Qingdao photovoltaic greenhouses to grow “space tea” toucha sold out

Polaris solar PV net news: with the “Shenzhou v” poison pit tea to travel in space, after more than two years of cultivation, today in Qingdao photovoltaic greenhouses finishing early spring tea crop. In recent days, experts in photovoltaic tea plantations in jimo city, Pu Dong community were identified after the announcement, the first batch of solar greenhouse in spring’s success. The “Yin-Yang greenhouse” photovoltaic technology to produce space tea varieties, toucha 165 grams of tea price 8000 Yuan. According to reports, at present, Tsingtao brewing in China’s first photovoltaic technical specification for tea production, and is expected to be issued at the end of, Qingdao will become a leader in PV tea.

“Photovoltaic greenhouse” grow high tea

In an area of more than 60 acres of photovoltaic greenhouses, a green tea blossom. Here is one of the first PV tea harvest. Recently, from national tea industry technology system, and Qingdao agricultural University, and Qingdao tea station related tea expert, in is located in jimo Pu Dong community of huasheng solar farm, on PV tea for has first quality identification, after expert review identification Hou declared, domestic harvest of first PV tea, has reached famous tea of standard, became domestic first success in PV big shed in the growth harvest of “PV tea”.

“60 acres of photovoltaic tea house which produced small numbers of high quality tea. “According to the PV Project Director Xu Zhaoxue introduced, the first photovoltaic tea after two years of cultivation, has successful first tea harvest, climax only 165 grams of tea, with prices around 8000, medium tea prices ranging from 4000 to 12000 Yuan per kilogram, prices are generally populist, from 600 Yuan to 2000 Yuan per kg. According to reports, the Qingdao plant photovoltaic tea belongs to the first in the country, the first photovoltaic tea didn’t pan, have been booked up.

Yin and Yang greenhouses suitable for growing tea

It is understood that the PV tea from breeding, growth to pick, were completed in photovoltaic greenhouses. Solar power photovoltaic greenhouses with the perfect combination of physical agriculture, for the breeding and planting of tea to provide a quality controlled environment. Both small amounts of sunlight on the tea and shade for tea trees strong light, in the context of this gentle, shorter growth cycles, and from the strong sun tea, it is very green. And 60 acres of photovoltaic roof every day can produce 10,000 degrees, the electricity directly into the national grid.

According to Deputy Director Zhang Yunwei tea station, Qingdao introduction, this shed roof solar panels with optional characteristics such as light transmittance, diffuse light, plus the combination of yin and Yang, making tea acetaminophen ratio significantly improved, forming a “yellow-green and bright, mellow fragrance lasting, fresh sweet taste” of unique quality. Translucent solar panels on ultraviolet spectral characteristics of the basic characteristics of isolated, in Studio to create a relatively dark environment for insects, achieve the goal of physics deworming. Not only that, but small photovoltaic greenhouse agricultural science and technology is relatively closed environment, air humidity, temperature difference between day and night, and other aspects of soil fertility control is strong, tea tree like growth on the mist-shrouded mountains, lush and green and healthy.

Solar tea regulations to be announced

PV teas project leader Xu Zhaoxue introduced PV tea of choice is into space improved “jiukeng” like wet shade, in the photovoltaic greenhouse agricultural science and technology under the environment of quality, growth cycle reduced from 3 years to 2 years, and achieved better growth results.

National tea industry technology system integrated test station sunshine, Director of the Engineering Research Center for tea industry in Shandong province, Yuan Honggang said, tea is a new photovoltaic greenhouse cropping patterns, different from outdoor cultivation is also different from the greenhouse cultivation. This new cropping patterns cover a portion of the Sun, making the tea contains ingredients rich. PV thick tea appearance neat, white hair, yellow-green and bright; flowers lasting aroma, taste strong high-bright, fresh leaves hypertrophy. This new type of cropping patterns, as well as exploring the production of organic tea provides a truly efficient ways and means.

Zhang Yunwei introduced tea production in our country there is no photovoltaic greenhouses technical standards and protocols for now Tsingtao brewing, experts on solar tea grown in different seasons such as spring, summer, autumn track features after evaluation, is expected to introduce later this year the first PV standard technical specification for tea.

Solar tea had to travel in space

According to reports, Qingdao’s first photovoltaic used in tea varieties, are famous tea varieties in Qiandao Lake Dove tea.

Historically, poison pit tea has been very famous. Dove produced maojian teas such as jade leaf, thousand Island, blue stream Yuya. Among them, the most remarkable is the poison pit jade leaf maojian and thousand island. Due to the lack of effective marketing and sales platform, pigeon tea in terms of brand awareness is in terms of yield and quality are not significant breakthrough, and let the poison tea famous earthquake was the “Shenzhou v” to the space.

In 2003, China launched a manned spacecraft, “Shenzhou” fifth launch, cabin in addition to manned experiments there are a number of crop seeds. In these last packet was sent to Beijing in 150 grams of seeds of the China Aerospace Science and technology group, has 50 grams of tea varieties from Chunan doves pit kinds, had appeared in the sky and fly in space. Aerospace breeding success, poison pit tea from more famous earthquake, this PV tried successfully in Qingdao, is first in the country.

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