almost every meal of the photovoltaic industry in the near future, “have you ever been the Hulk has no”, will talk about the topic. Number of visiting PV industry insiders told reporters the investigation of the Hulk, Hulk in the photovoltaic industry ambition is huge, its executive team says there are 4 billion of funds in the account, acquisition of power plants using their own funds, not all need a loan in the future, and their plant targets mature project will be locked.

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