Resurrection has arisen now suspect and evolution of a new energy crisis

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date.

Xinyu City Government’s “first project”—PV market has two non-

LDK LDK seems to be showing signs of recovery.

On July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date. LDK LDK, President and CEO of tongxingxue says: “Silicon material plant production is a new starting point for full production, LDK LDK will lower production costs and better quality products at a new round of market competition to seize the initiative. ”

Insiders are not promising. A professor at Zhejiang University of technology told China business said in a newspaper interview, although approved, but energy production is hard to say, in addition, even with cold hydrogen project LDK LDK transformation, helps to reduce some costs, but the earlier investment costs are too high, and after 2 years of stagnation, as opposed to other major manufacturers in the country, it may not be competitive.

Xinyu information Commission official, who declined to be named told reporters, of LDK (LDK LDK Chairman) Kui Kui in Mahon on the polysilicon project, worth more than 12 billion dollars.

While LDK LDK signs appeared to be new at the same time, reporters found in Xinyu interview, the LDK LDK made famous in ganxi town, new session of leadership is the reflection of Xinyu industrial photovoltaic crisis planning, developed a new industrial strategy—not to put all their eggs in one basket.

A crisis for emerging energy city was bleak: PV market miserably

LDK, defeat also LDK.

After 2011 after years PV peak in 2012, due to the global economic recession and the impact of industry competition, covered with thick haze of the photovoltaic industry. Has arisen now experienced the most severe test of the market since its establishment and survival challenges.

More than 30 billion dollars in debt has arisen now has actually become a “zombie” companies. A person familiar with the situation told reporters at the end of 2012, LDK LDK had cash and cash equivalents of $ 98.3 million, short-term borrowings, long-term loans and bills due to 2.09 billion dollars, with total assets of $ 5.275 billion, but its total debt had reached $ 5.42 billion, debt-asset ratio rose to 102.7%, this means that the LDK LDK can actually bankrupt.

At this point, relying on LDK Solar wafer resource advantage, Xinyu has introduced Silicon purification, solar cell manufacturing and Assembly encapsulation of solar cells, solar energy applications and a number of downstream industries in the PV industry chain. Peak of PV and hundreds of upstream and downstream enterprises. But for now, most enterprises have been shut down the bankruptcy stage.

LDK LDK recession directly affects the revenue of Xinyu city. Statistics show that has arisen now Xinyu, has contributed more than $ 60% in revenues, while the first half of 2012, saving tax plunge 99%, led directly to Xinyu City sales tax and corporate income tax reduction of 848 million yuan in the first half, revenue fell 13.5%.

Appointed as Chief of the new energy industry Qian Xiping of Xinyu city workers told reporters that there are large and small photovoltaic business 38, fenyi yushui district, and there are a few, mostly in high-tech zone. Under the impact of the market, some companies have been completely discontinued or converting, no production plans and even several withdrew Xinyu, and abandoned during the build process.

In the high-tech development zone, Xinyu, Jiangxi tianneng power one doorman told reporters that the company had stopped, when started don’t know, courtyard overgrown with weeds, was bleak. Xin Yu JI Yang new energy limited is also the door shut.

“Shut down again. “Although the LDK LDK starts, but it is also woefully inadequate. An LDK LDK office worker told reporters that their slicing plant shut down, the company provides that are not allowed to leave, still must go.

Qian Xiping told reporters that the LDK LDK Solar wafer starts to 60%, produces 1.2 million pieces, opened 2 line cell 8 lines. Employee who works in the LDK LDK told reporters that business is not so good, in fact, often stop-open. He said that previously started, LDK LDK had more than 20,000 employees as a whole, and now thousands of people.

Reporter to be interviewed about LDK LDK, a Director surnamed Peng in charge of propaganda of the company declined a request for an interview.

Yushui district, in Xinyu village industrial base, reporters saw some enterprise covers an area larger, but the plant has not been completed have stopped working. Base Office a head surnamed Wu told reporters that their original plan was to build photovoltaic industry base of the base, but later encountered solar crisis, hence the industry plan was adjusted. There are only six or seven enterprises settled in, normally produces only one grain company.

Jiangxi risun solar energy technology co, a staff member told reporters that rexchip currently even the best of them in Xinyu PV companies, basically in a half-saturated production. Cell 17 production lines as much as eight or nine in the production, the formation is basically guaranteed under article 6 article 12 starts.

Near the high-tech zone management committee, Xinyu city, Xinyu city, the Government’s “first project”, Xinyu city, plans an annual trading volume of 50 billion yuan of PV market has been reduced to a ghost town. Reporters at the scene saw, the original trading markets were converted into electronic Street, identifies many solar companies are hardly tear up on Taobao clothes sign in already. A dealers told reporters, who moved here more than a month, the former two-year rent-free. His opposite, a piece of “e-business incubator, Xinyu” sign up.

Lao Peng of Jiangxi true new energy technology limited, told reporters that when they first opened is very lively, there are at least hundreds of businesses to settle in, but after a solar crisis, many companies are leaving, now none left.

Insider told reporters that market actually only worked for 3 months on miserably. Xinyu Xinyu high-tech zone of a PV market, 60% has arisen now accounts for 32% great beauty information 8%, total took 2 years to build and costing 200 million Yuan, and 60,000 square meters, a total of thousands of first-stage shop.

