Renesola denied India and China low-profit orders increase American output

Polaris solar PV net news: citing low profits, renesola recently rejected China and India offer. In its 13th 2014 second-quarter results on a conference call, Chief Executive Li Xianshou said the company was not interested in simple delivery components as much as possible.

Xianshou Li said: “we refuse to have a very low order of average selling prices and lower profits, such as China and India orders. We focus more on higher average selling prices in the market. So overall, we are not too much emphasis on quantity and total shipments, and only focus on profit margins. ”

40% is the company’s second-quarter business at Europe, overnight in Japan, China, the United States and other parts of the world the kick. Renesola said it was evaluating its OEM and battery manufacturing capacity in order to adapt to the new trade tariffs and plans to enhance its United States market monthly production, increased from less than 25MW to 40MW. Because the remainder of 2014 demand is expected to improve, renesola has set up inventory in Europe.

Original title: renesola high cold: refusal of India and China low-profit orders increase American output

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