PV how leveraged capital markets in China?

Polaris solar PV net news: the night of July 30, 2014, jinko announced that country for international investment (“CDB”), Macquarie’s greater China Infrastructure Fund (“Macquarie”), as well as new horizon capital (“new horizon”) has agreed to jinko solar photovoltaic power plant and raw materials totaled $ 225 million investment in business.

It is reported that investors including new shareholders in this round of stake in Macquarie and CDB lead investor in international private equity investment, holding $ sitech power 45%. The money will be used for future investment in the development of new business, as well as continuing to strengthen the construction of power stations and development and so on. This means that apt will facing downstream strategies for continued large-scale investment. This success financed not only ensures the downstream development of hydropower development in business funding needs, and enhances and amplifies the enterprise’s market value, shareholders and business value maximization. While these two internationally renowned PE institutions of stakes, will also enhance the sitech sentiment in the capital market. An exclusive interview with journalists on this financing cooperation jinkosolar official.

Reporter: why apt will choose which two investors in this financing?

Sitech is still there remain many Fund choices is finally doing a mix, we think this combination is very advantageous. First cooperation party needs has common of concept and vision, believes industry, believes industry of future; second, they can brings except funds yiwai more non-funds of elements, and these elements for Crystal section future business expand very of important; again, as respective field of leader, they such of select, has direction marked of role, representative with capital markets of a species trend or message, for Crystal section power future listed this is a is good of foreshadowing.

Macquarie infrastructure investment as the world’s largest organizations, assets under management amounted to $ 396 billion, as an adviser in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets business is worth more than $ 83 billion. Apart from transport infrastructure, real estate, financial institutions have deep expertise in the field, they were very keen on environmental protection, in many parts of the world have successful development or acquisition financing solar power plants, has accumulated deep industry experience, global connections, even well versed in local policies and laws, the sitech helping future hydropower development in overseas business development.

State international is more familiar, as the first domestic bank private equity investment company, mainly engaged in energy, equity investments in infrastructure and urban development, and other services. ATP in this cooperation with the CDB has repeatedly before, as early as 1 billion dollars at the end of 2012, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation agreement, January 14 for 15 years and 400 million Yuan project signed the loan agreement in April and signed two PV loans amounts to 241.4 million Yuan. This cooperation of meaning care, country opened international as for China mainstream scale Fund, official investment PV station, is based Yu on China future especially energy development of strategy judge, this displayed has China capital of a investment direction, this while also showed that China capital for currently domestic PV station development of policy, and commercial mode recognized, capital including Bank funds, and social funds can entered PV industry; domestic savings can to sound low risk of medium-and long-term investment conversion.

Reporter: why do you speak in front of sitech choose them, so why choose apt investment agency?

First is because they research and a thorough understanding of the industry itself for a long time, whether it’s the trajectory of global development, foreign experience, artery to domestic policy, although industries have high or low, is still not off the upward trend line. Put it on a global scale, judging from the asset performance, PV investments have proven to be stable and long-term return on investment, even more than other investment products.

Interviewer: so many PV companies, why invest in apt, I think the main value is:

One. Forward-looking strategic thinking and early market distribution. Sitech is the earliest from the wafer, cell, and module production to systems as a whole one of the vertically integrated company; was the first energy to the transition from a production-oriented enterprises manufacturing company, one of the first dabbled in downstream of hydropower development in business and has developed a considerable scale.

II. professional and industry leading position. ATP in recent years, both in technological innovation, product quality, plant quality, cost, operational performance, financial performance, profitability and industry reputation with good results, as the investment company, which is their major consideration. Sitech strong business growth in recent years, laid the Foundation for the successful financing of financial data, has become a promising apt.

III. strong execution and pragmatic, and teamwork of enterprise culture is the important thing to make it believable.

Reporter: new shareholders to come in later, the ownership structure of future ATP, apt in some major decisions on the future will be subject to new structure?

Together they accounted for 45% owned by apt 55%, apt is the largest shareholder, major decisions on ownership and control of all operations. As a pure investment, they will not interfere with the Crystal section of daily operations, in terms of strategic decisions, they will give opinions and advice, but business decisions related to the decision are apt. We value or is in need of these views and proposals, help us to avoid errors and reduce risk. Such equity management structure for the sitech is currently developing are healthy.

Reporter: thaw to 250 million dollars will be used to mainly the business development?

Mainly used for hydropower development in China, including large power plants and distributed, without compromising the quality of overseas plants.

Reporters may account for how much of the ground station and distributed overseas hydropower development in which countries?

As a professional project company, focusing more on project risk and reward, whether it is a ground station or a distributed, giving priority to investing in high quality plants, there is no specific limit

We are interested in major PV markets are, more important is that the project itself, risks and rewards

Reporter: jingke has been the level of profitability is a leader in the industry, finance and cash flow is good, this time needs the money right?

Do not lack money to change again, must be in the company’s profitability, and a larger profit plans in the future, when capital will be attracted. PV with the clear and detailed rules for the implementation of favorable policies explicitly, it contains a lot of opportunity, on behalf of the potential is staggering, but power is separated from the capital, and require a lot of capital. ATP needs to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximize the financial advantage, to further strengthen its leading position in the photovoltaic power plant development, and gain the initiative in the upcoming new patterns.

Reporter: the equity financing, ATP funding into traditional investment conglomerates and financial giants, indicates that investors are optimistic about the Outlook for its commercial, but why apt will look favourably by investors?

First based on favorable policies and implementation of PV power plant in China, it boosted profits, market capacity to less than in other countries. Sitech II model has been proven to be bigger and more profitable. Apt to show investors beyond the peer’s profitability is to attract them. Sitech a forward-looking ecosystem and its sustainable development in building photovoltaic power capacity, also won investor approval.

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