To rethink getting policy makers to adjust the industrial plan: neither one big steel alone nor has arisen now dominate

Experienced solar crisis, some media have reported that the LDK falling Xinyu economic setback for 10 years. But after two years of adjustment, Xinyu economic there seems to be a good sign.

High-tech development zone, Xinyu, Deputy Director of the Office of the CMC said in paying for that new reporters, statistical data from 1 May this year, the economy turned.

A job paying for that new appointed Bureau in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi province and Jiangxi province Jiangxi industrial monthly newsletter prepared by the national development and Reform Commission in May 2014, the main economic indicators of major industrial parks, 1-in May, the Park’s main business revenue totaled 29.153 billion yuan, an increase of 13.23%. In Jiangxi province, the total ranked second among 14 national parks, next to Nanchang high-tech industry Park, 37.621 billion yuan.

Paying for that new, told reporters that in previous years had fallen into 3, 4, and last year even worse, fall into 6th place, but are best kept in 2nd place, is now back on the 2nd. He told reporters that has arisen now-mainly thanks to recovery. Large amount of has arisen now, slightly better, have a greater impact on the economy as a whole. The other hand, also benefited from the high-tech zone in PV after the crisis, actively readjust the industrial structure.

“We can’t just sit back. “Paying for that new told reporters, after experiencing solar crisis, high-tech district leadership has formed a consensus, can no longer do the” dominance “of industrial layout. Single industrial layout, good times are having a hard time, but a risk, economic rout, is not conducive to sustainable economic development, more industrial linkage development. Specifically in the original industry leading enterprises on the basis of, the formation of a new energy industrial park, the optoelectronics industry, new material industry, iron and steel industries in Garden, bio-medicine and food industries and modern services in Garden Park, 6 “area in the garden.” Have signed up in the first half of this year, 50, contract funds 6.529 billion dollars. One billion yuan more than the 17 projects, more than 1 billion yuan project 2. 17 project has started construction, all added launching project 13.

Paying for that new, told reporters, according to the city’s policies, the Government will not provide a special support policies, nor will introduce region-wide effort to support a business.

Prior to this, Xinyu city, puts the city’s power, introduction of talent and infrastructure in the land development construction, power supply, and so support the LDK. Power of the Jiangxi provincial government has put forward the province’s support the development of PV industry in Xinyu.

In fact, Xinyu city leadership has wanted to get rid of “a single” disadvantages emerging from “one big steel alone”, and the formation of “sinovideo dominance”. Appointed Chief Xia Xuyang integrated planning section in Xinyu city told reporters that as early as 2012, solar crisis, again proposed at the meeting of the principal leaders of the municipal government as well as trees, vast stretches of forest that is an argument, but there has been no formal documents. To put it bluntly, is actually egg cannot be placed in a basket of development thinking and let go of “dominance”, much industry development pattern.

A company change a region’s industrial system: neighboring villagers hope LDK die

LDK LDK from the introduction of the Government to borrow $ 200 million Yuan has been controversial from the start, from land, power, talent, and other preferential policies to Sunwell LDK pollution and other areas. Rumours, LDK LDK in addition to looking beyond GDP, Xinyu hardly had any contribution, even neighboring villagers hope LDK LDK hurry up and die.

“Not because of problems with LDK, and repudiate the role has arisen now. “A cadre Xinyu City Government told reporters, without the introduction of sinovideo, Xinyu economic development quickly; there has arisen now in the national and global influence, Xinyu’s popularity cannot be so big; no, LDK, Xinyu international standards, including the international outlook of leading cadres cannot get so quick promotion. Officials also learned to more space, greater vision, the international market in the allocation of resources.

These cadres told reporters, although the LDK LDK in the development of Xinyu also bring some negative things, even the remnants of many problems for local governments, banks, economic development must go on. PV is a very has prospects of industry, Xinyu has first a step, if PV market recovery, undoubtedly, Xinyu has ancestors a step; addition, to insisted market means, the Enterprise do of things Enterprise do, the Government sector tube of thing government sector to tube, don’t and Enterprise stuck have too deep, tied have too tight, should according to market law, let enterprise with market means to solution problem, including Bank of loan, and interest,.

Jiangxi provincial office bearers of the information Commission who asked to remain anonymous, told reporters, both LDK LDK faces up to what kind of environment, but one thing must be clear, Xinyu city, its industrial system has played a positive role in promoting. Xinyu iron and steel has been formed at present three major industries, new energy and new materials, systems, and have laid a foundation. Xinyu in inland cities, there is no advantage, neither port nor airport and away from the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, it is difficult to direct radiation. He believes that in the process of economic development, seize the opportunities, extraordinary, and even some radical is understandable, and opportunity waits for no one, after all, gone too soon.

The official also said that the next Government will not necessarily for LDK LDK to create special policies, but will continue to support the development of LDK LDK. He said that Suntech had not encountered LDK LDK’s predicament, but finally fell, Xinyu, Jiangxi has arisen now in terms of the Government’s attention. Even more important is that as new energy technology demonstration of the nation’s oldest city, Xinyu, PV industry in Jiangxi province and the country as a symbol of the city, Xinyu has arisen now could mean the failure of industrial policy failed, Xinyu city, which directly affect the Government’s image, Xinyu, also affects economic development.

Xia Xuyang told reporters, in fact, existing industries, Governments could do has been done or is being carried out. Jiangxi provincial Government had already clearly put forward, will be introduced in such aspects as finance, power package, support has arisen now as soon as the company returns to normal production.

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