Recovery of PV industry in Changzhou, three “vulnerability” reflected

Polaris solar PV net news: the photovoltaic industry is an important industry in Changzhou area, was one of the top ten emerging industries of strategic importance, Changzhou, in the export trade is vital, and photovoltaic products exports have accounted for exports of Changzhou City 17%. Changzhou PV more than 160 enterprises, of which 69 enterprises above designated size.

And also occupies an important position in the domestic photovoltaic industry in Changzhou, Changzhou PV solar panel production accounted for one-sixth of the total national industry, Changzhou new energy photovoltaic industrial park is the first of China’s top ten photovoltaic industrial park, Changzhou region with Trina, Trina, eging photovoltaic technology, GCL solar, such as PV industry leaders. Recently, the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic successfully acquired Wuxi Suntech to accelerate strategic acquisitions, restructuring, thus achieving Changzhou PV market in the world, “is there one”. Starting from 2010, Europe and the “double reverse” investigation, mutation, excess capacity in the international market and other factors, China PV industry development has encountered certain difficulties.

As the premier industry support policies to gradually boost the Sino-EU trade dispute settlement, as well as domestic market, PV business environment has been greatly improved. Starting from the second half of 2013, photovoltaic industry began to pick up, a case study of leading enterprises in Changzhou Trina, Trina of 2012, a net loss of $ 266 million, 2013 component sales reached 2.6GW, an increase of 62% revenues of nearly 14 billion yuan, an increase of 36%, first in the industry out of trouble in the second half of last year, profit, leading the industry gradually out of the trough. This year’s data are more optimistic, solar cell production around 600MW, Changzhou from January to February this year, an increase of 57.1%; above-scale enterprises output value of 6.68 billion yuan, an increase of 21.2%; total profits of 540 million Yuan, reversing last year’s loss. Changzhou PV product exports for two months of $ 340 million, 42.6% than a year ago. According to preliminary statistics, the first quarter of this year, Changzhou PV enterprises above designated size 10.06 billion yuan output value, 25.4% than a year ago. Encouraging data indicate that PV industry has opened a stage of recovery, so people seem to smell the taste of spring. However, various signs show that photovoltaic industry recovery still chilly and dangerous, there are many potential problems PV industry still in a weak period, mainly in three aspects.

Hazard: the international trade friction tends to be normalized. On February 14, the United States International Trade Commission on products imported from China, “double reverse” investigation to make preliminary rulings, initially determined that United States due to imports from China of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to the domestic industry suffered material injury. The United States “double reverse” investigation by industry-wide survey, ingots, wafers, cells, modules and other photovoltaic products include investigation of all, compared with 2011 ‘s first survey, expanded to almost all crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. Repeatedly hit the “double reverse” reveals a new trend normalized international trade friction.

Risk II: industry consolidation push still more difficult, transformation and upgrading of under pressure. As the market picks up, tight market changes, more production spare capacity before enterprise, industry consolidation is more difficult to promote overcapacity remains the shadow of the PV industry, how to upgrade is the homogenization of products of science and technology level is low, less serious, less competitive common problem faced by many businesses.

Risks III: tight credit policies, enterprises ‘ financing difficulties, reduced capacity for the sustainable development of enterprises. Currently PV industry of development rely on Yu Government subsidies, and credit offers of guide, in PV industry development early of China, financial policy of intervention is advance PV industry development of strong thrust, and in recent years China credit policy crunch, last year second half of yilai, Bank has continuous 4 times hike, 5 times raised deposits reserves rate, led to PV enterprise financing difficult, technology innovation capacity declined, sustainable development capacity weakened. Coexisting of opportunity and challenge PV industry needs the Government to play a more active role.

First of all, the Government should continue to support superior enterprises bigger and stronger to support enterprises ‘ technological innovation, management innovation, while supporting strong, branding, management, good companies who participate in the integration of industrial chains, encourages enterprises to participate in mergers, acquisitions and financing support. Meanwhile, set up mechanisms for fair and open competition, and full play the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, out of uncompetitive enterprises and enterprises easy access to resources and lead the industry on health and sustainable development. Secondly, the Government should focus on supporting enterprise construction and resource sharing of science and technology innovation platform, strengthening public technology research and development, inclusion in the emerging industries of strategic importance special funds for PV industry technology innovation fund, for use in advanced and generic technology research and development, enhance the competitiveness of PV industry in Changzhou, encourages the use of enterprise development platform, to achieve resource sharing. PV industry destined to calm this spring, on March 24, issued by the State Council on further optimizing opinions on corporate mergers and market environment. On April 1, the miit announcement of second instalment in accordance with the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions of business listings. Subsequently, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PV merger and reorganization of enterprises views on upcoming, believed by the Government to play a more active role and strong push chilly early spring is spring, immediately get answer to this question, photovoltaic industry will really usher in a more beautiful in the spring.

Original title: opportunities and challenges of PV industry in Changzhou

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